How to Find Best Selling Products on Clickbank for Beginners

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Choosing the right product is the difference between making or breaking it on Clickbank.

A low-quality product will result in refunds, which means you'll lose your commissions and sales.

So how do you "know" what product is good before you start promoting it on clickbank?

for a start a good product will fall under one of the following top niches on clickbank

You have the Ebusiness and Emarketing Niche, you have Health and fitness and the selfhelp niche.

These are the niches that will easily make you money on clickbank and I will show you how why.

Video Transcript

For the purpose of this video I am going to go with the self help niche and under the selfhelp niche I will go with the Marriage & Relationships sub niche or sub category

Now I know this is a hot niche because I belong in that category and I can relate to it

After choosing your category its time to start taking a good look at the individual products under the sub category.

Here is what you should be looking for.

First you want to look at the initial sales price and the average sales price.

Why is this important? well if the initial sales price is thesame with the average price that will tell you that the product doesn't have up or down sales in the sale funnel.

If the average sale price is higher than the initial sale price that will tell you that you can make more money in the backend of the product … which is good for you

Here is an example of a product with a diffrent initail and average sales price

so for example if you choose to promote this product you will not only make $27 for each initial sale but you can end up making up to $70 average sales because of the back end sales creadited to you for bring in a new buyer.

So when looking for a best selling product on clickbank you want to keep that in mind

The next thing to always keep in mind is the product gravity

Now the gravity will tell you how many people promoting that product happen to make a sale within that month.

Now the higher the gravity the better because it shows that many people want the product and the product itself is converting very well.

Some people think that higher gravity is bad because it shows how many people are already promoting the product making the competition fears especialy for beginners

That makes a little sense when you think about it but if you are following an email marketing strategy for example no one will be competing with your list so that alone makes that point inrelevant

You can look at how high the gravity of this product is, That give me the confidence right away that this product converts and there are still many people currently looking for it.

A gravity of over 20 is good for beginners in my opinion.

You will also notice that in some sub niches there highest gravity is quite low.

If you are in a niche with a very low gravity you can just go with the one with the highest on that page.

After you have all that sorted you want to look at the product sales page

you want to look for a product with A Good sales page, a video salespage or an opt-in funnel with a webinar are all great.

I would not recomend a sales page without a video as a best selling product but if the sales page is apealing to you that means it will be apealing to your targeted audience so you can go with it

The next thing to look for is if the product has an affiliate section

That simply shows that the product owner actually cares about the product so much so that they have to create an extra page to help you sell their product

The affiliate page is a resource that many affiliate tern to ignore but which can really help you in the process of setting up your marketing campaign

Some product owners provide you with an extra product an ebook you can use to build your mailing list while promoiting the product

Some will give you even the email swipes to follow up your list subscribers

Some offer banners you can use for paid ads and the list goes on so you want to always check the affiliate page.

So those are the thinks you should be looking for when finding the best selling product on clickbank

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