How to Find and Use Creative Commons Videos without Copyright Issues[New Way]

Did you know you can use other people’s videos to create your own video without getting a copyright strike or a copyright claim from youtube?

Did you know you can use other people’s videos to create your own video without getting a copyright strike or a copyright claim from YouTube?

Yes, I know I have come across many creators who have been using creative common videos but still receive copyright claims from YouTube. Well, that might be due to the fact that they are trying to overlook some basic principles of using creative common content

In this post we are going to iron out all you need to know to be able to start using creative common videos, other peoples videos on YouTube to create your own videos without getting a copyright strike or copyright claim from YouTube.

Now what are Creative Commons Videos?

According to YouTube…”Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else the permission to use their work.

You see, YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons license. If you’ve marked your video with a CC license, you are basically retaining your rights to that video and that means other users can re-use the video or videos subject to the terms of the license.

By marking your original video with a Creative Commons license, you are granting the entire YouTube community, the right to reuse and edit that video. ” Basically, you can edit and reuse a Creative Commons video to create your own unique video. Now if that’s the case…

Why do some YouTube creators who use creative common videos still get a strike or a copyright claim after using it?

Well there are a couple of reasons for that, first some creators basically download creative common videos and without making any changes, they turn around and upload the same video on YouTube.

Now Uploading a Creative Common video without Editing

Re-uploading cc videos without editing might easily result to a strike because some creators for whatever reason simply take videos of other creators with a standard license and re-upload it on YouTube but this time using a creative common license.

When they do that anyone who comes across the video might think its a creative common video and using such a video will lead to a copyright strike.

Give Appropriate  Attributions

Another reason why you can get a strike using creative common videos is is by not giving the appropriate creative common attributions as stated in the original video content. Usually Creative Commons offers four different types of licenses:

  • You have the Attribution license which requires anyone using the content to give some kind of attributed
  • No-derivatives means you don’t have to change, modify, or alter the content in any form…so in this case the content must be used as is.
  • The you have Share Alike which gives you permission to adapt or modify the content anyway you want but the end result must be release under a creative commons license.
  • And finally you have the Non-commercial license which can only be used for non-commercial purposes

Now apart from those four different types of license there is also a legal doctrine that says you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner and that is known as fair use.

What really is Fair use?

Different countries have different rules about when it’s okay to use material without the copyright owner’s permission. For example, in the United States, works of commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting might be considered fair use.

Some other countries have a similar idea called fair dealing that may work differently.

Now With all that in mind we will be dealing with the fair use doctrine in this case, which means we’ll be using the YouTube creative common videos and re-editing it to make kind of a unique video without receiving a copyright strike from YouTube.

There are two major ways of Re-editing the videos, you can either do this manually or with the help of a software, let’s start with the manual way but you don’t want to miss how to do it the easier way .

You can start the manually process by making a search for your targeted keyword on YouTube and then click on the filter feature here below the search bar and select the creative common option.

YouTube will now display all the supposedly creative common videos, I say supposedly because you can hardly be sure if all the videos here are a hundred percent copyright free. Which is why full editing of any video you choose is required.

Now the next step is going through some of the videos checking first if they have a creative license attribute on the video and you can do that by clicking through any of the videos.

When the video page finally opens, you want to click on the show more feature below the description area to expand it and below you will be able to see whether the video has a creative common license or the youtube standard default license

You also want to click through to check if there is any specific attributions attached to the creative license.

If you happen to come across a video you will like to use and it has a creative license on it, next is downloading the video.

I know there are many online web apps that will help you download a YouTube video but I like using this shortcut by add “SS” in front of the video link(Example: and it will take me to a third party website page where I can download the video.

You can also just make a search on Google for a free YouTube video downloader and use that

After downloading the video You want to do your best to Re-edit the video so its totally unique from the original video…and this is where many creators get it wrong.

Now the idea here is that The video you downloading can be used as a guide to add on the original video or just be inspired by it to come up with your own unique video

By re-editing your creative common video before uploading it on YouTube will help save your video from any copyright strike or monetization issue on the platform.

That’s what the Pinoy Tech Miner channel is doing and if you go to his channel you will see that it’s monetized

Now because his channel is monetized that tells me that a support term from YouTube not a software or bot, no someone from the YouTube review team actually reviewed his channel before enabling monetization on the channel

As you know now on YouTube before your channel is allowed to be monetized with AdSense ads, one of youtube’s latest review employers have to check out your channel.

Now if you go to his channel you will clearly see that most of his videos are creative common videos

The key here is how you edit your creative common videos, So how do you do that? well you have to think about editing the video background sound or voice over, the images if necessary, all you should maintain from the video is the context, better still add to that.

So, as you can see that’s a lot of work, which is why many creators are failing with creative common videos

And that’s where Grabvid comes into play the automated way of editing and using creative common videos with lightning speed.

Now not only does Grabvid make the video creation process easy and fast, it will also help you if you’re struggling to find new ideas and content for your videos.

  • Basically Grabvid is A brand-new software which translates, adds captions and snatchs royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation
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Just check out this short video clip on how you can use the Grabvid software to create lightning fast unique videos using creative common video from youtube.