Downloading TikTok videos gives you the options to share the video to other preferred platforms

It also gives you the option to be creative with the short video clips

Either way you fist have to download the Tiktok videos file first, In this video I am going to walk you through on how to download TikTok videos on your desktop device

Recently I was looking for a way to download video clips from Tiktok to use in one of my channel videos, kind of a compilation of tips on the best time to post on Tiktok and here is what I did

First for this to work you first need to have the Tiktok chrome extension installed on your computer.

The chrome extension will help you easily access Tiktok on your desktop since Tiktok is a mobile app device

Here is the TikTok Chrome Externsion link

Free TikTok Chrome Externsion

Now after downloading and installing the extension you want to look for it on your browser tool bar  on the to and you will see the Titktok icon click on it

When you do that the TikTok app will open up on your computer, mine you this extension works almost like the real TikTok app with only a few options absent like the feature for creating videos directly using just the app.

As you know on the real app you can click on this plus button and record your video but that’s not possible with this extension

Now if you want to download a Titktok video for whatever reason, first is Search for the video you want to download and then click on the share option and copy the video link.

Now if you know how to download videos on any of the share platforms you can simply share the video on the platform then go to the platform and download the video.

Personally since I know how to download Twitter videos for eample, I could use twitter to download my shared TikTok video by first posting it on twitter and then going to my Twitter account and download it.

Now after copying your Tiktok video link head over to this site called TTdownloader 

Paste in your Tiktok link in this box and hit the get video red button

The TTdownloader will now go to work and prepare your video for easy download

Now when that is over the TTdownloader tool will give you these different options of the same video to be downloaded.

That’s how easy it is to download TikTok videos on your pc

Now as a YouTube creator or any content creator for that matter, its about time you start looking at Tiktok not only as a platform for kids anymore

Its also a platform to easily generate free traffic to whatever content you have posted online which is why I also recently started a Tiktok account to promote my channel videos for more views.

Its during one of my recently research on the Tiktok topic that I came across this cool tool called videotik…. and I thought its worth sharing with you if you also create content on Tiktok

Basically VideoTik  is a cloud based software that will help you turn your YouTube videos into a Tiktok video size and also help you to schedule your Tiktok post to be posted at the best time, which is when your viewers are online.

Now just check out how you can start using the videotik software to grow your tiktok account

Demo of VideoTik 

Check out VideoTik Here