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How to Earn Money on Fiverr Without Any Skills

We all know fiverr is a freelance platform where skilled freelancers share their gigs.

The services provided on fiverr are called GIGS and these Gigs can range from business promotions, graphic design, content writing, essay writing, translations and a lot more.

But these are all skilled services, The question now is how can you make money on Fiverr without any Skills, is it even possible?

In the video below I am going to quickly walk you through what you can start doing today to make money without any skills on fiverr.

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Digital Arbitrage 

The most common way of making money on fiverr without any skills is by doing Digital Arbitrage

Digital Arbitrage is where You outsource a service from one platform at a cheaper rate and sell the service on another platform for a much higher price hence making money from the difference.

So let’s just Consider, you are selling a graphic designing gig on Fiverr for say $10 right? You can go to another freelance site like

Most often on platform you will fine Gigs at a far cheaper rate.

You can outsource your gig there for as low as $1

Gigbucks is another similar platform like fiverr ….You can go through the gigs, Select any of them and offer the same gig on fiverr for double the price.

So you can hire someone from say truelancer or Gigbucks for as little as $5 and you will still make $5 as profit if your gig on fiverr is $10 and you can even charge more if you choose

Basically You get orders from fiverr, you ask someone else to do the job for you and you split the money. You keep the larger chunk and pay a small amount to the person doing the job for you.

If you want a successful Fiverr gig, it’s not enough to create a great listing.

You also need to let people know it’s there, so you can start making sales and getting the ratings and reviews that make the difference between success and failure.

Now there is only one way to let people know about anything online….getting people to the offer

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