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How To Find Quotes Free For Commercial Use

Did you know not all quotes are free to use online especially for commercial use?

If you have been thinking of starting a YouTube quotes channel and may be you are thinking of one day commercialize the videos

Then You might find this video helpful…In this video I am going to show you how to find Quotes of celebrities, politicians, writers, and artist that are free for commercial use

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Video Transcript 

Now when it comes to finding Quotes online for your video you can easily find quotes to use from Instagram, Pinterest or many of such social sites

but when you are looking for free quotes you can use commercially the story changes

And that’s simply because the only way to have free access to use a quote for commercial opposes is through getting the rights of the quotes or using open source Quotes

The problem is many of the recent quotes of our time fall under the trade marked Quotes which means before you use them however you want, you will first need permission from the Trade mark holders or the owner

Most often that is not a viable track for anyone without money or connections

Which now leave us only with one option when it comes to using Quotes commercially

And that is with Open source, Open source is basically an intellectual material that has lost its copyright value and can be used however you want

You will be amazed at what you get in some of these open source websites if you actually use the right search engine to find the material

You can easily find open source or public domain websites, by just making a simple search on Google for public domain Quotes free for commercial use

And you will get different Public domains or opensource that contain Quotes in different niches and topic that you can use however you want including commercially

lets just go with the Golden Quotes website here

So in this Golden Quotes Public Domain website, you will get quotations of world famous authors, and artist that can be used without permission for any of your work again including commercial use.

As you can see here it basically says here is that, The quotes on this platform automatically fall on the public domain category and that is because the copyright of the quotes has expired

In basically in situation when the author has died for more than 70 years. This is the safest way to use quotes for commercial use.

In some countries this period is less than 70 years.

Now there are some few cases where the trade mark is till being used, in a case where someone bought it and is using it currently

In such a situation, you are not allowed to freely use it without proper permission from the respected body.

I will show you later in this video how to check if the quote is trade marked or not

For now you can use the golden Quotes website here to find Quotations of celebrities, politicians and artist that you can use to create YouTube videos or for commercial purpose

You will find famous quotes on different categories like inspirational quotes, Motivational Quotes, funny Quotes Love Quotes and so on

below here you will see other sub category of Quotes in this public domain in addition that all that you have the Quotes of the day option here

If you click through to any of the quotes you can easily copy it together with the name of the person who first said that quote is another option you can use to find public domain quotes

Brainy Quote provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. their quotations database is the largest on the web, and getting bigger every day.

Whether it’s a great quote for a birthday card, love letter, research paper or just for fun, Brainy Quote makes it easy to find great quotes.

They have a treasure trove of historic, political, culturally relevant quotations available on their site,

Now if you want to be very sure that the Quote you are using in your video is free of any trademark or copyright

Here is what you want to do go to the united states patent and trademark office website

and click on this Trademark Electronic Search System, or TESS and you will be taken to this tool that will help show you if a quote or phrase has been trademarked

So in this case for example I leave the default settings and type in something like “make America strong again” and hit the submit query here and you can easily see that this phrase has a trade mark on it

So it can not be used commercially however you can get information about the person who trademarked the quote or phrase so you can easily contact them and ask permission to use their Work

Now that you know how to find Quotes to use for your videos, lets now look at how you can edit and upload Quotes on YouTube and start making money with the videos