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Free Landing Page Builder [How to Create a Free Landing Page]

To my knowledge, unless you already own a completely free and incredibly easy to use (drag-and-drop) landing page builder, the free Mailerlite page builder is the best way to go


Now before we begin its important to note that, although using a free landing page might sound to you as a good strategy it also has its defaults….

For one most sites don’t accept the long links that free landing pages offer especially if you are trying to do some paid advertisement.

You can never guaranty  anything for a site that is hosted on another persons saver.

Which is why there are many alternative tools out there which you can use to create better looking and converting landing pages

Alternative Landing Page Builders

Examples of such tools will be tools like

click funnel, and lead pages which range between $27 to 97 for the standard paid version.

The cheapest paid alternative is a WordPress plugins called Thrive Architect which I personally use and it’s a one time payment of about 65$ you will find the links to all these tools below this video if you are interested

Now if you insist on a free landing page builder for what ever reason well, here is what I have for you

You can create an email landing page like this completely free with mailerliet

What is Mailerlite?

If you have been watching other videos on list building on youtube channel you most have noticed that I use mailer lite a lot and that’s simply because Mailerlite is a software that will help you automate a lot of your email marketing tasks, send personalized welcome messages to new subscribers.

Its Completely FREE until you reach 1,000 subscribers and even after that its still Extremely affordable (plus you can save up to 30% extra if you pay annually)

You can watch all about mailerlite, in the video below

But since this video is about creating a landing page, let me introduce you to one of mailerlite very recent feature called sites.

This is what you will be using to create your free landing page

To do that you will first need something of value to offer for free

Any content, app, or software you thing will benefit your content visitors or viewers will be counted as something of value

If you don’t know where to get something to offer your visitors or viewers, there is still a way out

You can google your targeted niche plus plr and Google will give you a search result of PLR platforms that content valuable offers that you can use

Some of these platforms have free offers too, take for example the Resell Weekly Right  platform which offers free content from different niches weekly for any one interested

All you have to do is register on this website and start going through this list of monthly free offers to select the best for your targeted audience

When you find what you are looking for, download and save it on your device

Now you have something of value to offer for free, the next step is creating your landing page with the site feature on mailerlite

So you want to click on the site feature on your mailerlite dashboard after creating and logging into your account

Now to create a landing page simply click on this create landing page orange button  and enter the landing page name

Here you want to give any name that will help you easily identify the campaign you are working on in the feature, only you will be able to see the name…its simply for you to identify the page you are working on.

Click the save and continue button below to move to the net step

Here you will need to choose which subscriber group you would like to link your caption form to, but if you haven’t created any subscriber group yet no problem simply click on the Add new group button on the top right and enter your group name

Now because of the technical nature of the step you have to follow from now on….I will recommend you watch the video bellow

Video Script

Again the group name is just for you to identify the different groups in the future so you want to give it a name that you will remember then click the create button below

Now as you can see the subscriber group we just created has been added to my list of subscriber groups

All you have to do now is select the subscriber group or groups you will like your capture landing page to be linked to

When you have your grp or groups selected click on the save and continue button bellow

You will now be given the opportunity to choose from these different templates and edit it any how you want to come up with your own unique landing page design because you don’t want to copy from someone else and suffer a copy right strike right

So you want to select any of these templates because we are going to do a complete do over of the template, Don’t worry its a drag and drop system very easy believe me

Now I am just going to go with this template here…to select a template simply hover your mouse over the templates and you will see this preview and select option, since you want to re-edit the template click on the select option

You will now be taken to this page builder or editor any how you want to call it

Now since we want a complete do over of the template, you want to first delete all the content on the page.

The easy way to do that instead of clicking on each of the elements is to simply click on the Action tab here and select the remove content blocks option and type in whatever they ask you to type in here as it is

In this case its REMOVE all in caps, when you do that this remove button will be highlighted for you to click on it and remove the content

Now that you have a blank template you want to click on the blocks option here and start adding all the necessary elements that builds up a landing page

So what are these elements that makes up a landing page? well you have the headers the first element of any landing page so you want to drag and drop the header element in the predefined box that appears when you hover the dragged element around the template arear here

then you want to scroll down to the forms area here and select any of this designs that fits the type of landing page you want to create in this example I will go with the basic image and sign up form design

The image area here is a handle for the image of my free offer and then on the side here you can add some text about the free offer

In some case it might be a video which in that case you will want to use the video element here Together with the simple signup form here.

The last element you want to add is the some kind of disclaimer text below the image and the capture elements

So these are the only elements you want to add ….Now you can can start editing each of the elements by simply hovering your mouse over the any of the element and click on the pencil like image at the top right here

That will pull up this edit menu here on the right side that you can use to edit each of the elements….

So you want to start by editing the topic of your landing page, I will Title this The Ultimate Channel Optimization Checklist choose the font, the font color and may be a header background color

For the image I will use the image I will be using the image of my channel optimization checklist offer

Then you want to give it a sub-header of your free offer and below what your visitors will be getting from the offer

If you are wondering how I add these checkmarks, well I simply downloaded a check mark like this online and uploaded it on a blogger blog post resized it, select the html source code and copy it

head back over to mailerlite, select the html feature and paste in the code and you will have it like this …you can keep adding the code to create more checkmarks if you have more points to add

Now Under the form tab you can add any of these form fields, most often online marketers go with a name and email form fields

You can also change the Subscribe text button here below, you also have the option to use the default thank you page or add a link that will redirect viewers to any page you like after your visitors have subscribed to your list

Now you have to understand mailerlite will automatically format your design for mobile devices too so there is another advantage

So if you click on the preview button here you can see how it will appear on desktops as well as on mobile devices

When you are satisfied with your landing page design you can go ahead and save or publish it online

Mailerlite will now give you a link that you can use to start promoting the landing page online

So that’s how easy it is to create a free landing page with mailerlite, again I hope this was helpful if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

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