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It doesn’t matter if you run a blog, a youtube channel or an e-commerce store; driving traffic is ultimately a critical element of making money online.

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Getting that traffic for free without breaking a sweat is even an added advantage
In this video I am going to walk you through three popular traffic source that you are not probably using

There are many sources of free traffic online and they tend to offer varying level of effectiveness.

One has to research on and master multiple of them in order to succeed with generating free traffic

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Free traffic Sources [Automated free traffic sources] Syndtrio:



Video Script

According to similarweb Blogarama at some point around april this year, it was generating over 200 thousand visitor a month before dropping to a 110 thousand but as you can see its on an up clime again with over 140 thousand visitor month

As you can see from this graph most of its traffic is coming from search which means your content will also have the advantage of ranking on the search engines due to the authority of the Blogarama website leading to even more free and organic traffic

Talking abort organic traffic, if you look from where their social media traffic is coming from you will see that its from the top four organic social sites.

Just imagine getting your content shared by your audience through any of this platform,

Now let’s head over to the Blogarama platform and let me show you how you can start using it to generate free traffic

Blogarama calls itself “the oldest blog directory” (which is kind of true because it looks soo, too,

They go on to say they are not just a blog directory but also that they generate Millions of visitors, Hundreds of thousands subscribers,

you can post Free submission on the platform, Free advertisement of each of your posts and like any platform online they also have a Premium and Business packages

Lets now go ahead and login, if you don’t have an account yet, its easy to create one by click on the sign up link here fill in your email address and password and you are good to go

Now after logging in you want to first create your listing. As you can see I have just created my first listing here.

This is the automated part of blogarama. So all you have to do to add a new listing is by click on the new listing option here on the left side and then fill in this short form

Simply add in your website address, the Title, description, category and at the end select your targeted country and click on add

After adding your listing you will see it appear under the my listing option

Now after your listing has been approved that will index it and so too will the search engines.

Whenever you post a new posts on your site it will get automatically added to Blogarama within a day or so.

This is extremely convenient because you don’t have the time to add each post to the directory.

Another Automated free traffic source is Medium

You probably most have heard about medium before, I have made a video on it on this channel but one important thing I did not show you in that video is the medium automation

But before we get into that, let’s first see the potential of medium when it comes to generating traffic

According to similarweb Medium is generating over 180 million visitors a month with majority of them coming from the united states

The platform generates over 60% of their traffic from the search engines.There is no doubt that medium content easily rank on the youtube search engine

Medium is a platform where “everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to your email box.”

And one easy way of sharing your content is by importing it directly from your website by clicking on the import a story tab here,enter your website link and click the import button

Next is clicking on the green button here below to see your story

Now the blog post has been imported to medium…all you have to do next after review and making sure everything was imported …because sometime video embeds are difficult to import

so you might want to add that manually and then publish your content online

The third automated free traffic source is Blog Post Vote Up

Now If you are not familiar, Blog Post Vote Up is a website where you can share your blog posts and also vote on other people’s blog posts.

The site covers all niches,extremely user-friendly and easy to use. You do need to add your blog posts manually, but it is pretty easy because you just need to add your link, title, summary (optional), and an image.

Then you can add tags to your post before submitting for review. All of my blog posts have been approved in under 24 hours, so there are no concerns there.

Now like I mentioned at the beginning of this video there are many other platforms like the 3 website I have shown you in this video… the only problem is you have to move from one platform to another just to make a single post and that takes a lot of time

Which is why I would also like to introduce you to syndtrio

Syndtrio is a tool that will help you easily syndicate your content to over 25 social sites automatically

Its a 3 in one tool that will help you Quickly and Easily create social accounts for you on complete autopilot using the SyndCreator tool

Syndtrio will help you even generate content to post on the created accounts with links back to your website, youtube video or any promotional content by using their BUILT-IN content engine, SyndContent

the last part of the tool SynLab will help you Quickly And Easily push the content created DIRECTLY to all the social accounts created automatically

Just check out how this tool works

Now if you are interested in other free traffic methods like the ones shared in this video, make sure to check out my 20 plus free traffic sources for organic and targeted traffic

I will also be dropping the link below this video.