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If you are thinking you don’t have the natural Talent to be a YouTuber or maybe you have a channel, but people aren’t watching your videos because you are not talented think again, its all about the metrics. With the metrics strategy YouTube will promote the heck out of your videos hence more views and subscribers.

The metrics strategy is a formula that you can follow to start getting views to your channel. It really doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or a seasoned YouTuber. This strategy will heal the same benefits.

The effect of this strategy, however, differs with different niches. That is, depending on the niche you will get different numbers of subscribers and views to your channel.

For example; a channel based on pranks will get more views and subscribers following this strategy than say my channel that is based on tutorial video.
That is very obvious because very few people really want to start a YouTube channel as oppose to pranks that everyone loves to see how people do stupid things.

So, the number of subscribers will be subjected to the niche and the type of content you are making.

Having said that it is important to note the value of subscribers in a targeted niche channel like a workout channels and tutorial channels.The subscriber value in these channels, will be more than that of a prank channel.
For example, the subscribers on a make-up channel are more valuable than those on say a reaction channel you get the point

Warning (Only for those who are Serious)
If you are not serious about making videos 
consistently on your channel, then you can 
as well just drop this and move on to the 
next shining thing, whatever it is that piques
your attention more.

How to get more views on youtube easily

Keys To a hot Channel

  • A Good channel structures
  • You have to provide value on your channel
  • Make sure your channel is part of a big niche (Check other channels in your niche if there are channels with a 100k subs and above then you can target that niche.
  • Post consistently
  • Understanding viewers respond
  • Understanding the blow-up strategy the metrics way.

Before Starting the Metrics

Make sure You have a good home for your videos. That means your channel should have the following;

  • A channel art
  • Profile pictured
  • Channel trailer

Get a list of the top 10 videos you want to make. (We’ll be getting into this a little later)

– Rules for the Metrics strategy to work

You have to upload videos consistently at least 3 times a week for the next 3 months.

The reason is that the YouTube search engines constantly reward channels that upload videos consistently by promoting  the heck out of the channel videos. The more you upload, will also keep your viewers coming for more

– Do not start monetizing your channel just yet.

The reason being YouTube doesn’t like when people click out of their platform and if your channel is doing that from the beginning, will only send a negative signal to YouTube that people are leaving your content because it’s not good. So, you want to avoid that by limiting or not monetizing at all.

– Always get your viewers to watch more of your other videos.

The metrics strategy will help you get more views to your channel but you have to keep the viewers engaged by watching your other videos. Use playlist, cards, sections featured video to keep your viewers watching more. (Will look more on this under structuring content for more views)

Understanding How Videos Get views on YouTube

Understanding how videos get views on YouTube will help you understand why YouTube promote videos on their platform for free and why those videos get the number of views and subscribers that they have
It will also help you better understand why the metric system is effective and how to take advantage of it.

High click through Rate + high watch time + low session end time = YouTube Promotion, views & subscribers

The Metrics Strategies

The SEO Metric Strategy

The SEO metrics strategy is based on ranking videos on the search engine. You most have heard about optimizing video for search rankings, right…almost all YouTube channels have a tutorial video on this.
How you have to optimize your video title, description and tags. Well, in this metric ….Read More

The Suggested Metric Strategy

As I already mentioned above YouTube promotes the heck out of videos that follow their metrics of discoverability and suggested videos is one of the ways YouTube promote related content…hence the suggested metrics strategy.

There are two ways to go about this strategy, one way is by researching your created content and the other is by researching other channels in your niche.

Let’s start with researching other channels because if you get that you will be able to apply the same strategy on your channel.

Coming Soon……..

Tube Mechanics

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