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Free Email Marketing Software

Looking for a way to run your email marketing without spending a penny, well then this is for you. You see email marketing can help you as a digital solopreneur to automate your email marketing tasks, like sending personalized welcome messages to new subscribers, offering freebies, content upgrades, and email courses

In this Post I will be walking through a free email marketing service that will let you send thousands of emails per month without spending a single penny.

So why should you care about growing an email list in the first place?

Now In case you haven’t started building a list yet and you are wondering why you should even bother about starting, well here are some of the main reasons why you should start thinking about starting and growing an email list

For a start the list will be Your list.

Now as you well know many solopreneur digital marketers rely on Google and other social media platforms for traffic to their online content be it a video or blog posts content.

The problem with that is Google frequently changes their algorithm…they have done it before many times and they can still do it at anytime if they see it necessary.

Social networks on the other hand comes and go. Remember MySpace and hi5 a couple of years ago where the top social platforms online? but today you can hardly hear about them

The top social networks nowadays also constantly change their algorithm as the platforms grow and move into paid content.

These are all reasons that can affect your business at any time, which is why building your own list is the only guaranteed way of still getting intouch with your subscribers without depending on any third parties.

Having a list also, is

The Easiest way to build trust with your subscribers or followers

A million video views or web page views, a million subscribers on Instagram and youtube is nothing but numbers

You see, the thing is, because people pay so much attention and importance to their emails than the content they come across online its really easier to build trust through emails than the content you post online.

And it’s only with your consumers trust that you will be able to start making money online.

Email is the most affordable marketing option when it comes to generating traffic.

There is no doubt that there is a learning curve when dealing with email marketing, but that’s just a fraction of the cost and learning curve that comes with running a Facebook ad or Google ads.

Now that you know a little bit about Why growing an email list is important, let’s now look at an email marketing software that will help you easily run your email marketing for free.

MailerLite is one of my favorite email marketing software has help me build a list of over 600 subscribers with just one account.

Thanks to MailerLite, I can automate a lots of my email marketing tasks, send personalized welcome messages to new subscribers, offer freebies, and email courses.

I also love that I can have a neatly organized email list and send each subscriber only emails they are interested in, That means I use it to generate views to my videos and occasionally generate some affiliate commissions from the products I promote as an affiliate.

Apart from all that mailerlite is Completely FREE until you reach 1,000 subscribers and even after that its still Extremely affordable (plus you can save up to 30% extra if you pay annually)

Another reason why I like recommend mailerlite is that, Most of its features are already included in the forever free plan, including the beautiful landing page templates and automation.

The possibility to filter your subscribers by groups, fields, segments, signup date, timezone, and automation workflows. It has a Mobile friendly forms for mobile email marketing and Easy to understand reports

Now How do you go about creating an account with mailerlite?

Like I already mentioned in this video Getting started with MailerLite is absolutely FREE. In fact, they won’t even ask for your credit card until you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers.

So if you don’t have an account yet? Click Here and it will take you to the sign up page

  • Type in your name or your online business name,
  • Enter your email address, You can sign up with a Gmail, Yahoo or any other kind of email address.
  • Then you want to enter a password and click on the Create my account button below

You will then be immediately taken to the welcome page….Now Before you do anything else, you want to make sure you get your account approved.

Now to do that First of all, click on the Complete your profile link and fill in your details. Don’t worry, they don’t ask for anything too personal.

Actually, all they want to know is your name, address and time zone plus some info MailerLite collects for statistical purposes (like the industry you are in, how many subscribers you already have, how did you find out about MailerLite, etc.)

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, agree to their anti-spam policy and click Save.

Next is Verifying your website

To do that Click on the Verification method, select the “I would like to verify my website” option, and type in your domain name and click Next.


This is where you’ll need to add a valid custom web address

Actually mailerlite is asking for a custom email address for your own good because majority of email providers will mark your emails as spam if you send them from a Gmail, Yahoo or similar email address.

So to avoid this, MailerLite prefers only emails from a custom email address.

Then Click Next when you are finished, a support team on mailerlite will review your account and if approved You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link.

That’s pretty much it in terms of setting up your MailerLite account!

Lets now quickly look at some of the features that the mailerlite email marketing service is offering for free

You’ll find an overview of your account on your dashboard when you login

At the very top you’ll see the last email you sent to your subscribers,then some info about your subscribers, your plan, and some account stats.

The next tab is the campaign tab

MailerLite campaign is simply the emails you send to your list or a specific group of subscribers

There are 4 types of campaigns on mailerlite, You have the Regular campaign, A/B split campaign, Auto resend campaign and an RSS Campaign which is used by bloggers to send out a emails every time they publish a new content on their blog

On the subscriber tab

MailerLite helps organizes your email subscribers into segments, groups, fields, and you have the stats,and the clean up inactive subscriber sub-tabs

Under the forms tab, you have 3 different options too

You have the popup option which will help you create popups like this for free on your website

The Embedded forms option is a normal form that you can embed on any web page so when visitors click on it, it will display a popup form like this that will help capture your visitors email address

Then you have the promotional type of form to create ….Now the best part is you will have pre-made templates on any of these different types of forms to use for free

MailerLite forms have an incredibly flexible and intuitive design which is why I will encourage you to play a bit with the different possibilities to get familiar with all you can achieve.

The site tab was previously known as landing pages with different templates to choose from.

You can use this tab to create a landing page that will help you capture emails…You can also customize the URL of each landing page you create to look like

Now the fact that MailerLite has full automation capabilities even with the forever free plan is quite amazing.

In case you’re wondering what automation is… Well, it’s basically a smart way of sending an email or a sequence of emails when a subscriber performs a specific action or a certain amount of time has passed.

MailerLite has lots of trigger options in the automation system. You can send an email when a subscriber joins a group or when the subscriber clicks a specific link in a previously sent email, among others.

Now since MailerLite can be used for creating landing pages, pop-ups, and automate your email task I can am confident to recommend it as an ideal software for startups, social influencers just starting out with a limited budget and eCommerce stores