Does YouTube Monetize Lyric Videos in 2021

Wondering whether you can monetize lyric videos on YouTube?

How about all the popular lyrics videos you see on YouTube? Someone most be making money from them, right?

But How?

We all see lyric videos all the time on YouTube and search for them on many occasions, especially when we aren’t sure what the artist is actually singing

Usually lyric videos turn to be as popular as the original video clips itself, thousands if not millions of people search for lyric videos every day on YouTube.

But the big question now is does YouTube allow lyric videos to be monetized on their platform?

Now to save you time, I will just skip to the short answer, which is simply no.

and that’s because most Lyric videos are copyrighted videos and as you know YouTube doesn’t monetize copyrighted content on their platform

So if that’s the case how do these other Channel creators get their lyric video content monetized on YouTube?

In this video we are going to look at

  • What other channels are doing to monetize their videos,
  • The different ways they do it and
  • What you can do if you Really want to make some quick cash with a lyric channel without worrying about copyright

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Video Transcript

The truth is you can’t legally make any money off of lyrics videos unless you have licensing and distribution rights to the song you are using, which of course requires the record label’s approval and that my friend is virtually impossible to get unless you are a record label yourself and have contacts.

Which is why channels that upload lyric videos usually give attributes to the copyright holder. You will usually find the attributes in the description area of the video

Now what happens with these types of videos is that YouTube will simply keep the ads running on the video, thus allowing the lyric video to be monetized.

However, the money made from the video will go directly to the copyright holder, and not the person who uploaded the lyrics video.

This happens very often with lyric types of videos. The copyright song holder will report the Channel that uploaded the lyric video to YouTube on grounds of copyright violation.

After your video have been flagged, YouTube will give the copyright holder two options, they can either ask YouTube to take down the video, or keep it up but all the advertising revenue the video generates will be passed on to the copyright holder.

So Since it’s usually all about money for most artists and music studios they will prefer to keep the revenue flowing and let the video stay up monetized

And that’s why you see most of the lyric videos are still being monetized on YouTube

so how does the channel owners benefit from uploading this types of videos as creator on YouTube? you may ask

Well YouTube ads is not the only way of monetizing videos on YouTube.

If your lyric channel really takes off and develops a life of its own, or if the brand you’re building does, you can create and sell specially branded merchandise in your videos.

T-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, and things like that can be great merch options, and there are several different drop-shippers available so you won’t even necessarily have to mess with inventory.

You can also simple make money form your videos by add links to affiliate products related to music

So there are many different ways of monetizing YouTube videos even without YouTube ads

Now if you want to monetize your lyrics videos with YouTube ads and get all the ads money made from your videos you might like the second option of monetizing lyric videos on YouTube

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Lickd is a digital platform helping YouTube content creators legally use the music they love.

Linkd provide commercial music from real labels for licensing in to YouTube videos without the fear of a Creator losing their ad revenue to a Copyright Claims..

So Lickd is the first commercial music licensing platform that allows you to license great music AND avoid copyright claims from YouTube.

They have build a software called vouch which basically interact with Content ID and it ensures your video doesn’t get any copyright claim once you’ve licensed a track with lickd and used it in your video.

Lickd will store your channel ID when you sign-in and match that to any track you license from them.

so there’s nothing else you need to do in order for this process to work – it’s all handled by lickd behind the scenes.

Now the lickd pricing structure is based on the average views your recent video uploads have received.

So When you sign-in to Lickd with your YouTube account they will look for your latest 50 videos and take an average of the video views.

That will allows them to estimate your audience size and put you into a one of these pricing bands here below.

So for example if I type in the name of my channel here and fetch and select it here is what lickd is asking me to pay if I will like to use any sound on their platform

So this can be a great resource for anyone who wants to start a lyric channel on YouTube.

Simply license your channel and select tracks from here add the lyrics in your video and post it on your channel very easy and you are guaranteed your videos will still be monetized

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