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How to Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

For some reason line breaks and spaces are not allowed on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

How to Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

In this video I am going to show two simple tools that will help you solve the problem with ease.

You can also use this method to hide hashtags. That is without adding any dots or the other tricks you might be using to hide your hashtags.

All you need to do is Write your Instagram post text with the line breaks and spaces.

using a free online tool and then copy and paste it on Instagram. And you’re done!

I will also show you the tool I use to schedule my instagram post. Which also by the way, makes it easy to add spaces and line breaks on my post

So how do you Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

visit this web page Clean & Beautiful Line Breaks for IG Captions on your phone or desktop device

Start typing in the post you want to use on instagram with all the line breaks and spaces you want. You can also add spaces to hide your hashtags bellow you might also want to add some emojis.

Add line Breaks to Instagram

When you are done simply copy the caption using the Convert & copy to clipboard button below.

Head over to the post you want to make on instagram and paste in the captions and finish your posting.

That’s all it is to add line spaces in your instagram caption.

How I personally add Line Breaks on my Instagram captions

Personaly I use the later computer pase tool to schedule my instagram post.

If you have been watching my other videos on Instagram, you must have noticed I use this tool a lot.

How to Add Line Breaks to Instagram Using Later.

Simply drag and drop the image content you want to post in to the schedule tool.

Type in your caption the way you will want it appear on instagram

When you are finished, you will have the options to post it immediately on instagram or schedule it.

Now Although this was a very short post I hope it still helpful.

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