How to Create Clickbank Account for Beginners in Countries not Accepted

As you may have noticed, Clickbank does not accept people from all countries as affiliate on their platform.

This could be as a result of some fraudulent activities going on in some of those countries.

so If you are from one those clickbank blacklisted countries, chanceses are you will not be able to create an account on clickbank

In this video I am going to show you a work around way to create a clickbank account in any clickbank blacklisted countries.

Video Transcript

But ofcourse you will always want to think about how you will get paid after making some commisions from clickbank sales

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Now before trying to do anything you first want to check the payment methods on clickbank

If you choose register an account following the steps I am going to show you in this video, then you have to make sure you have a payoneer acount that you can use

Thats because in this walk around method we will be using vpn to change your computer api adress.

That means you will be using an ip address of another country so if you choose any of these other payment methods you will not be able to cash your money because the trasactions will require you to be present in the country you choose to create your account

AFter looking at the payment method and you thing you can get a payoneer account or you already have one the next thing to get a different ip Adress

An ip address that points to one of the accepted clickbank countries

you can do that by using VPN, Proxy or VPS

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be using a VPN called windscribe . If you prefer VPS or Proxy, go ahead with them.

Windscribe is a desktop application and browser extension that will give you a couple of free IP addresses that you can use to create your account

I will leave the link to this tool below this video, Just get an account with windscribe get it set up on your computer the steps are easy to follow

after setting up your windscribe you will have a pop up like this

first you want to select any of these countries and hit the start button

Now it will take a couple of seconds to change your Ip address to the country you choose

Now go to click bank and clcik on the create account tab on the top right

Now since your Ip address is now pointing from a diffrent country you will need information from that country right

Well thats were fake name generator comes into play (

Just choose your gender, the name set of your VPN chosen country and the country again here below and hit generate

You can now use the info generated to fill in the necesary info required here

Make sure though, that you choose thesame country you selected on your Windscribe VPN

You want to use your own email address also here

On the next step which is about your banking information, you want to use the information of your payneer account

we talked about why you should choose that payment method before in this video.

Click and agree to the terms and services after reading throug and move to the last step

Which is were you will create your nickname which will be your unique id on clickbank

Now if this method doesn’t work just look for a click bank altenative.

There are many altenative marketing platforms like clickbank, you have market health for health and wareness products, you have JVZoo for online marketing product

Just make a simple Google search and you will find many.

I will actually recommend you chose an altenative than going through all that ups and downs just to get an account with clickbank.

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