Basically the function of Copyright claims is to protect people’s content from being stolen and used improperly. However, there are times when a copyright claims can be wrong and the claims can and should be disputed.

Luckily, YouTube makes it simple to submit a dispute to get such types of copyright claims removed from your videos

In the previous video on this channel, I showed you the four factors you need to follow to be able to upload animation videos without any copyright claims

The four factors are all designed to help transform copyrighted content to create videos that falls under the YouTube fair use guidelines

Now What if you follow all the factors correctly and still get a copyright claim? Then what

Yeah that’s right, you can follow all the necessary steps to create a video that falls under fair use on YouTube and still get a copyright claim

So Why does that happens? and how to dispute the claims is what this video is all about


Video Transcript

So after you you have done every thing to transform your video from the original content to a unique content,

why does YouTube still give you a copyright claim even after follow the fair use law,

The simple answer to that is money, year some copyright owners do flag videos’ containing their content even if it falls under fair use

Now what happens next is, YouTube will still keep ads running on the video with a copyright claim,

However, the money made from the video will go directly to the copyright holder, and not the person who uploaded the video.

This happens very often with videos that have copyright claim and the channel is monetized.

The copyright holder reports your video to YouTube on grounds of copyright violation

So after your video have been flagged, YouTube will give the copyright holder two options, they can either ask YouTube to take down the video, or keep it up but all the advertising revenue the video generates will be passed on to the copyright holder.

So Since it’s usually all about money for most artists and music studios they will prefer to go with the second option

Let the video stay up monetized and keep the revenue flowing

And that’s why you still get a copyright claim even if your video falls under fair use

So to stop some of those copyright owners who are making money off of your hard work, you have to dispute the claims if you know your video is transformative or falls under the fair use guidelines on YouTube

Now how do you go about disputing a copyright claim on YouTube?,

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To start disputing a copyright strike, go to the video that is in question and hover your mouse over where it says copyright claim and then click on see details from the pop up and You will see this pop up appear with all the details of the copyright claim

As you can see from this video example, Everyone can see this video but it can not be monetized…that doesn’t mean the video is not monetized

but if you read here it says “Ad revenue paid to copyright owner” which means YouTube is still running ads on this video but the money is going to the owner of this portion of Jim Carrey video clip I add in this video

Now I know this falls under fair use because this is a short clip I took from a whole movie and I transformed it because its a video tutorial on how to make money which is not what this the movie is all about

A 16 minutes video with a copyright claim of a clip that is not even up to a minute long

Now because the claim comes at the end of the video I could easily just delete this portion and get the video monetized but since there is no drought in my mind this falls under fair use, which is why I am going to dispute it

So to be able to dispute the claims you want to click on where it says select Action and YouTube will give tow options to choose from

You can either trim out the portion in the video with a copyright claim, or Dispute it.

you can watch the video that pops up on the top right on how to trim portions of your video posted videos without deleting the video

So since we want to dispute the claims you want to click on Dispute here and this pop up will appear

At the top here you will see the Dispute claim, which in this case is not to use Bruce Almighty (2003) ACTIVE Full Movie

Below here, you will see three option YouTube is suggesting you don’t use as a reason for disputing the claim

So you don’t want to say something like, You are the owner of the copyright song or video because YouTube already knows who the owner is

You don’t also want to say you are not making money from the video or that you gave credit to the copyright owner by linking to the content

All these are not good reasons for disputing the copyright claim so you want to instead click on the check box next to where it says ”

My dispute isn’t based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim” and click on continue here below

On the next page you will need to Select the main reason for which you’re disputing the claim and YouTube gives you 4 different options here

So since my dispute is based on fair use I will go with the third option which says copyright exception such as fair use and then click here below to continue

Now YouTube is giving you the last chance to review what fair use is all about so if you are not still sure if your content falls under fair use, you might want to read through this before going on

However if you are sure you can click on the check box here next to where it says “I believe that my video is protected under fair use, fair dealing or similar exceptions to copyright” and then on continue to move to the final step

Here you first have to select the type of video you created and as you can see there are many different options YouTube is giving

But since this is a tutorial video I will go with educational video, in your case it might be any of these other options so you want to select one that relates to your video or just choose others here below

Next is giving a reason Why you think your claimed content is an example of fair use?

YouTube has also given you some question to consider when typing out your dispute

So when typing out your reason you want to pay attention to the amount or length of the original content have you used?

Have you transformed the original content?

Is your video a substitute for the original content?

Actually there are four of these factors, and I did share them in the video on how to upload anime videos on YouTube legally without copyright, again you will find the link to the video in the cards of this video

Now Just to save some time, I already wrote out a dispute for this video so I will just copy it and paste it here

Its a very short dispute that basically says

I am a youtuber who creates tutorial videos, and this video is an example of the type of tutorial I share on my channel. The portion of video clip that has been claimed for copyright is a 33 seconds long video clip of Bruce Almighty (2003)

which was use for the intention of demonstration

The fact that my video is over 5 minute long I will assume it falls under fair use guideline and I have no intentions of substituting the original Bruce Almighty (2003) content? and that’s it ….not too long or anything fancy

Just try to answer these Questions and you will be find, the dispute is not actually for YouTube but for the claimant to review.

Next is checking these boxes to agree your video does not infringe anyone’s copyright.

That you understand the claimant will be able to review your video and your dispute rationale.

and finally that you understand that filing fraudulent disputes may result in termination of your YouTube account.

In the signature area here you want to just Enter your full legal name (usually a first name and surname), not a company or channel name and hit submit and you are done.

Now YouTube will give the copyright owner or claimant up to 30 days to respond to the dispute so all you have to do next is wait

With all that I will wrap up this video I hope it was helpful, if so give it a thumbs up, share it on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

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