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How to Change YouTube Channel Name 2021

Now if you have a YouTube channel name that you would like to change, may be because your channel interests has changed and you now post different types of videos that doesn’t fit the feel of your current YouTube name?

Either way there is no problem because you can just change your channel name and move on. YouTube makes it easy to change your username, and the process takes less than 60 second

Now it’s important to note that you have the option to change your YouTube name only three times within a 90-day period, so you want to be certain about the name change before you go through with it.

Haven said that, to get started, you want first login to the channel account you want to change the name and Click on your account icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Your channel icon will be an image that you have uploaded or the default icon of a circle with a letter in it. Now from the drop down options, you want to select the settings option below

On the next page, under the your youtube channel section you will see your current YouTube profile image and next to that you will see also your current channel name.

Now below your current channel name, you will see an Edit on Google link, you want to click on it.


That will now take you to your Google Account associated with your channel …and that’s where you can edit or change your channel name.

Now Under the basic info area  you will see the first option is your channel name, to edit the channel name click on the arrow on the left side beside your current channel name and it will take you to the editing page.

On the editing page, you can click on the pencil like option on the right side and then Replace your current name with your chosen new first and last name.


If you have just one name for your channel you can put it in the first name area and a dot in the last name area.

Don’t worry the dot you add in this area if you don’t have a second name will appear almost invisible on your channel

When you are done with your settings click on the save button on the bottom right and that’s it,


You now have a new YouTube username. Your new Youtube name will appear on your YouTube channel, on any videos you post on the platform, and on the comments you make on other videos.

You also want to take note that in some cases the new channel name might not appear immediately….so you want to give it a couple of hours if it doesn’t appear immediately

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