Earn $500 a Day Online for Free Copy & Pasting Links[Make Money Online 2020]

It’s just plain hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we live in a time where you can earn up to $500 and more just by copying and paste links. But here we are!

Back in the day, when people wanted to refer an exceptional business to a friend, it was during a conversation, over a dinner or at work.

Now with social media and the Internet so present in our daily lives, sharing links of your favorite business for profit is just a click away.

In this video I am going to show you a free way you can use to make money online just by copying and pasting links of your favourite business or product for profit .

The truth is businesses and product owners that are ahead of the game know that if a friend refers you to a product or business its 100x better than a money spent on paid ad anyday.

That’s why smart businesses set up easy to use referral programs where all you have to do is copy a link, paste it anywhere you want and if someone takes an action after clicking it, you get paid.

So where do you copy the links of products that will make you money.

Well you can get the links of products that will make you money form affiliate networks affiliate programs that host products that others have created

These networks or affiliate programs make it easy for any one to sell any of the products listed on the platform by linking to the product using a unique product link provided by the affiliate program.

So what do have to do to start making $500 a day online for free by copying and pasting links

Here is a run down of the process and platforms you will need to make it work

First you will need an affiliate program like clickbank or any related affiliate natework. This will help you with the product link that will make you money

To promote the link we will be using a website called thefreeadforum.com some people build a blog post, youtube channel and all that to post their unique affiliate link or product link but in this case we will be using thefreeadforum.com

You know some affiliates use their blog post or youtube channels to promote their affiliate links but in this case you will be using the free ad forum.com as your promotional platform to promote the product you choose

That’s where you will be pasting your unique link with some text and when browsers on this platform click on your link and make a purchase you make money thats it

This is were you will be pasting the link you copied from click bank together with some text so that when anyone click on your link and make a purchase you make money thats it

Now let’s look at the steps a little more detaily.

In this case the affiliate program we are going to be using is called clickbank, you can use any of the others like peerfly, market health just to name a few it really doesn’t matter.

All you need is a product to promote……On clickbank for example you can promote any of this product listed here

There are some product owners who prefare to run their affiliate program on their website platform

so if you want to promote their products you have to visit the site it self and most often you will find the affiliate link in the website footer

Back to clickbank, to search for a product to promote click on the marketplace and the niche category you want to promote and finaly on a subcategory if need be

As you can see from this example you can make up to $50 and more just by posting the link to this particular product. the payouts on clickbank vary but most product offer a whole 75% of the product sales price

$50 and more by just posting the link to this product on the free ad forum

So lets say I want to promote this product all I have to do is click on the promote button and fill in the your username in the first box to generate your unique link for this product

If you are already registered on the platform, you will see this popup appear after clicking

after filling in your user name Click the generate link to get your unique link

Its always best to make the link a little shorter and you can do that using bitly

Click the create button on bitly after creating an account on the platform paste in your lonk unique link and bitly will help shorten the link which you can save.

Bitly is also a cool site because it will help you track how many people have clicked on your link

Now after shortening your link Now its time to paste it somewhere.

Now its time to head over to thefreeadforum.com….This is where you will be promoting your link by creating a free ad.

If you take a look at some of the ads on this platform you will see that many people are already posting product links,

Now if these people where not making money from these ads they worldn’t have been wasting their time posting the ads with some even pay extra $5 to get thir ads highlited to drow more attention ….so this is an already proven way of making money

There are other hidden sites like that that you can put together and use as your product promotinal tool.

If you watch this video to the end I will show you where to get a list of other free platforms to post your ads or product promotional links

So how do you post or past your unique link on this platform?

After creating an acount on the free ads forum click on the red button to start posting your ads. This is were the copying and pasting will take place

First you want to select the catigory of the product you want to promote.

So for example in this case I want to promote a clickbank weight loss product I will go with the health beauty and fitness category

Next is copying and pasting the title of the product you want to promote

Now here is the cole think about most clickbank products they have a JV page for affiliate where the product owners provide tools to any one for free to use and promo their products

Here is an example of a JV page with a clicified add to use for free

All you have to do is copy the description here and paste it in the description area on thefreeadforum(http://www.criticalbench.com/partners/welcome.php)

Other product owners might decide to give you email swipes or free articles which you can read and summarize to make your add

You can also do a little research on thefreeadforum and check out what others are posting on related topics to get an over view of what you can use as your description.

You can skip the price section becuase all you want is to send people to the product page for it to do the selling for you.

Now we all know the power of images in marketing right. Here is where you can add an attention crabing image.

You can also get images from the product jv page if availiabe if not you can use pixabay to search for related images….I will drop a link below this video that will lead you to a page where you can get a list of up to 27+ Best Free Stock Photo Sites

You can also skip through all this Location listing if you choose but you want to make sure to add your region and website link which in this case is going to be the affiliate link of the product you are promoting

For the keyword area here, All you have to do again is take a look at related posting the site and select any of the top post and copy the keywords.

These are post or listings that have already proven to rank on the platform, which means the keywords they are using works

Now If you have review video about the product here is where you want to add the link

A video will add more credibility to your add and plus the fact that many people do end up buying products online after watching a video about the product….so I will higly recommend adding a video link

if you don’t have a video review about the product you can also quickly make a search on youtube using the product name plus review and then select the creative common tab

Youtube will now display all the videos marked with the creative common liscenses.

Creative common lisence on youtube means you can use any of the videos edit it and make it your own

You can also simply copy the link and past it here. But when choosing your video make show in the video there is a call to action to clik the product link

Now if you want to make your add stnd out with backgroud highlights and all the addition features that comes with an upgrade…then this is where you can do that

That’s basically all you have to do and you are ready to hit the publish button for your add to go live to the millions of people world wide visiting theFreeadforum.

This is how your add will look like and you can always comeback and edit the ad any time you chose

Now if you want to make any realistic amount of money using this strategy you will need to keep posting ads like this consistently.

The advantage of using sites like this is that, its “FREE”. You can get some good results on such sites if the site have some good traffic.

On the other hand the Disadvantage is that most of these websites are regularly visited by people who want to post their ads like you.

So You need to make your own list of such good websites with good traffic or build your own trafic flow to your listings.

With that I will call this a wrap, Hope it was helpful if so hit the like button below share this video on your prefared social site and don’t forget to hit thta subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video like this

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