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How to Find Motivational Videos for YouTube Using ChatGPT

Finding motivational videos for editing is probably one of the easiest but the lengthiest parts

That’s because to be able to find the exact motivational video clip to use in your videos editing, You needed to sit and watch the whole video or a couple of videos

selecting the best clips to use and that can be time consuming especially if you want to make a long video

But with the help of modern technology, you can do all that in minutes

In this video I am going to show you how to find the best motivational videos for editing your motivational video for YouTube using the Chatgpt Ai software

How to Find Motivational Videos for Editing YouTube

So if you have ever tried creating a motivational video to post on your channel on YouTube,

You probably know what it takes to create one of those videos, Its not easy to find the videos to use if you want to do a motivational compilation video

Even if you want to say compile the clips of a single motivational speaker talking about a particular topic, it can still be challenging just finding that exact video on line

Haven said that CHATGPT is here with a solution to that problem,

So for a start

What is chartgpt?

If you still have heard about it

Well Chartpt is define on the main website as an Ai tool which interacts in a conversational way.

The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

the tool basically follow an instruction in the form of a prompt and provide a detailed response.

So how do you use the chartGpt Ai tool to find motivational videos for editing

First of course you want to create an account and sign in.

After signing in you will be presented with a dashboard similar to this, but if its your first time and you haven’t created any chart yet this top area here will be empty

These are charts I have been creating since I came across this tool, its really a create tool that can be used in many different ways

Any way As you can see I have Already researched what I am now going to walk you through because due to the high demand of this Ai tool there is always that high risk of it crashing only when you are trying to make a video

What I basically did here was first to ask the chartgpt Ai tool to suggest or recommend some of the best Motivational speeches on a specific topic

Here is the prompt I started out with, So I asked Chartgpt What are some of the best motivational speeches on how to be a better version of yourself

And the Ai gave me in return all these 10 different motivational speeches and the name of the motivational speaker on how to be a better version of yourself

Now of course you can’t do nothing with this information, so what you want to do net is start copying each of this recommendations and asking chartgpt specifically on each of them

So for example as you can see here below the next prompt or command I asked the ai was on the first recommendation

The prompt was What are some of the highlights on “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” by Mel Robbins

And Again the Chartgpt ai tool came with 6 different highlights of the motivational speech made by Mel Robbins

Now with this information you can easily find the video in which Mel Robbins talked on being a better version of yourself

So how do you use this information to find the video,

Well the easiest way is again to use chartgpt, ChartGpt really makes it easy because as you can see chatgpt give you the Title of the video which you can use on any search engine to find the video

Lets take a look at the 3 one here on Identifying Your Negative Thoughts.

So you can copy the title and go to google public domain website or any other platform, in this case since we are looking for a video it will be best to search YouTube first

As you can see these are all videos you can download, and cut out the portion you want to use in your motivational video

Lets look at another option here, say we go with the first one here, copy the topic of the video, paste on YouTube and make a search

Again as you can see you will be presented with videos you can use to edit your videos

Now when looking for a video from among the search result to download, you want to look for the longest video on that topic because the longer videos are most often the original video from the speakers channel

If for any reason YouTube doesn’t give you the original video you can always search them using the same search string on other platform

So that’s how you use chartgpt to find motivational videos to use for your video editing

Another platform to download motivational videos for editing is on open source platforms

The Internet Archive or public domain websites are perhaps the best platform where you can get motivational speeches absolutely for free and in most cases copyright free too

now if you don’t know, these types of platforms are none-profit digital library that carries millions of content ranging from books, images, audio files to old games and much more

Take the internet achieve for example In the Movie motivational Archive category, you can listen and download motivational speeches

There is a well-organized navigation bar on the left side of the Archive search pages

You can choose content based on Media type, Year, Topics & Subjects, Collection, Language, and more. (

Here you want to click to open some of these, then go to the pages to listen to the audiosĀ 

On the right side here you have the download options click on any and then on the 3 dots next to the content

From the pop options select download and save it on your device

After you find a couple of motivational speeches you will like to use in your video

Its time to put it all together to create your motivational video, so make sure to check the next video in this series

But since this video is already getting long I will leave you with this first step of finding the speeches you will like to use for your video edit

In the Next video in this series I am going to walk you through the process of editing motivational videos for YouTube without any copyright or reuse content claims