Clickbank for Beginners Make $100+ per day from Clickbank Free Way

There are literally thousands of digital product owners paying out thousands of dollars a month to affiliates through clickbank

There are countless youtube affiliate marketers and bloggers earning a full time income from home, and there’s plenty of room for more.

In this video I am going to share with you how to make 100 dollars a day from clickbank the digital affiliate network

For a start, you need to be focus on ONE niche and ONLY one niche on clickbank

Making $100 a day means you need some consistency. you will not be able to make that amount per day with what i like to call the hit and run marketing. where you make just one video content and hope and pray that the video will start making you $100 a day

No you want to be focus on one niche and only one niche and create your review videos and supported content around that niche.

Doing it that way will give you the opportunity of promoting other related products and promoting them in more than one video …spreading out the opportunity is what will lead to consistent 100 dollars a day

So how do you go about Choosing a Niche category on clickbank that will help you make 100 dollar a day?

for a Start you want to choose a niche category with a lot of products/services that people are will to buy virtually forever.

That’s commonly know by most affiliates as “evergreen” markets and these are the type of markets that will ensure the long term viability of your affiliate efforts

Some example of such niche categories include the heath and fitness category, the parenting and family niche, you have the the e business and marketing niche, education there will always people who want to learn

It is also helpful if you enter a niche that you either know something about or you are at least interested init. take For example, if you do not enjoy fishing or grooming dogs, I would not recommend starting with any of the niches. if you know something in your niche or you are interested in your the niche it will show in the work and effort you put in

You also want to make sure you go throug the different products listed on clickbank to make sure the products can sell

There is also a video about finding top selling product on clickbank in the video crash course on come you will find the link below this video.

Once you have selected a niche to work in, What you want to do next is simply set your focus on helping people in that niche. That’s right, helping people, not selling things to them, That should be your main focus. Especially as someone just starting out.

The deal here is if you help more and more people in your chosen niche you will with time depending on your efforts, grow a following.

With time More and more people will start understanding your video style and thats when they will will start building trust in you through your videos.

I think you will also agree that someone who wants to spend his or or her money will need some level of trust before doing so right?

So how do you help people?

For me that’s the fun part because its simply offering the people the relevant, useful, insightful content which you can do conveniently now a days with videos.

Now, before you click a way with all your numerous reasons of not being able to make a video Take a look at an example of a simple to review video that will take you just minutes to put together

In this case you don’t even need to apear or even say a word if you so desire.

All you need is some text content, images and a video editor which I will show you where to get all for free.

So to be able to create clickbank promotional videos like that you will first need to type out the content or the message you want to pass across in your video in text format.

If its a niche that you are knowledgeable about this will be no problem for you. Simply type out what you want to share in your video in text format

If you don’t know what to say you can do some research on google or just just use a plr content

PLR content is any type of content that gives you the rights to edit, change or modify it however you want.

There are sites online that provide plr content check the link that pops up on the top right for a review of one of such sites.

For images you want to look for images that are related to the content of your video

So if I want to make a video to promote the flat belly flat clickbank product for example I will need to use images with flat belly, as well as images that show that explains or emphasis what the text is all about.

There are also many free websites you can use to get free to use Images for your videos

Pixabay for example is one of such image platforms that you can download and use images for free

I have compiled up to 27 of such sites and posted them on this website

Now to put both the text and images together and animate it to keep viewers attention you will need a video editor

Again there are many free video editors and apps out there I have a couple in the video that pops up on the top right of this video.

After choosing your video editor, simply divide your text in to little junks which makes sense. this will be use in your video slides.

Doing all that is cool especially when you are starting you want to learn how to do things be to make $100 a day you will not have the time to go through the process of typing out the video script cutting it in to little junks as video slide, finding relevant images and putting all that together with some animations to keep viewers watching till the end

All that will also help to limit the number of videos you will like to create to able to start making 100 dolar within the shortest time.

Which is where tools like content summaria comes into play.

With content sumaria you can just copy your text or plr content and paste into the tool

And it will cut your text into little junks together with premade templates and options to choose images from a large collection of images

It will also help you automate the images and text to make your viewers watch longer.

After creating your video its time to upload it on youtube and optimize it for free views.

As someone just starting out this can be an up hill to clime but there are some little tips you can use and still see results

Now the truth is when starting out on youtube know one knows you yet.

One of the ways to make people easily find your video or videos is by telling youtube exactly what your video is about so they will place it where it should be on their platform

So the more information you give youtube the better. I see many clickbank affiliates titling their video only with the name of the product plus the words review bonuses and live demo things like that.

Remember I mention before that you need to help people in your niche not sell to them.

SO although all those strategies work when it comes to making consistent money like a 100 dollars a day you need to do things a little different

You want to title your videos using your main targeted keyword no matter how highly competitive it is like in this video I used Clickbank for beginners a very broad and competitive keyword

In your case it may be weight loss in the health and fitness niche. In addition to that competitive keyword you want to add your longtail keyword phrase.

using longtail keyword phrases will also help youtube start suggesting your video on other videos already ranking and getting views from the search result which will boost your video to rank for your langtail keyword.

I know that might be a little complicated if you are just hearing about this for the first time but just keep following and you will understand the gist

In the description area you want to copy your video title and pest it as the first line in your video description box just to give another boost for you to easily get video suggestions and rankings

Next is copying your clickbank affiliate like for the product you want to promote on clickbank

You can get the link by clicking on the promote button on clickbank enter your account name and generating the link

Copy it, head over to bitly and shorten it. After shortening the link you want to paste it after the video title in your description area

Now it time add your video tags. If you still don’t know what tags are, well basically put these are other relevant keywords that will help youtube and the other search engines know what your video is all about.

I use tubebuddy together with vidIQ to help me find the keywords I use on my video Title and tags

Check out the video on how to do that for your videos in the detail video that pops on the top right of this video

That’s how you start generating free views, as someone just starting out

Now there you have it, you can decide to go with the hit and run strategy, grow it gradually using the manual process of creating your videos your self or using tools like content summaria and optimizing your video

The decision on what to do next now lies in your hands I will drop the links to all the content mentioned in this video in the description box below this video.

You now have all what you need to start making 100 dollar per day from clickbank hope this was all helpful

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