How to Add link to Instagram Story Without Being Verified

Do you want to add links to your instagram story even without being verified?

How to Add link to Instagram Story Without Being Verified

You probably already know that linking from your instagram post directly to your website will require you to have at least 10k followers.

Only instagram account with 10k followers can link using the
“SwipeUp” link to another webpage.

As soon as your account on instagram hit 10, 000 followers, Instagram will unlock some features that are not available to accounts with less followers.

One of such features include “Adding Instagram Story Links” or more popularly known on instagram as the “SwipeUp” link.

But there is a Walk Around Way to Link Without Being Verified

In this post I am going to show you how to create a swipe up link even without 10k followers on instagram.

The only difference between a swipe up link on account without being verified and that with 10k followers is just one step difference.

10k account will swipe directly to an external site (From instagram to another site is just a swipe.

On the other hand, that of an account not yet verified, You will first swipe up. And that will take you to the IGTV and from there you can use the clickable link that will take you out to an external site.

The Type of linking I am about to show you, will take you to a video page on Instagram and from the video you can link directly to an external site.

It works almost similar to an optin form. For example on a double optin form, you normally click first for a popup to appear before filling the form and clicking to the offer.

In the case of the swipe up we will be creating in this post, viewers will swipe up to IGTV (Instagrams video channel) on your account. There you need to have a video with a call to action for viewers to click the live link in the video description. That will be the link that points to your website, affiliate product or business site.

You probably know that instagram story post stay on the top of your account forever.

Just Imagine linking from videos on your instagram story to your affiliate product.

How to Set Up Your Instagram IGTV Channel

First you needed to get an Igtv channel connected to you instagram account

If you don’t have IGtv connect to your account on instagram here is what you should do

Head over to google play store make a search for igtv and select the top option.

After downloading and installing the app, simply login using your instagram login information. Because you are using your instagram account login information, you should be connected after following the onscreen steps.

To be sure that your account is connected to IGTV you will see it on the top right of your instagram app.

how to add shop link to instagram story

The next thing to do is adding or uploaded a video on your IGtv channel.

If you are using this method to link out from instagram, I will advise you to use a video that has a “Call to action” informing viewers to check the link in the captions of the video.

That will help remind your viewers to click to find the link and click it. That is if they are interested in the content you are promising in the video.

The link can be your landing page, your youtube channel, your website or your affiliate product.

Don’t forget to paste the landing page link in the caption box of the video.

After you have that set up, every time you post a new image that is related to the video content you created, just link to it.

It really doesn’t matter if you have just one follower or a million followers this works for every one if you set it right

How to Add Swipe up link to You Instagram Story post.

So to add a swipe up link simple create a story post first.

You can take a direct snapshot using your mobile camera or create one using Canva.

How to Add link to Instagram Story using a direct snapshot.

Taking a direct snap shot using your camera is the easiest way to add a swipe up links.

Go to your main Instagram feed, and tap the camera icon on the top left corner to create an Instagram Story.

how to add link to instagram story if not verified

Create your Instagram Story by taking a photo. After taking your snap short you will see a chain link icon on the top.

Tap on the chain link icon . After tapping on the chain link icon you will be taken to the next step.

how to add link to instagram story swipe up

(Remember, you can only add links if you’re a verified user or an Instagram business account with over 10K followers) So in your case you will need to link to you IGtv video.

So select the IGtv option in the next page and then the video you want to link to.

How to Add link to Instagram Story using a designed Image

Go again to your main Instagram feed, and tap the camera icon on the top left corner to create an Instagram Story.

Next is to swipe up to access your library of previously captured content and select your image.

Now after selecting your image you will see this link icon on the top just like with the snapshot pic.

Tap again on the chain link icon and you will be taken to the
your IGTV Channel.

Now you see why we started off creating the IGtv Channel at the beginning

There again you can select the video you want to link to and that’s it.

Just a quick reminder again to always add a call to action on your Instagram Story with links, so that your viewers and followers will know click on it.

Tab on the save button above and you are good to go

After linking to your chosen video, you want to post your swipe up (snapshot pic or designed image) content on your story.

Now you know how to add links to your instagram stories without being verified, hope that was helpful

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