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How to Edit Movie Clips on YouTube without Copyright Case Study

You probably know or most have heard that movie films are made up of sequences, sequences are made up of scenes and scenes are made up of shorts.

Editing movies films for a recap video on YouTube is about taking these sequences, scenes, shorts and turning them into a shorter version of the entire movie

Which software you decide to use for editing really doesn’t matter it might help but it doesn’t matter, Its about being creative

Now because this is a creative process there is no one type of editing that fits all,

So to help you with the editing process, I will just show you some of the best tips you should keep in mind when editing your movie recap videos

Here is a list of tips I will be demonstrating in this video so you can easily apply it when editing any movie you want to upload on YouTube

Tips to Help you Edit Movie Clips on YouTube without Copyright

  • – The first tip is, what ever clips you cut to use in your video from the original full movie…..shouldn’t be not more than 7 second long
  • – The second tip is to Cut footages on the action
  • – The third is to try using the Zooming Option, You want to zoom your shorts In and Out
  • – Next is Speeding up and Slowing down footages
  • – Then you have the horizontal flip Option

Now There are many more editing tips out there but these basic ones will help you create an engaging recap video for what ever movie you are working on

lets now go through the tips showing you how to apply them using our case study movie

in this case we will be using the sonny Vegas pro video editor

The first as already mentioned is to make sure that whatever clip you cut from the original full movie shouldn’t be 7 second long

That’s the first step of transforming any movie content so it falls under the YouTube fair use guideline

So for example in this case I will import the full movie I want to recap as a YouTube video and delete the audio so that I am left only with the movie footage

Remember we already created an audio to use for our video using the Fliki Ai software?

I think that was the second video in this video series, you will find the link to the video below in the description

So after deleting the audio next is to import your customized audio

Now this is the audio you will be using to edit the movie footage, That means you want to match what is being said in the audio to what your viewers will be see as video footage

In this case since this audio starts off with the introduction of the main actor ….

That means I have this whole scene to use but I can not just use the long portion because that will easily lead to copyright claims, so I have to split some of the clips within this scene and stitch them together

Now If you look at the four factors of YouTube fair use, you can see that one of the four factors is base on

The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole— 

Which means taking small bits of movie clips from an original work is more likely to be considered fair use than taking large or longer portions.

However, even that small or short movie clips may weigh against fair use in some situations if it constitutes the “heart” of the work.

Which is why the other editing tips are also important when transforming your videos to fall under the YouTube fair use guidelines

Which by the way is the only way to get your recap movies monetize on YouTube so you want to follow those guidelines to the teeth

Cutting on the action is the next editing tip that will not only help transform your videos to fall under the fair use guideline

But it will also help your viewers subconsciously hide the cut in a way that they will think they are watching the real movie from two different angles

So if you have two matching clips of the same action with different angles, you can combine the clips together seamlessly by cutting during the action in each short

Take for example this scene where the main actor was lying down, I can use the Cutting on Action tip to shorten the scene without losing the original story

if you have a movie clip like this with a wide angle short and a close up angle short

You can start with the wide angle short and then in the middle of the action in the wide angle short

Cut to the close-up to finish the action.

You see the idea here is to make the movement in both shorts convincingly similar

Cutting on the action before rather than later can easily subconsciously hide the cut from your viewers in a way that they will think they are watching the real movie from two different angles

You have to also understand that cutting on action can help make the cut smooth as well as intensify the end of the action

The Next important editing Tip you have to keep in mind when editing movie clips for your recap video on YouTube is by Zooming

This is when you zoom into out of your movie footage when editing, You see by zooming into or out of an action within a clip, it will help bring the action to life

Its going to help guide the viewers eye and draw them into the scene

Take this clip for example … if you zoom into the clip, it will become more dynamic right

So Zooming into or out of a static image or short of the movie is another way of editing your recap videos

Some editing tools have a great Zooming effect built in and others you have to do it manually by adding keyphrames

Of Couse there are many different ways to add the Zoom effect, it all defense on the type of video editor you are using

Speeding up and Slowing down footages can be very handy when trying to squeeze a scene with vital shorts to match whatever is being said in the audio

Take for example in this section of our case study movie you can see that I increased the speed of the video to match watch is said in the audio

On sonny Vegas you can easily increase or decrease the speed of a video by just pressing down on the Ctr key on your keyboard and the drag to the right to slow the video or to the left to slow it

Again it all depends on the video editor you are using

Now in some cases during your editing you might want to use the horizontal flipping option on your your editor

Which brings us to the next editing tips How to flip movie scene

Now One Common way to change a video footage to avoid copyright is by flipping some of the scenes where ever possible

Take for example in this scene you can see that the phone this actor is holding is on your right as a viewer

Now with the flip effect you will start see the phone on the left side as a viewer

So how do you get this effect, well again that will depend on the video editor you are using

But on sonny Vegas pro you just want to click on the Even pan or crop feature of the movie scene you want to flip

This pop will appear and all you have to do here is right click on the image pop and select horizonal flip and as you can see this letter F just flapped to the opposite side

Although the image stays the same the effect is already in action so next is closing the pop up and now you can see that the complete scene has also flipped

Now you have to keep in mind that these tip are all thinks you can do in each of the 7 seconds long clips and that can be a lot depending on how long you want your video to be

There are many other tips you can learn by just making a search on how to edit movies online