How I Started Making Money on YouTube without 1000 subs[Part 1]

Hi I am winston the solopreneur warrior and welcome to this video on how I started making money on youtube without a 1000 subscribers.

This video series is going to be like a mini curse because there are some vital little parts in the process that i will like to share with you without overwhelming you by doing everything in one video.

I want this to be as simple and straightforward so that anyone can follow.

So let’s jump over to my slides and let me show you exactly what you can expect in this mini video course

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Video Script

So like I already mentioned, this is going to be a 4 part video series where I am going to take you step by step, showing you exactly what I have been doing on this channel to make money even before I hit a1000 subs and 4000 watch hr, which is what youtube required before your channel is monetized

Now one thing I love about this strategy is anyone in the world can do it, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection. You can also apply the same strategy on any given niche and still see results.

There are no hidden trick with this strategy, its straight forward all you have to do is put in the effort and you will also start making online.

You can do this at your pace in the comfort of your home so the more effort you put in the more you will make its that simple.

You don’t need to have any experience to do this because the internet changes so fast, which means we are all basically learning as we grow online

So you don’t need any skills, you don’t need to spend lots of time and you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want.

That’s one of the main things that put a lot of people off when it comes to making money with videos.

I know from experience how nervous I was when was about to make my first video and that was just recording my voice like I am doing in this video.

I did not like to even listen to my voice when editing the video, I still some time grinch listening to recorded audios of myself.

If that is also your concern, well be rest assured I will be showing a way out. A way that you can still follow together with this strategy and start making money without showing you face or recording your voice if you so choose.

Now I know that might sound ridiculous but I bet it can be done and I will show you how in this mini video series

lets now look at how you can actually make money on youtube because there are a number of ways but these are the main popular ways.

The first and most common way of making money on youtube is with Google adsense.

Google adsense is basically the ads placed on your youtube video at the beginning, the middle,the end or any where in between the video depending on how long the video is

Now to be able to start making money with adsense on youtube your channel will need to have at least 4000 watch hrs plus a 1000 subscribers.

Now it’s because of these requirements set by youtubethat puts put a lot of people off trying to make money on youtube because when they look at this numbers, it’s kind of without reach

Now to add on that, even though you can make quite a decent amount of money with Youtube adsense, you can make a hect of a lot more using affiliate marketing, or youtube membership

In the case of this my channel when i got started, I knew I will slowly but steadily work my way up to the youtube adsense requirements but from the start I needed money to start paying for some basic services I needed for my channel website like the domain name, and hosting

WHich is why I decided to start doing some affiliate marketing as part of my youtube strategy.

Affiliate marketing pays way better than youtube adsense and its a very simple process

Here are some of the early earnings I made on this channel before even hitting the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hr mark on youtube

These are earnings from different products and services I recommend in my videos in exchange for affiliate commissions

So affiliate marketing is the right way to start earning some quick money right off the start from your youtube videos

Youtube Affiliate marketing is awesome because, what you are doing is building a real valuable Asset which becomes passive over time

That means you have to do the work once and it will keep making you money over time.

Now before we go further I will like to know in the comments area below this video, if you already have a channel,is it already successful or not, have you ever made money with your videos?, it will really be interesting to see your comments below this video

So when I got started with the solopreneur warrior channel, I had already decided on the niche for the channel which is sharing tips on affiliate marketing a sub niche under the make money niche

In your case, it might be the health niche, relationship niche or cooking niche whatever the case it’s important to decide on what niche you would base your channel on

If you don’t have a channel yet and don’t know how to choose a niche, just go to clickbank and look through these different niches and choose which one you can relate with easily

You can even dive deeper into subcategories and build up from there to the main category

So, you could start a channel on Eating Disorders, under the main self help niche or Exercise & Fitness channel under the health and fitness main niche…. there are many options you can choose from just from this page

There are also other websites like Amazon, or ebay that you can use to find niches or sub niches to base your channel on

If you already have a passion you can turn that into a youtube channel and recommend products as an affiliate and start making money

Again the reason finding your targeted niche is because, it will make it easy to start making money as soon as you start creating videos on your channel while waiting to reach the youtube requirements?

And when you hit those requirements, guess what you start getting paid from two different ways on youtube.

So basically here is what I want you to carry away in the first part of this mini video course on how to make money on youtube without a 100 subs

you want to first decide on your channel niche if you don’t already have one, if you already have a channel and you don’t know what to promote as an affiliate, simply make a search for your channel targeted keywords on Amazon or ebay and you will find products you can start promoting

If you find a product say on amazon you can join the amazon affiliate product and start promoting that offer and related offers on amazon

There are many other affiliate programs that list different products that affiliate can promote, I will drop a list in the resource area below, if you are not watching this video through the solopreneur warrior facebook grp then click on the link below to get the free mini course with all the resources

These are most of the affiliate networks I have been a member of, they are easy to join and some of them have products that many affiliate are not competing on.

Personally I like going for products that many affiliate are not promoting hence reducing my competition

I have videos on this channel promoting products that pay as low as 2 to 4 dollars…now because the payout is very low many affiliate chose not to promote it but that product is now making me over 50 dollars every month.

For this product I had to join the product self hosted affiliate product

Now because its self hosted there are not many affiliate to compete with

Which is why I can easily make conversions like these every month and although the commissions per sale is low the amount of people paying for the product is high which make the total monthly payout worth it

So if you come across a product that relates to a video you would like to create on your channel, simply look on the product sales page if you can find a link to their affiliate program

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Most often you will find the affiliate program link in the header or footer of the product page

Some time they outsource it to other affiliate networks that are not so common.

So if you can not find the affiliate program of a product you would like to promote simply make a search on Google with the product name plus the phrase affiliate program at the end

if there is any affiliate program associated with the product Google will list it on their search result.

After finding the affiliate program of the product you want to promote, join it and get your affiliate link for the product ready, because you will need it later in the process.

Now in the next video we will be looking at the four strategies I use when researching a video title to promote any chosen product, the steps I follow and why,

creative ways I have developed from experience on finding evergreen video titles and tags that get views and drive traffic to my affiliate offers organically.

So before watching the next part of this video make sure you have decided on your niche because we will start with structuring your affiliate channel before diving into the meat and potatoes of the whole strategy.

Tube Mechanics

Hi there! I am winston, I run this blog ( and the Solopreneur Warrior channel on Youtube were I share simple to follow video on how to overcome the technical stuff in your online business, so you have enough time to keep creating content. Helping you build your website & launch your online biz.I do this with in-depth research,personal experience and a good dose of actionable tips!

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