How to Convert Horizontal YouTube Video to Vertical for IGtv

    IGTV represents a great new channel to promote brands, products and services, and to increase Instagram followers and engagement.

    In this video, I am going to show you how to repurpose your horizontal/landscape videos and post them on IGTV.

    Video Transcript

    Instagram is one of those platforms you can use to drive traffic to your website, youtube channel or any other platform you are growing online.

    IGTV’, or Instagram TV, has a YouTube-like platform where people can post long form videos.

    Similar to YouTube, IGTV creators have channels which can link viewers to your website , your youtube channel and can be followed by instagram users.The major difference from YouTube is that videos are in vertical format (portrait).

    convert videos

    Most basic video editors only allow you to create videos in widescreen or landscape format.

    Now As a solopreneur doing everything alone to grow your online presence creating an additional video content specifically for instagram can be a lot of work and time consuming.

    So the easiest way is to convert your landscape youtube videos to vertical and upload them on Igtv and link back from there.

    How do you create vertical videos for IGTV or adjust your existing youtube videos to work on instagram Igtv?

    To get started you will need premiere pro cc to do this little trick of converting you videos to vertical format.

    Maybe there are other apps that can do this but for now I know only of premiere pro cc and thats what will be using in this tutorial if you know other apps that can do this better please do share in the comment box below this video.

    Start a new project and give it a name next is importing the video you want to turn vertical into your timeline.

    Select it and then click on the sequence tab here on the top and change your video frame size to 1080 horizontal and 1920 vertical and click ok.

    When you do that you will see a pop up warning you that you can not revert the changes made… click ok

    Now as you can see the video now is in a vertical format, but it has this black space above and below the video which I don’t like so to get rid of that go to the left sidebar here and expand the tab.

    Now you want to rotate the video by selecting the rotation tab and changing it to 90 degrees, and just like that the video will be rotated.

    Now sometime the video doesn’t occupy the full dimensions of the vertical screen so you can click on the edges and drag it to fit.

    Now after rendering the video and upload it on IGTV.

    When viewers visit the video on your igtv channel and start playing the video, it will flip to this form for easy viewing forcing viewers to turn their phones around to watch the video properly.

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