How to Enable Custom Thumbnails On Youtube 2019

Here is a question for you before we get started.What is the first thing that makes you pick up a book when you visit a bookstore?

If you guessed the Book cover! Then You are absolutely right! When browsing through youtube the video thumbnails looks just like books cover on book shelves.

It is the first thing that people notice before deciding whether they will click on your video or just scroll over without noticing it.

But how do you go about enabling the feature that will allow you to upload custom thumbnails on your channel so it will be attractive enough for viewers browsing to click through and watch your video?

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or just trying to grow your channel here on youtube you have to pay attention to your video thumbnail.

This is just the first of two of videos that will take you through the process of

  1. enabling the custom thumbnail feature here on youtube
  2. creating an attractive or clickable YouTube thumbnail
    This is where I will show you some simple tips on how to create a clickable thumbnail without spending time and money for any expensive tool.

Watch the complete video for more

Tube Mechanics

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