How To create a Landing Page For ClickBank – Fast and Easy

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Sometimes, all you need is one high converting landing page to start bringing in the big bucks

Here’s the proof….A million a year from new subscribers to the moz email list

that’s what the moz website made using landing page optimization and email marketing 

Many clickbank affiliates have done and still are doing the same thing using just videos,a high converting landing page and email marketing

Even if you can not get that amount as a beginner , a high converting landing page can be the foundation of making money on clickbank.

In this video, we will dig into the elements of a successful landing pages and show you how to create landing pages that convert every time

Most clickbank marketers just starting out spend a lot of time driving traffic to their videos, website,blog pages, or affiliate product with the hope that their target audience will either click on a link and buy a product or join their email list in process.

To build an email list you need to fist have a functioning landing page, caption page or squeeze page whatever you want to call it. They are all similar if not the same.

The think is, if the landing page does not entice the people sent to the page, or may be educate and convert them into subscribers, you are wasting your time.

That’s why landing pages are so important and designing a great landing page takes more than just giving away an offer in exchange for their personal information.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any webpage that you send visitors to for the purpose of initiating a conversation which hopefully will ends with buying through your affiliate link or clickbank offer

Effective landing pages are often a standalone web pages that has just one focus; a call to action that leads people to giving you their email address in exchange for a free offer which can be a free ebook, free software or even coupons

All you are really doing with a landing page is collecting people email addresses period

You have to build landing pages if you really want to become a successful marketer online and the reason is simply to grow your email caption list so you can later market your clickbank or any affiliate products to those in your list

What you have to realize is that not everyone will buy the affiliate product you are trying to promote for the very first time they see it, your next job is to keep reminding them about the product and eventually at some point they will come around and buy the product when they need it.

The way to keep reminding them is by sending them emails about the product letting them know you have the solution to their problem

So if you have been struggling to make money on clickbank or any other affiliate program it might as well be from not having an email list to further promote your products

Now that you understand what a landing page is and why you need it, Lets now look at how you can create a landing page using one of the product on clickbank

If you don’t know what clickbank is, well its basically a platform that list products from different niche for anyone to promote and make some commissions in the process

You can watch all about that and how to find the best products to promote on clickbank by checking Here

Now basically to look for a good product to promote on clickbank all you have to do is click on the clickbank marketplace at the top

Then on any of the niche category you are are interested in, on the left sidebar and then on any of the subcategories and then select any of the products listed under that subcategory

Now before choosing your category it’s important that you know the niches that make money on clickbank as well as the gravity of the products listed under the subcategory

So after deciding on your niche category, next is choosing the best product under that subcategory and for that you want to start by looking at the gravity of the listed product. The higher the gravity the better. That means the product is converting high.

In this video   I showed you the best categories that make the most money on clickbank as well as other strategies to pin down the best product to promote, so I will recommend you to watch that video if you don’t already know all about that.

I will not be getting into all that here because I have already chosen a product I will like to use as an example in this case

So Now how do you go about creating a high converting landing page to promote this product for example

First of all you have to understand that Every great landing page is made up of a core group of elements.

These elements or building blocks, as you might call ’em, should be used as a guide when creating your landing page

Lets now quickly go through the most important elements you will need when creating a high converting landing page

The headline is the first and most important element in your landing page. 

You want to make your Headline bold, clear and benefit driven

That means your headline must be creative, straight to the point, create urgency and solve a particular problem.

Next is Never underestimating the importance of a great subheadline.

Subheadline will give people a reason to read all of your copy, instead of just skimming or scanning it. you want to use subheadings every time to give more context to the main headline.

The third element is using a Visual focus image or video

The human brain processes visual information faster than text. That’s why you need to add a visual focus to your landing page, such as your an image, or video.

Now the fourth element which is Customer testimonial is actually optional but can be very effective when added to your landing page

Testimonials build trust in your personal brand, because you are showing real results for real people. Its simply part of the positive user experience you are trying to achieve in your landing page builder.

The fifth element is listing the core benefits of the product you are offering

To be able to appeal and inspire people visiting your landing page to take action, you will need to highlight the core benefits of the product/service on your landing page

The last but very powerful element is the Call-to-action element

In order to successfully convert visitors to email subscribers or customers, you need a simple, clear and clickable call-to-action. You could use a link, but call to action buttons are commonly used, because they grab attention, especially when they are colorful.

Now to put all these elements together so you can start capturing the email addresses of the people interested you will need to have a domain name which is basically the name people will click on to come to your landing page,.

You will need a hosting account which is where the landing page will be stored or hosted on and finally you will need a page builder because most content management system come with page designs that can not be altered except with a page builder

Some of the top page builders online including the famous clickfunnel builder, builderoll, Leadpages… you name it,  all need you to pay to use them

Now If you are on a budget you can use the free landing pages offered on autoresponders like Getresponse, awebe, mailerlite and so on

We are going to talk a little more about autoresponders since you will need it to add the caption and call to action elements on your landing page

Now back to the page builder, In this post I will be using the thrive page builder which is one of the, if not the only less expensive page builders out there

Unlike the other page builders that require you to pay monthly, you can get the thrive page builder for a one time fee.

lets now create a landing page for a clickbank product using the thrive page builder.

Now the thrive page builder is a wordpress plugin that comes with a number of premade landing page templates that are proven to convert….templates that you can easily customize and start using to capture email addresses of your targeted niche

I am going to use this template in this example as well as the famous woodwork product on clickbank to show you how you can create your own landing page for clickbank products

You will always find all the information you need for your landing page on the sales page of the product you want to promote

So you want to go through the sale page of the product you want to promote to learn a little more about the product which should easily help you find the necessary information you need

Another way to get the necessary information for your landing page is by taking advantage of the affiliate page of the product you want to promote

So you want to look for clickbank offers that have this affiliate page link. You will normally find them below the product description on your chosen niche listing on clickbank

some product owners will want you to first sign up as an affiliate on their private program or send an email to them to be sent your affiliate products

In the case of the woodwork product there is an affiliate link.

On the affiliate page you will find all the necessary information you need to promote the product online.

Now usually established products on clickbank like the woodwork program will offer you a free rebrandable pdf file.

This pdf files are actually pdf reports that promote the product, So you want to download and open the report as you can see there is a link here that will lead viewers to the sales page and that’s what you should be looking for.

You should be looking for something to offer as a free gift with your affiliate links embedded within the report in exchange for the email address of potential buyers

Now lets head over back to the landing page template you have chosen to use and start customizing it with the information of the free report

I will start by deleting the logo element here since this is not a campaign to promote brand awareness

Then I will add a header element here to let people know its a free report

To add an element simply click on the add element icon here and select the type of element you want, drag and drop it where ever you want it

Next is changing the header using the Title of the report which I have combine with the sale page header to come up with this.

Then you want to add another element for the subheader.

Now for the benefits and image area here you can see that both elements are locked in one element and that makes the image and the benefit area look small

So I am going to delete all and add both elements to stand individually

I will first add the image element here and click here to upload or select your image. The Image has to be an image of the product or related image

Next is adding a list element, which will help with listing the benefits of the product.

Now all that its left is linking your call to action button to your Autoresponder tool.

This is the tool that will help capture the emails of people visiting your landing page and send them the free report you are promising on your landing page

I will not go into all that in this video but in the next video in this series I will be showing you how to set up your caption box and setting up your email responder so make sure you are subscribe to this channel to get that video as soon as I post it

Now the last Element to add on your landing page is the social prove.You will most often find reviews of the product on their sales page which you can also use on your landing page

To add reviews using thrive simply drag and drop the testimonial element and then select from these testimonial templates, then copy and paste some of the reviews as well as upload the necessary images of the reviewers.

All of these recommendations can be summed up pretty simply: be clear about what action you want the visitor to take and make it as easy and compelling as possible for them to take it. You, too, will soon have a landing page that CONVERTS!

Now if you think creating a, landing page take too long, or too complicated and cost a lot, well there is a new and automated system that will help you create and host your landing pages ….watch this demo of the system in action clip

Now if you think creating a, landing page take too long, or too complicated and cost a lot, well there is a new and automated system that will help you create and host your landing pages ….watch this demo of the system in action 


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