Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

Add line Breaks to Instagram bio

If you are used to writing mini blog post as instagram captions, it must have been difficulty adding line breaks.

Writing mini blog post as instagram caption does help your post easily discovered on instagram and other search engines.

For some reason, line breaks and spaces are not allowed between the text you type in on instagram.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

There are many walk around ways you can use to post instagram captions. Captions that’s clean and easy for the eyes to read.

In this post I am going to show you two simple tool that will help you solve that problem. The problem of adding spaces and line breaks in your instagram post

So How do You Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions?

Personally I really don’t like seeing a cool instagram photo and then below it is a bunch of text. Text that’s not even broken up into separate paragraphs.

Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

You can use almost any 3rd party app now to add line breaks(paragraphs) to your instagram captions.

Even with the free versions of these tools you are able to still post with line breaks.

You can Use Tailwindapp to add Line Breaks to Instagram Caption

Tailwind is the smartest way to manage your presence across the visual web (Pinterest & Instagram).

It offers a complete suite of marketing tools including Smart SchedulingAnalytics & MonitoringContent DiscoveryEducation, Tribes, Hashtag Suggestions and more. 

Find Hashtags Fast with Tailwind Hashtag Finder 2

To add line breaks on instagram using tailwind is as simple.

Just type out how you want your post to appear on instagram, and tailwind will post it as it is.

Type in with all the line breaks (paragraphs) and spaces, you can also use tailwind to hide your hashtags. Add emojis if you choose.

How to Add line Breaks to Instagram Captions

You can Use Caption Maker for Line Breaks on your Caption

visit the the captionmaker page on your phone or desktop device.

Start typing in what you will use as your instagram caption. You can add all the line breaks and spaces. You can also add spaces to hide your hashtags bellow you might also want to add some emojis.

When you are done simply copy the caption using the Convert & copy to clipboard button. Head over to the post on instagram and paste in the captions and finish your posting.

That's all it is to add line spaces in your instagram caption

You can Use later to add Line Breaks to Instagram Caption

Before I started using The Tailwind app, I was using later and it works similarly to Tailwind. Tailwind stands out with some other powerful features that later doesn't offer for now.

If you have been watching my channel videos on Instagram, you most have noticed that I use the later tool a lot before.

Add lines and spaces with this tool is also easy and direct

Simply drag and drop the image content you want to post and just type in your caption the way you will want it appear on instagram.

When you finish you have the option to post it immediately or schedule it.

Now Although this was a very short Post I hope it was still helpful

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