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Finding Your Niche on YouTube/Finding Ideas for a YouTube Channel

 Finding Your Niche on YouTube



Most successful YouTube channels started by the owners following their passion. The owners all choose topics and ideas for their YouTube channels that they’re passionate about, their hobbies for example.

The reason for that is they won’t get bored making videos about what they love doing after a few weeks or months.


Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. You don’t have to be great at it right off the bat, but you do need an idea for a starting point so you can work on getting better.




Now you have to understand whether you Gold is to grow your audience or it’s to attract advertisers and sponsors, you will want to choose a niche with high search volume traffic.

If the niche you want to focus on doesn’t have Search Volume Trafic, it will be difficult for the strategic videos that you hope to create attract a lot of viewers. That is because only a small percentage of your audience will be searching for that content.


It will be much easier to monetize a Niche channel, if that’s something that you have in the back of your mind.

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A good place to start finding your channel idea is looking at your passion, hobbies and motivation.

Decide what is it that you love, focus and develop on that. Try not to mimic Trending channels. Doing what you love is more important for success on YouTube (and of course in life).


Not everyone can easily identify their passions, If you are one of those here are some tips that might help guide you.


  • List the things you’re good at. Everything and anything. The things that people come to you for help with, and the things that maybe only you know you’re awesome at. Will let you recognize the areas where you kind of thrive.
  • List out what you love watching,LIsting or Read at your free times. This stuff can be a total indicator of what kind of niche you should choose
  • Listing out some of the weird or odd things you have done in your life.
    Pretending you’re in a music video or a movie montage when you’ve got your headphones on for example.




Rehearsing whatever stories you would tell in a weird way, Staging fictional conversations between you and friends, enemies, celebrity crush, anyone. Maybe you’ve lived with your parents until you were 40…anything others will find wierd. To help juggle your mind in this area, check out 34 Weird Things Other People Totally Do Too


Sometimes, what people know you for could be the perfect niche for you as well. So don’t be shy to ask your friends and family what they think you are good at.




Now if you do your research well, you must have a long list of niches you can easily get into, but to be successful on YouTube there are certain things you have to keep in mind while narrowing your niche.


The focus of your channel should be described in one sentence.

People usually have a better chance of hitting that subscribe button when they not only like your current content, but can anticipate the quality of the content of your future videos.

Example, On Tube Mechanics I can summarize the channel using this sentence

“Tube Mechanics is all about Understanding the

Mechanics of starting and Growing a success full channel.”


Do you plan on Monitization.

If you plan on Monetizing your YouTube channel, which is totally optional, you should choose your niche with monetization in mind.



Make sure it’s not saturated.

YouTube is a platform where sometimes, people subscribe to channels due to personality, the only way for one to get noticed is to target a sub niche. For example YouTube SEO is a sub niche say, YouTube Tutorial  or YouTube Marketing.


Now you want to make sure the sub Niches are not saturated. If so, move on to another niche because of obvious reasons. But if you find a sub niche that many have not taken advantage of and there are search terms for them Heck go for it.

When you finally decide on a niche the next step is Creating your channel and structuring it visit the START HERE tab above or click here for more on that

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