How to Connect Domain Name to A2 Hosting

Did you know Domain registrar that have a hosting service attached to it are not good at providing quality web hosting and it’s the same case with hosting services that try to run domain registrars.

Which is why many online marketers have a domain name from a domain service and a hosting from a hosting service.

In this post I will be walking you through, on how to connect or point your domain name to a hosting service like A2 hosting.

Now for a start you will need to have a domain name and a hosting account. For me I use Namecheap as my domain name service and of course A2 as my hosting service

Let’s start with namecheap because we need the domain name first to add in the hosting account before pointing it to the hosting.

Now Although the price of a domain name registrar may be a small factor for you when it comes to growing your online business, if you’re looking for the most affordable domain registrar for a single domain, Namecheap is where you should be looking at.

Namecheap is a reputable domain registrar currently managing more than 10 million domain names worldwide.

The Platform interface is straightforward and easy to use, which makes buying and managing a domain name on the platform a breeze.

All you have to do is make a search for the domain name you want to use and if it’s available you can go ahead and buy the domain name by clicking on the cart feature and following the onscreen steps to the checkout page.

If domain name is available you will see a check mark beside.

Of course there will be other extension variation but the dot com extension has proven to be the best because that’s what many people default to when it comes to websites.

Now after buying your domain name the next step is buying your hosting account if you don’t already have one

Like many other popular hosting providers, A2 Hosting has a lot to offer but A2 stands out among the rest when it comes to speed

A2 beats other hosting services with up to 20X Faster Web Hosting in terms of speed. So if you’re looking for pure speed, which every website needs then A2 is your best pick.

Now when you click to buy an A2 hosting account you will be asked right off the start to choose a Domain

And A2 gives you 3 options to choose from, you can register a new domain directly from A2, you can choose to Transfer your domain from another registrar to A2, using an existing domain and update it using a nameservers or simply using a subdomain from A2 Hosting

So if you bought your domain from a name saver like namecheap you might want to choose the 3th option here that say “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”

The nameserver update they mean here is simply using the nameserver that A2 will give you after you buy the hosting to connect with your domain name.

Now since I already have an account with A2 I will just login and show you how to do the update.

After buying your hosting account you will be taken to your account dashboard which contains the listed domains you have added to the hosting

So this is the domain name I added when paying for this account…Now what you want to do net is click on this Account detail and you will be taken to this page.

Again you want to make sure you are working with the right domain name, now What you want here is this nameserver area.Thie namesavers is what I will be using to connect or point the domain name to this hosting account.

So just copy the first name saver  and paste it on the name saver area of the domain name service which in this case is namecheap.


On namecheap beside the domain name you bought click on the manage tab on the right. Scroll down a little and you will see the namesaver area on namecheap, click on the arrow and then on custom DNS

Next is pasting the nameservers you copied from your A2 hosting, so you want to add the first name saver and then go back to A2 copy the second name server and do the same

After adding all the nameservers click on this green check mark on the top right to save your settings.

Now the DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect. The truth is it usually doesn’t take that long. it might take a couple of hours though.

so if you have already installed wordpress under that domain on your hosting account within a couple of hours you should see that when you click on your domain it will lead you to your new website.

Now if you don’t know how to install wordpress on your Hosting account make sure to watch that video here

So there you have it, Now you can connect or point your domain name to your A2 hosting account easily.

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