How to Enable Custom Thumbnails On Youtube

Here is a question for you before we get started.

What is the first thing that makes you pick up a book when you visit a bookstore?

If you guessed the Book cover! Then You are absolutely right!

When browsing through youtube the video thumbnails looks just like books cover on book shelves.

It is the first thing that people notice before deciding whether they will click on your video or just scroll over without noticing it.

But how do you go about enabling the feature that will allow you to upload custom thumbnails on your channel so it will be attractive enough for viewers browsing to click through and watch your video? all that and much more coming up

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or just trying to grow your channel here on youtube you have to pay attention to your video thumbnail

This is just the first of two of videos that will take you through the process of

1. enabling the custom thumbnail feature here on youtube

2. and creating an attractive or clickable YouTube thumbnail?

This is where I will show you some simple tips on how to create a clickable thumbnail without spending time and money for any expensive tool.

But before we get into all that I will like to know in the comments, if you already have videos on your channel without custom thumbnail or maybe you are still to upload your first video with a custom thumbnail either way let me know below in the comments area

As a video marketer getting people to click through and watch your videos is crucial.

You have just your video title and thumbnail to convince viewers to click and watch your video but if you don’t have the option to upload a custom thumbnails, youtube will just auto select any still frame in your video as your video thumbnail and usually they don’t look good

To be able to attract more views to your videos you will need to upload a custom thumbnail that you have crafted.

We will be looking at how to craft thumbnails in a different video in this series but first lets see how to enable the custom feature first.

When you create your YouTube channel the custom thumbnail option usually by default is not be active.

To enable that option you need to first verify your YouTube account.

Here is what to do to enable your youtube account.

After logging into your youtube account Click on your profile image on the top right-hand side and select creator studio if you are using the old platform or youtube studior if you are using the new platform

Now if you are on the new platform just hover your mouse over other features here and select status and features

If you are using the classic version after clicking on creator studio from the drop down option under your profile pic it will take you to your channel darshbors on the left click on my channel and you will be taken to the same status and feature page.

Now on this page you can quickly see this cray button on the top left here showing that my channel is already verified

if yours is not yet verified you will see this button blue and it will say verify instead of verified as the case is with my channel.

The button will look similar to this…

WHat you want to do is click on the verify blue button

from then on the process is pretty straight forward. you just have to follow the onscreen steps that youtube will show you.

Basically you just have to select a call or text option to get a verification code sent through your phone.

If you choose the call option you will get an automated call from youtube, if its the text option you choose you will get an sms message sent to your phone with the verification code.

So to get the verification code again enter your phone number and click on submit.

Always make sure the phone you are using is close by because youtube send the code almost immediately.

When you click the submit button you will be taken to another page where you will need to enter the code sent to you by youtube

Enter the code and and hit the submit button. After verification, you will see a message that says that your account is verified

Just like that the custom thumbnail option should be enabled for you now.

Now here is how easy it is to upload a custom thumbnail on your next youtube video or review promotional video

Once you upload your new video, YouTube will give you three auto-generated thumbnails options to choose from. Besides that, you can also see an option for uploading a custom thumbnail.

Now that you have your custom thumbnail feature enabled Its time to start creating your custom thumbnail

Since creating a custom a clickable thumbnail will include other online tools and tips, I have decided to make a seperate video on that ….so….Make sure to check out the next video in this video thumbnail series to find out how to make attractive thumbnails for youtube videos

Again I will like to know in the comments area below this video if you already have videos on your channel without custhumbnail or may be you are still to upload your first video with a custom thumbnail either way let me know below this video

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