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How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing your Face [Bar Chart Graphs Videos 2021]

Here is another weird niche that you can use to start making money on YouTube

The racing graphic video got viral on YouTube, just last year and its still making waves

One think you will notice about this types of videos is that, you don’t need to show your face in the videos

Now before you start asking me who on earth sits to watch video starts like this, just take a look at the number of views these racing bar graph videos are generating

So if you take a look at the Data is Beautiful channel which is one of the most popular channels in this niche, you will see that the channel started uploading these types of videos on YouTube around July of 2019

since then they have uploaded almost 60 racing bar videos which has helped the channel gained over 1.million subscribers

Now if you look up this channel on socialblade which is used to estimate channel earnings you will see that the channel is making between €200 to €4K a month and between €3K to over €40K a year

And its not like the Data is Beautiful channel is the only channel creating these types of videos and making money from it,

there are already many channels existing and many coming up every day with different starts to create graphs that people are interested in

Here are some examples of other data visualization video channels on YouTube

In this video I am going to show you how to easily create these types of videos for free without ever showing your face or recording your voice if you don’t want to

Video Transcript

So how do you go about creating racing bars graph videos like this

Well for starters you will need to research the stats to work with and a good place to start your research is on Google Dataset Search which contains over 25M links for datasets from various sources.

UCI ML Repository, is another source for data, one of the oldest.

DataUSA, United States public data source.

UK Data Service, The UK’s largest collection of social, economic, and population data.

These are data sources for general purposes; there are other websites that open-source their data to the public like IMDb, the largest movie database you can find on the internet.

One other source which might be helpful is website that allows you to navigate the archives of the internet pages by simply making a search on the Achieve website to get earlier versions of the same page

Take for example this page on Forbes website on the top-earning 100 celebrities for 2020 can be traced back to 2018 using the Archive website

Your data can also be on almost any topic or niche you choose, if you look at the data is beautiful channel again you will see that the topics are endless

you have the most popular science fiction movies between 1968 to 2019,then you have the most popular TV series between 1986 this time to 2019

You can increase that stats by adding it to 2021 and you have a video that will also generate you money for years to come

Some creators just go the easy way by looking in the description box of some of the racing bar graph videos on YouTube, most often you will find the starts source because YouTube requires creators who create this types of videos to link back to the original source

Now you have the historic time-series data, the next step is transforming and mapping the raw data into a usable format.

Make sure to hit the like button if you will like to learn how to transform the raw data

You see, because we will be using the flourish. Studio App to make our visualized data, you need to first transform the raw data you collect online to something that looks like this Data on the flourish. Studio App

We will come to the flourish. Studio App later but for now lets look at how to transform your data and will be using the Forte top 100 celebrities as an example

Now in this case the Ford website has already made things really easy, so to start you will need some kind of excel program to display your data

This part may require more work from you since you have to do everything manually to transform data.

To save you time I have already organize the top 100 celebs in this excel page and I will just walk you through how I did it

By the way you can get the Microsoft Excel for free online, you just need a google account which you should have if you are on YouTube

So as you can see I simply opened up the youngest page, copy the names and pasted them in this Excel page as the first column

Then next to the names I used youngest because I want the data to show the youngest, Oldest and Women all displayed as the categories

The image links is the next although these are not really their image links but this is where you want to put your image links

The next three columns are their Ages, Their Earning Positions According to forbs and finally their Earnings

So basically you just need to convert the data into a table like this where each columns represent one of the important facts.

Now when you have that all set, next is downloading and saving this table in a comma-separated value (csv) format and then head over to the flourish. Studio app click on the

On the Flourish website All you need to do is create a free account and choose the bar chart race template here below to start with.

Now when the bar chart race template opens up click on the Data Option here and upload the Excel data file you saved as a CSV file,

After Uploading the file next is selecting the columns that will be used as labels, values, categories, and images. By the way the category column and images columns are optional

Once it is done, click on the “Preview” tab and here is where you can further adjusts your graphs by clicking on any of these collapsed menus.

Here you can adjust the number of bars, bar colors, widths, and many more You will easily figure all that out yourself when you start playing with the app its really easy

Now when it comes to transforming your animated graph into a video, Unfortunately, there is no option to save the animation as a video file especially if you are using this app for free

which Now brings us to the final step, which is recording the screen as the racing bar graph animate

and There are many options to record screen, the one I use the most is Screencast-O-Matic.

Its a free online recoding app, you can use it to capture the Flourish Studio’s screen and save it in any video format (mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, webm).

I can not really show you how to use it because that’s what I am using to record this video you are watching right now but its a straight forward application to use

You can also add a background music to your videos by choose a background music from the list of free songs database in the YouTube studio editor

And that’s all it takes to make a great Racing Bar Graph video, Now that you have a racing bar video of your own which is published on YouTube,

Next is to start promoting the video so it can get more views which ofcaurse will lead to more money, for video Promotion I have put these together for you

How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face [Reddit Stories videos]

So if you are still looking for ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face or recording your voice

You might be interested in trying out reddit story videos

And that’s because Reddit videos are actually one of the easiest videos to create, It involves just a snippet of comments copied from reddit, an automated voice over, and a background sound if you choose

Many YouTubers have found success on the YouTube platform without even showing their faces, using just Reddit story videos

Now lets start by clearing the dust, So there is a controversy going on online in video forums that Reddit story videos are not monetized because of re-use content and all that

but the truth is that usually happens only with channels that don’t transform their reddit stories in to a unique videos

Take the Karma Comment Chameleon Channel for example, according to socialblade the channel is making between $300 to 5k a month and between $3k to over 60k a year

Now that amount is not suppressing because, if you look at the channel you will see that it has accumulated over 100 thousand subscribers, and the videos turn to generate a good number of views within a very short time

Which also goes to show that many people are interested in this type of videos even though a few people think otherwise

If you click to play any of the videos  you can see its monetized.

These are basic video made with reddit comments being read by the creator and a free video clips playing in the background nothing fancy or complicated

If you go below in the description area you will see the links to the same post that was used to create the video

So how do you go actually creating this types of videos, and how can you create them even without using your own voice to read through the text

That’s what I will be showing you next but first if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in Creating automated videos like the reddit story videos make sure to check out my Latest Ideas and tips YouTube automation playlist

In this video, we are going to look at how you can also succeed financially on YouTube without showing your face using Just simple made Reddit Stories

#makemoneyonline #makemoneyonyoutube #redditvideo

Video Transcript 

Now to be able to create a reddit story video Like this, you will first need to find the reddit thread you want to use and a good place to start is the ask sub-reddit which is a place where people come to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.

As you can see these posts are getting a lot of engagements and comments, so just click through any that interest you and go with it

I am going to use this as an example, now what you want to do is take a screen short of the Title as it is on reddit

So you can use any screen capturing tool to capture the reddit post title, Personally I use the Chrome extortion, so I will just use it to capture the title and save it on my device

The next step is going down to the comments section and start screen capturing some or all of the comments

Now for those who are thinking this types of videos are copyrighted, well I ‘have got news for you

By screen capturing this content, you are already one step into transforming it, which is what the YouTube fair use guideline requires

So after capturing the comments you want to use, the next step is recording the Reddit texts you have screen shot

To do that you will need a video editor that can record, a good free video editor with a recorder will be kapwing

So get a free account with kapwing and click on create new project and then import the reddit Title screen capture file

After uploading it you want to click on the audio option here on the left to start recording yourself reading the through the screen shorts as you add them

You can even go to the extern of animating the screen captured text to make your video engaging by simply using paint again to delete and save portions of text so that when you put them together and march it with the audio

It will come out as a perfect animation video, here is a snippet of one of the comments I recorded on this topic…watch this

(What is the longest thing you have ever memorized?

the alphabet

Damn I’m still stuck at E.

study it some more, it should be e-z

I’d give u a reward if I could

So as you can see, depending on you read and the purses you make when reading you can match the saved text to match the audio, there by animating it another way of transforming the content

You can also make the videos more engaging by adding some transitions in-between the different comments

Now if you look at the Karma Comment channel again you will see that the channel doesn’t even screen short reddit again they just copy the text and read it out together with some background video clip

you can also add a background video clip by going to platforms like pexel or pixabay and download free open source video clips to use in your video background and that’s it

Now that’s how to transform reddit post to videos using your own voice, what about if you don’t want to record your own voice but you still would like to create and make money on YouTube with these types of videos

Make sure to hit the like button if you will like me to show how to create reddit videos without showing your face or recording your voice

So when it comes to making reddit videos without recording your voice you will definitely need a text to speech software

Now this another controversial topic, some creators think by using Automated voices in your video the videos will not get monetized on YouTube but how far they can be from the truth because here is the Reddit Jar channel doing just that(

This is also a reddit channel with over 170 subscribers and all the creator do is make simple reddit video as I have just shown you in this video

The videos are of course monetized with AdSense ads displayed on the video

As you can see this creator decided to go with a black background and an animated text of the comments

It all depends on you, now the only big difference apart from the background and text animation between these two channels in the audio

The Karma Comment channel creator used his own voice to record the comments listen to it

and the reddit jar channel creator decided on using an automated voice over listen to this

So yes your channel can still be monetized even if you use an automated voice over

Actually there are even better text to speech Ai software’s now that speak better than what you just heard

Take speechelo for example this is a new Ai Software that will help you Instantly Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voice-over with only 3 clicks!

just listen and watch this short video clip on how to use speechelo to create your video voice over and by the way the video was created using one of speechelos male voices

Now speechelo is a onetime paid tool of just $47, and if you decide to get it through my link below this video, here is what I will be adding for free to help you get started making money on YouTube quickly

So I have put together a checklist on how to get started structuring your channel

A step by step checklist with video tutorial on any of the steps you might not understand

On top of that I will also be offering you for free my secrete video promotional methods that will help get your new videos even more views

these are strategies I used and I am still using today to promote my videos for more views

Again you will get all that for free if you get speechelo through the link below this video and before I forget you will also have other tutorials that will be coming your way to help you scale the money you make with your channel videos

Now I hope you get the complete picture of how to make reddit videos without showing your face or recording your voice and with all that I will wrap up this video

Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful, you can also share it on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing your Face [Using Rain Sounds]

If you have been looking for ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face then you will find this video interesting

I say that because in this video I, I am going to walk you through a hidden sub niche under the meditation niche, and how to make simple meditational videos that will generate you fast money on YouTube

Now although most people believe making meditational videos involve only soothing sounds and motion images but there are many different ways of creating meditational videos

And as you know meditational videos are not only easy to create but they turn to generate high views too

The only problem most mediational videos have on YouTube is the copyright issues or reuse content id

In this video I am going to show you how to create rain sound meditational videos in minutes,

I will be showing you what you need to do to stay far away from any copyright claims or re-use content Id


Video Source

Now When it comes to making meditation channels, what I have noticed is the channels that do well usually start off with a very targeted niche

I am talking about targeted niches like the the different sounds of the weather, waterfalls, water splashing on the shows and in this case rain drops

Even in the rain drop niche you can dig down to even subniches like rain drops on leaf’s, rain drops on roofs or on glass

The point is to upload a similar but unique sound, Of course as the channel grows you will have the option of uploading a variety of related videos

Lets look at the weather Kong channel for example, this is a channel that was created just a couple of months ago and its already monetized

And the simply reason for that is because many people still like to listen to this types of videos on YouTube.

As you can see these videos are generating thousands of views within a very short time which is an indication that there is still a high demand on YouTube for this types of videos

If you watch any of the videos again you will see that it contain nothing more than a simple rain drop sounds and a static image, so this channel doesn’t even use looping video footages as the case is with most of these types of videos

but where do you get images or looping video clips to use when creating your own meditation videos like this

Well its recommended to take your own images or record your own video clips to use but if you don’t have the means to do that for now you can start with sites like pexel or pixaby

These are open source platforms where you can download copyright images nd video clips for free

So you can head over to for example and make a search for rain drops

Below here you can select weather you want to use a static image of a looping video

To download any of these simply click on it and then on the download button, now because this is an open source platform, the videos are uploaded by many different people around the world with the permission to use however you want

So because its an open source you can be rest assured your video will not get any copyright claims

Now Another thing you will need when creating your video will be the sound.

Again because many creators where automating these types of video with royalty free sound they are being punished now by YouTube for reuse content and copyright

So where can you get sound that will be copyright free on YouTube, make sure to click the like button and keep watching if you will like to learn the recommended way of making meditation videos like this

Now when you look again at the weather kong channel videos, because its just a static image and the sound of rain drops which is typical of meditation videos like this, you can quickly rush to the conclusion that the video is the same as the meditation videos made a couple of years back right?

But that’s not really the case because creator like the creator of the weather kong channel do actually record the videos they upload on their channels

So they don’t use any free stock sound because that’s what will easily result to reuse content or copyright claims

now don’t get me wrong you can use free stock sounds and get away with it on YouTube without any copyright claims if you edit the sounds to make them your own

But if you don’t have the technical know how to remix sounds the next easiest way is to record your own sounds

I mean we are talking about recording the sound of rain here guys, how hard can that be.

Of course I know to be able to record high quality sounds you will need to have some complicated or expensive tools but YouTube has leveled fields

The basic audio recorder that is inbuild in most smart phone now a days will do a quality job for recording your YouTube meditation sounds

So when next the rain is falling where ever you are, don’t forget to pull out your phone, find a good position, stabilize the phone and hit record using your phones audio recording app

If you don’t have a recording app on your phone which I doubt very much you can still go to Google plus and make a search for sound recorder and as you can see there are quite a good number of them to choose from

Now rain sounds is not the only types of soothing sounds that make people go to sleep or for meditation.t

The steady flow of a running stream can help many people wind down after the end of a long day.

whirring fan or the hum of an air conditioner when recorded well can also be use as a soothing sound,

you have ocean waves, you see For many people, the rhythmic crashing of water onto sand and rock can be meditative

You can also use Woods and wilderness sounds if that’s what you have access to

You can even use human voices, …Remember falling asleep as a kid to the sound of adult voices floating in from another room? Or the comfort of being read to while you drift off? For some people, the sounds of human voices remain a soothing sleep sound throughout their lives.

So as long as its a soothing sound you can give it a try and see how your viewers respond to it.

And with all that I will wrap up this video, I hope it did help if so, make sure to hit the like button below share the video on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you will like to be updated on YouTube automation tips

Make Quick $100 a day with YouTube shorts & Amazon

We all know anyone who has an internet connection has at some point bought something from Amazon or at least know its a platform they can get just about anything they need

Actually According to similar web Amazon is hitting over 2 billion visitors a month and as you can see most of the visitors are coming from direct linking
Build your own online business” solution without having to worry about creating a website, blog or have any tech skills by leveraging the power of YouTube as a search platform.

Now YouTube shorts on the other hand is already known for generating views on any topic or niche

with just over 5 million channels world wide, so there is is enough space to take advantage of this traffic or views generation machine

Just take a look at the number of views some of the shorts videos are generating and if i may add within a very short time

Your job as a creator now is to put these two power houses together and start making some quick commissions in just 3 steps

  1. – In this video I am going to show you how to find trending Amazon products that people are interested in buying
  2. – I will also show you different ways to find related product videos to use when creating your shorts videos….That means you don’t need to show your face or record your voice in the shorts videos you will be creating
  3. its all basically a copy and past video scenario and the best part is that the videos are free off any copyright claims
  4. – Now if you keep watching to the end of this video, I will also be sharing with you some cool hacks you can use to start getting views to your shorts videos

Video Transcript

To be able to start making $100 a day with Amazon you need to first find products that are trending on Amazon

These are usually product that people are actually making a search online looking to buy and all you have to do with your shorts video is to direct them to a page that they will get it

But how do you know which products are trending or hot on Amazon?

A good place to start of course is the amazon best sellers list

Then You want to select a niche category here to start with, in this case we will go with the electronic category to see the best selling electronic on amazon

Net is looking for products with high reviews, That’s an indication that people are actually looking for that product

One of the best ways to discover top selling items on Amazon is by analyzing customer reviews that have been posted online.

People usually leave clues to what they would’ve wanted in a product and sometime share an alternative which might be better

If you find out what others are selling, and which pages they’re focusing on on Amazon, you will be able to avoid wasting time on products that don’t sell.

Rather, you’ll be a step ahead in your quest to explore the best selling items on Amazon.

Now once you have identified what product you will like to promote its time to get the Amazon affiliate link you will be using to send people to what ever product you choose to promote

To get an affiliate link you first need to apply to join the Amazon Associate program

Make sure to hit the like button and keep watching if you will like me show you how to easily get approved as an Amazon Associate

So All you need to do to apply for this program is to fill this application form with your basic info’s like your name email and stuff like that

You want to pay attention to the area where you have to add a link, here you want to put a link that contains some kind of content, it doesn’t mater if its a website link or any social media account,

So for example if you already have a channel that you have posted some videos on, you can use the channel link

After submitting your application it will take a couple of days for Amazon support team to go through your application and hopefully approve it if done right

You can watch the step by step tutorial on how to apply for Amazon Associate program in the video link that pops up on the top right

After you have been approved as an Amazon Associate, to get your affiliate link simply go to Amazon dot com and on the top of the page here you will see the Amazon Associate Sitestripe

Which is a browser feature that amazon adds to your account if you have been approved as an associate

You can use it to get your affiliate link for any product on amazon by clicking on the get link feature here

So for example if I want the affiliate link of the smart security camera we looked at early, all I have to do is open the page and click on the text option here

This is the link i will use if I want to promote this product, and again you can do the same to any product on the platform

I will be show you later in this video how you how to promote your affiliate link so you can start making some quick cash but first you will need to find a related video that you can use

Here is the thing when it comes to making YouTube shorts all you really need is a minute long video and you can get that from any of the social media platforms

But the best platform to use is Tiktok because of the vertical format of the videos which is the same format you will need for your shorts videos

However sometimes you might come across videos that are related to what you want to promote but the video might be a landscape video just like the normal YouTube format

Take for example most products on Amazon do include videos, just like the case is with our previous example as you can see

Now let me quickly show you how to edit these types of videos so it will be accepted as a YouTube shorts video

First you need to download the video from amazon, to do that you will need to install the Video Downloader Prime chrome extension

If you are using another type of browser you will need another third party downloader

So after installing the extension, you will see it appear on the top of your browser, now you want to open the video page on Amazon and then click on the downloader and download the video

After downloading the video you want to open up canva and then select the Mobile video option

drag and drop the video or video clips you want to transform to a short video

Now depending on the video you are using, you will need one of these formats

The first option is to just make the video fit well in this template.

so when you use this first option you will notice that the video is the same as the original video, its just been made to fit in the template and because of that you will have space at the top and the bottom of the template

You can use that space to add some form of call to action that will lead your viewers to click on the link that you will later at below the video description

The second video option here is simply dragging and expanding the edges of the video so that it first fits the entire template and then adjust it so viewers will see only what you want them to see

Now if the length of the video is short you might want to add more videos and make a compilation. on the other hand if the video is too long you might want shorten it and you can do that by clicking on the time clip here and adjusting it to a minute long video

To add a video simply click on the plus button here and again drag and drop the additional video

When you are done click on the download button here at the top and save your video in a file that you will easily find because you will need it for the next step which is uploading it on YouTube

If all that seems too complicated just head over to TikTok and make a search for related videos and use them as your shorts video

Now shorts videos are uploaded just like any other video on YouTube but there are some things that you need to pay attention to if you want to get views to your video

First you want to give your shorts video an attention grapping Title or just go with the basic YouTube suggestions

Secondly you want to add hashtag shorts in your video title and in the description area below

You also at this time want to add the affiliate link of the product you are promoting, so you want to back to Amazon and copy the link

go back to YouTube and paste it in the description box

Then follow the necessary onscreen steps to post the video….Now you want to keep following the same steps and growing your channel

The more views you get to your videos the more money you will be making with your shorts videos

Now To help you promote your videos I have created a couple of free traffic strategies I have been using

You can check it out by clicking on the link below this video and with all that I will wrap up this video, hope it was helpful,

If so make sure to hit that like button and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video


How to Dispute Copyright Claim on YouTube Fair Use 2021

Basically the function of Copyright claims is to protect people’s content from being stolen and used improperly. However, there are times when a copyright claims can be wrong and the claims can and should be disputed.

Luckily, YouTube makes it simple to submit a dispute to get such types of copyright claims removed from your videos

In the previous video on this channel, I showed you the four factors you need to follow to be able to upload animation videos without any copyright claims

The four factors are all designed to help transform copyrighted content to create videos that falls under the YouTube fair use guidelines

Now What if you follow all the factors correctly and still get a copyright claim? Then what

Yeah that’s right, you can follow all the necessary steps to create a video that falls under fair use on YouTube and still get a copyright claim

So Why does that happens? and how to dispute the claims is what this video is all about


Video Transcript

So after you you have done every thing to transform your video from the original content to a unique content,

why does YouTube still give you a copyright claim even after follow the fair use law,

The simple answer to that is money, year some copyright owners do flag videos’ containing their content even if it falls under fair use

Now what happens next is, YouTube will still keep ads running on the video with a copyright claim,

However, the money made from the video will go directly to the copyright holder, and not the person who uploaded the video.

This happens very often with videos that have copyright claim and the channel is monetized.

The copyright holder reports your video to YouTube on grounds of copyright violation

So after your video have been flagged, YouTube will give the copyright holder two options, they can either ask YouTube to take down the video, or keep it up but all the advertising revenue the video generates will be passed on to the copyright holder.

So Since it’s usually all about money for most artists and music studios they will prefer to go with the second option

Let the video stay up monetized and keep the revenue flowing

And that’s why you still get a copyright claim even if your video falls under fair use

So to stop some of those copyright owners who are making money off of your hard work, you have to dispute the claims if you know your video is transformative or falls under the fair use guidelines on YouTube

Now how do you go about disputing a copyright claim on YouTube?,

Make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you will like to learn how to dispute copyright claims on YouTube

To start disputing a copyright strike, go to the video that is in question and hover your mouse over where it says copyright claim and then click on see details from the pop up and You will see this pop up appear with all the details of the copyright claim

As you can see from this video example, Everyone can see this video but it can not be monetized…that doesn’t mean the video is not monetized

but if you read here it says “Ad revenue paid to copyright owner” which means YouTube is still running ads on this video but the money is going to the owner of this portion of Jim Carrey video clip I add in this video

Now I know this falls under fair use because this is a short clip I took from a whole movie and I transformed it because its a video tutorial on how to make money which is not what this the movie is all about

A 16 minutes video with a copyright claim of a clip that is not even up to a minute long

Now because the claim comes at the end of the video I could easily just delete this portion and get the video monetized but since there is no drought in my mind this falls under fair use, which is why I am going to dispute it

So to be able to dispute the claims you want to click on where it says select Action and YouTube will give tow options to choose from

You can either trim out the portion in the video with a copyright claim, or Dispute it.

you can watch the video that pops up on the top right on how to trim portions of your video posted videos without deleting the video

So since we want to dispute the claims you want to click on Dispute here and this pop up will appear

At the top here you will see the Dispute claim, which in this case is not to use Bruce Almighty (2003) ACTIVE Full Movie

Below here, you will see three option YouTube is suggesting you don’t use as a reason for disputing the claim

So you don’t want to say something like, You are the owner of the copyright song or video because YouTube already knows who the owner is

You don’t also want to say you are not making money from the video or that you gave credit to the copyright owner by linking to the content

All these are not good reasons for disputing the copyright claim so you want to instead click on the check box next to where it says ”

My dispute isn’t based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim” and click on continue here below

On the next page you will need to Select the main reason for which you’re disputing the claim and YouTube gives you 4 different options here

So since my dispute is based on fair use I will go with the third option which says copyright exception such as fair use and then click here below to continue

Now YouTube is giving you the last chance to review what fair use is all about so if you are not still sure if your content falls under fair use, you might want to read through this before going on

However if you are sure you can click on the check box here next to where it says “I believe that my video is protected under fair use, fair dealing or similar exceptions to copyright” and then on continue to move to the final step

Here you first have to select the type of video you created and as you can see there are many different options YouTube is giving

But since this is a tutorial video I will go with educational video, in your case it might be any of these other options so you want to select one that relates to your video or just choose others here below

Next is giving a reason Why you think your claimed content is an example of fair use?

YouTube has also given you some question to consider when typing out your dispute

So when typing out your reason you want to pay attention to the amount or length of the original content have you used?

Have you transformed the original content?

Is your video a substitute for the original content?

Actually there are four of these factors, and I did share them in the video on how to upload anime videos on YouTube legally without copyright, again you will find the link to the video in the cards of this video

Now Just to save some time, I already wrote out a dispute for this video so I will just copy it and paste it here

Its a very short dispute that basically says

I am a youtuber who creates tutorial videos, and this video is an example of the type of tutorial I share on my channel. The portion of video clip that has been claimed for copyright is a 33 seconds long video clip of Bruce Almighty (2003)

which was use for the intention of demonstration

The fact that my video is over 5 minute long I will assume it falls under fair use guideline and I have no intentions of substituting the original Bruce Almighty (2003) content? and that’s it ….not too long or anything fancy

Just try to answer these Questions and you will be find, the dispute is not actually for YouTube but for the claimant to review.

Next is checking these boxes to agree your video does not infringe anyone’s copyright.

That you understand the claimant will be able to review your video and your dispute rationale.

and finally that you understand that filing fraudulent disputes may result in termination of your YouTube account.

In the signature area here you want to just Enter your full legal name (usually a first name and surname), not a company or channel name and hit submit and you are done.

Now YouTube will give the copyright owner or claimant up to 30 days to respond to the dispute so all you have to do next is wait

With all that I will wrap up this video I hope it was helpful, if so give it a thumbs up, share it on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

How to Upload Anime Videos on YouTube Legally without Copyright 2021

How does channels like The Anime Lord channel, upload animated cartoon videos that are monetized without any copyright claims And how can you use copyrighted animated video legally YouTube?

Now if you have been thinking you can beat the YouTube copyright system by just editing copyrighted animated videos and upload them on YouTube, you have to think again

YouTube has fortify their copyright system now in a way that its simply too difficult to beat which is why there are just a few options available if you really want to start and grow an animation channel on YouTube

– The first option is creating your own animated content before uploading it on YouTube,
– The second option is getting permission from the content owners of the animated video
– And the last option is using fair use which will legally give you the right to use any animated content you choose

Of Couse unless you know how to create animated videos, the first option would be a difficult one to pick

The second option will require you to Obtain a license or permission from the owner of the copyrighted animation video

That means you will have to contact the the movie publishers and all the different bodies that made the video and have them to accept your request of using the their animated movie before you will be granted permission to use it

And ofcourse that will all depend on how much you are willing to pay for it

Now that leaves us with the last option which is using fair use, If you still do not know what fair use is, well fair use is not just a thing on YouTube its a legal doctrine that applies to copyright law

So what is the copyright law?

And the copyright law states that an excepts of copyrighted material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder

Now understanding how to apply fair use can greatly transform any copyrighted content to a Unique video that can easily be monetized on YouTube without any copyright

In this video, I am going to walk you through step by step on how to transform animation videos following the YouTube fair use guidelines, so you know exactly what to do, if you want to start uploading animation videos on YouTube without any copyright claim

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Video Transcript

Now because the copyright law is a legal mumbo chumbo, YouTube decided to break it down for us into four major factors

The four factors includes transforming the animated copyrighted content, The amount or portion of the copyrighted content as a whole, the nature of the work, and finally The effect of the use upon the potential market

These are the four factors that you have to consider when trying to apply fair use in your videos

Lets now look deep into each factor to see how you can start applying it when editing your animation videos

transforming the animated copyrighted content means adding new expression or meaning to the original material,

so what that means is if you are using the original content in a new way that is different from the original content not just merely taking the original content and posting it on YouTube

You need to transform the original content

So how do you transform the original copyrighted content which is the animated movie?

Lets look at an example of a channel that understands and use fair use the right way

The Anime Lord channel has over 160 thousand subscribers and all the owner of this channel does is upload animated videos

If you click to watch any of the videos you will also see that the videos are monetized.

And that’s simply because the videos are copyright free, So how is this channel able to get with it

The answer to that is all over their videos, for a start the titles of the videos already tells you its a list video which by the way is the best way to transform a video

They are taking short video clips from different animation movies and putting them together as a list video.

Take this video for example the creator has taken clips of animated movies where the Main Character is first Weak But then Turns Strong

Completely transforming the meaning of the original movies you just have to be a little creative

The second fair use factor that you should consider when editing your videos is The amount or portion of the copyrighted content you use from the original movie or movies

So by using small bits of video clips from an original work is more likely to be considered fair use than borrowing large portions.

Now if the portion of video clip from the original video is considered the “heart” or the core of the movie, sometimes even that small portion may be going against fair use.

again if you look at the videos from the Anime Lord channel you will see that the creator is using up to 10 portions of different animation movies to create the 10 listed animation movies where the main actor was weak and then became strong

So you want to use, short video clips from the entire original movies to create your videos

The truth is there is no specific amount set to remove from an original content but there is a common practice know as the 20 by 80 rule

and the 20 by 80 rule simply means you are allowed through fair use to use like 20% of any copyrighted material

So going over that 20%

the next factor you have to pay attention to is the nature of the work,

YouTube warning creators here that, Using material from primarily factual works is more likely to be fair use than using purely fictional works.

We all all know most animation movies are fiction, does that mean if you use animation videos you will automatically get a copyright claim?

Well No, and I say No because The nature of the work also applies to creators who are using animation movies for educational porposes,

So if your content is for non profit and educational purposes, your videos will be save under fair use

Now the last factor you have to pay attention to is the effect of use upon the potential market

That means if your video, the video you are creating using a copyright movie harms the original copyright owner’s ability to profit from their original work, that means your video is against the fair use low

Now you may ask if monetizing the video on YouTube doesn’t harms the copyright owner’s ability to profit from their original work,

Well again if you transform your video, which is what the first factor was all about, it will hardly harm the original work because people will still want to want to watch the entire movie

YouTube also states clearly in their help page that “Commercial uses are less likely to be considered fair use, but it’s still possible to monetize a video that contains fair use material.”

Now that you know all the factors that will help you make an animation videos on YouTube without any copyright claim

the next question now is What if you follow all the factors correctly and still get a copyright claim? Then what

Yeah that’s right, you can follow all the 4 factors to the teeth and still get a copyright claim

Why that happens and how to dispute copyright claim on YouTube fair use is what the second part of this video will be about so make sure to click the link that pop up on the to right of this video or in the description below this video