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How I Started Making Money on YouTube without 1000 subs Part-2 [Evergreen video Ideas]

Hi there again I am Winston the solopreneur Warrior and welcome to the second part of this mini video course on How I started making money on youtube even without a 1000 subs

So a quick recap of what we did in the first part of this mini course video series,

The first part of this video series was deciding on a niche for a channel and where to find affiliate products to promote

In this second part we will be looking at the four strategies I use when researching a video title because before making any money on your chosen niche you have to come up with video ideas and Titles

Now, if you haven’t watched the first part of this video series yet, make sure to do that before watching this second part because we are going to continue from where we left of in the first video

Assuming you have decided on your channel niche,and you have joint a couple of affiliate programs in your niche, it’s time to find a product and start creating your promotional video

Again like I mentioned in the first video with Promotional videos you don’t need to show your face or record your voice if you don’t want and I will be showing you how to do that in this video series.

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Now when it comes to making promotional videos for my youtube channel,I start by following one of these four strategies to help me decide on what my video title is going to be.

What angle am I going to use in my video to promote my chosen product

The first strategy I actually don’t use often because of my niche but I still find it from time to time very powerful and that is using the Google trends tool which is free,

I also use the most common strategy taught in most tutorial videos which is using the most popular videos of other top channels in your targeted niche,

I also use the gate way video strategy (which is an SEO Strategy) and last but not the list I look at some of the problem that the product I want to promote in my video is trying to solve

These are the four things that I go through before coming up with a video ideas or title and I do that because I want to find videos Titles with less competition but more views

hes are the same strategies I have been using even for my money making videos That are getting thousands of views on evergreen topics.

Evergreen topics are search terms that people keep using over and over for years.

Remember I use all these strategies because as a small channel, I want to take advantage of any opportunity for my video to get views with much difficulties along the way

Let’s now look at these different strategies step by step so you can try them for yourself when coming up with your next video title.

Now I don’t often use google trend because it doesn’t have enough data for my targeted niche, I use it sometimes when finding video ideas and titles when promoting a weight loss cpa offer or something like that.

If you are targeting the weight loss niche for example or the traveling niche those very popular kind of niches Google trend can help you find searched video title

Take for example if you type in a phrase like youtube upload .. and select the youtube option here you will see that google trend doesn’t have enough data,

But if I type in something like weight loss, it will give me some data to work with…

Now under the rising topic here you can dig in to search for more related keywords that you can add in your video Title or use as you video title

Now because I used a different strategy for this seed keyword I was able to come up with a video title that has been making me money on this channel even before hitting a 1000 subs

That goes to show you that there is no defined way of coming up with create video idea or video titles

The next tool I use to find video ideas or video title is the youtube video tap that you will find on all youtube channels.

Now to do this, you have to first find channels in your niche with over a thousand subscribers, click through to any and then click on the video tab here

Now what you want to look here are videos that have gotten more number of views than the number of subscribers on the channel

That’s an indication that the video got extra views from the search engines not only from those subscribed to the channel

Now to be able to find those popular videos click and select the popular option and youtube will display all the popular videos on that channel.

I use this strategy to look for video Ideas that will help my channel get more views not necessarily to make money with the video, the big picture here is making money while naturally growing the channel.

So all my videos are not promotional videos….I also make tutorial videos where I share free tips in exchange for views subscribers and generally engagement

Haven said that if the video title I fine using this strategy matches with a product on that topic I will promote the product within the video.

The next strategy of finding a video Title that will do well is by using the gateway video strategy

Gate way videos are videos that show up on the search engines from nowhere with low subscriber count but high video view count within a short amount of time

youtube sometimes feature small channel videos on the top video rankings for search phrases…those type of videos indicate that as a small channel if you make a related video and optimize it well you can also get that rankings or at least be suggested on that video which will help your get some of those viewers

Now for this strategy to work, you will need to install certain tools to make it easy to sport out a gate way video

You will need to install the vidiq chrome extension and link it to your channel

If you can see this when I hover my mouse over this blue numbers here, it says powered by vidiq

The vidiQ tool will help you easily see the number of subscribers for any given channel on the search result designed to help YouTube creators find topic and keywords for their videos.

The tool also has a robust YouTube SEO feature set that assists with creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags.

After installing the extension and linking up to your youtube channel you will start seeing the subscriber count of channel videos on the search results of youtube

what this does is, it helps you quickly see the channels with low subscribers and high video view counts

WHat that indicates is that, if a small channel video can rank well and get that much views,if you create a similar or related video which is well optimized your video will also have a chance of ranking or at least being suggested on that small channel video which of course will lead to more views

One of the videos I uploaded early on, on my solopreneur warrior channel was a video on uploading audio videos on youtube

I made that video because I found there wasn’t only one gate wayvideo for that search phrase

At the time I really don’t remember how many gate way videos I found on this page but as you can see you can still see some of them

At the time of making this search These are channels with very low subscriber count and high video view count for the phase how to upload audio to youtube.(

As you can see I created my video also over a year ago which make these gate way videos at the time a little recent

Now when you find a gateway video like this when browsing youtube, just click through and check the video tags

Now the vidiq tool can help show you the tags of a video but for that I like using a similar tool called tubuddy…which shows me which keyword phrases the video is ranking for and how high on the search results

Those phrases with high rankings are potential video titles that you can use or at least fine related phrases.

Another strategy I use to find video title for my product videos is by looking at the Problems a products is trying to solve

Take a look at this video I recently create on my channel, in this video I am promoting the and the flux story video apps.

I came about this video Title by first look at the problems this tools are trying to solve online which is the ability to make social media videos easily

So, what I did was make a search for how to make social media story and long and behold it was a searchable phrase on youtube

Now to confirm if this phrase is worth making a video on, if the people are still searching for this phrase, I use tubbuddy again

TubeBuddy has been a huge factor to the success of my channel, the basic features of the tubebuddy tool is free to use and the good news is tubbuddy is also offering channels less than 100 subscribers some of their pro features for only $5 dollar.

You will fine the special link to the five dollar offer below this video, so here is you chance to pay less for the tubebuddy tool before your channel grows and pass the 100 subscriber mark for the low one time fee of just $5 dollars.

So if your channel is still under a 100 subscribers you can get tubebuddy for a one time price of just 5 dollar if you wait and your channel subscribers grow more than 100 subscribers you will start paying a 9 dollar monthly fee for the proversion, 19 for the start version and 49 for the legend version.

Now what I usually do to confirm if the tag phrase I just found on my gateways video is of any good in terms of youtube search engine optimization is by clicking on this blue button after making a search using the keyphrase

Tube buddy will now tell me if the keyword phrase is poor, medium, very good or an excellent phrase to target as my video Title.

As you can see from this its a very good keyword phrase to target which is why I made a video on it

its worth noting that you will not alway easily find keyword phrases like this, some times you will need to be creative with the problems the product is solving and sometime together with the name of the product to find such excellent keyword phrases that will help your videos easily get views and hence make you money along the way.

Now that you know how to find evergreen video titles for your videos and product videos, in the third part in this mini video course I will show you how I make videos to promote affiliate offers on my channel and the tools I use

I will also be showing you other free and paid tools that will help you make videos even without showing your face or recording your voice

So see you in the next video


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