How to do keyword Research for YouTube Actionable Tips 2

Conducting keyword research is a critical first step to determining how you will optimize your channel content know which Keywords will suit your needs the best

In the last video in this series we looked at the what keywords are, their importance to the growth of your channel and 3 types of keywords that you need for a successful channel

If you haven’t watched that yet make sure to do so here is the link

Now In order to attract target viewers to your channel using keywords, you need to know what they are searching for on youtube.

What questions are they asking? What words and phrases are they using in the search engines?

You really need to watch this video if you want to know which Keywords your targeted viewers are using to find the type of videos you create

Tube Mechanics Note Guide
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YouTube Talk Facebook Group;

Tube Buddy keyword Tool

Morning Fame Only Invite Keyword Tool

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