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How I Started Making Money on YouTube without 1000 subs[Part 1]

I remember how nervous I was when I was about to make my first video and that was just recording my voice in the video.

After that I didn’t like to even listen to my voice when editing the video, I still some time grinch listening to recorded audios of myself.

If that is also your concern, well be rest assured I will be showing a way out. A way that you can still follow together with this strategy and start making money without showing you face or recording your voice if you so choose.


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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners [Free]

You will agree with me that most affiliate marketers loves having marketing tool that makes life a little bit easier. That is true especially when the tools are for free.

Haven said that ,some of the free tools are genuinely free, whereas others are only free for a limited period. 

Today we are going to be looking at some of  the best free affiliate marketing tools that are available  online.

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