Why You Should Be Posting YouTube Shorts In 2022

When you are aware of the major benefits of YouTube Shorts you will be excited to get started.

To be successful in promoting your business using YouTube Shorts you need to spend time creating the most engaging videos and be consistent with your efforts.

Use the benefits below to inspire you and keep your motivation levels high.

There is Growing Demand for Short Videos

The success that Tik Tok has experienced in a short time tells you that people like the short video format.

This should not surprise you as most people would sooner watch a shorter video to find what they want than watch a longer video.

Already, some businesses are using short videos on different platforms to get their message across in less than 60 seconds. These days, people are always busy and appreciate that shorter videos are available to provide them with the answers that they need.

You could Widen your Reach with YouTube Shorts

Because more people are likely to watch a shorter video than a longer one, creating YouTube Shorts videos gives you the potential to widen your reach.

It is not always easy to extend your reach with longer videos on YouTube but this should be a lot easier with YouTube Shorts.

Most types of Businesses can Benefit from YouTube Shorts
With other short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, the audience tends to be younger people.

It is unlikely that many professionals will use these platforms. It is a different story with YouTube as all kinds of people use the platform.

Whatever business you are in it should be possible for you to create YouTube Shorts to promote it.

The demographics are very wide with YouTube so it is much more likely that you can reach your target audience with YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts do not Disappear

With some short video platforms, the content will disappear after 24 hours. This is not the case with YouTube. All of the YouTube Shorts videos that you post will be available for a long time.

This means that you could experience longer-term benefits with YouTube Shorts.
In addition to this, YouTube has been around for a long time and is likely to be a lot more resilient than other short video platforms. For example, Tik Tok has already had questions asked about censorship and the platform may have to face some tough regulations. YouTube is far more likely to survive these kinds of setbacks.

Creating YouTube Shorts is easy

All that you need to create your YouTube Shorts videos is your smartphone and the YouTube app. Everything is in one place from special features to editing and uploading.

It should not take you long to master all of the features of YouTube Shorts so that you can make engaging videos very fast.

The engagement levels with short videos are usually a lot higher than they are with longer videos. This means that it is not too challenging for you to create engaging YouTube Shorts for your audience.

Your audience will appreciate that you have created shorter videos as it shows that you have respect for their time.

Increase your Views and Subscribers with YouTube Shorts

If you have an existing YouTube Channel with longer videos then it makes sense for you to create and upload YouTube Shorts as these have the potential to get you more views and subscribers.

How To Find Quotes Free For Commercial Use

Did you know not all quotes are free to use online especially for commercial use?

If you have been thinking of starting a YouTube quotes channel and may be you are thinking of one day commercialize the videos

Then You might find this video helpful…In this video I am going to show you how to find Quotes of celebrities, politicians, writers, and artist that are free for commercial use

But first if you are interested in starting a Quotes channel on YouTube and make money with the videos you upload, you might want to check out the complete playlist by clicking on the first link below this video

  • There you will get a step by step tutorials on you how to easily make Quotes videos that increases watch time
  • How to promote the video for even more view and finally how to make money with the videos

Video Transcript 

Now when it comes to finding Quotes online for your video you can easily find quotes to use from Instagram, Pinterest or many of such social sites

but when you are looking for free quotes you can use commercially the story changes

And that’s simply because the only way to have free access to use a quote for commercial opposes is through getting the rights of the quotes or using open source Quotes

The problem is many of the recent quotes of our time fall under the trade marked Quotes which means before you use them however you want, you will first need permission from the Trade mark holders or the owner

Most often that is not a viable track for anyone without money or connections

Which now leave us only with one option when it comes to using Quotes commercially

And that is with Open source, Open source is basically an intellectual material that has lost its copyright value and can be used however you want

You will be amazed at what you get in some of these open source websites if you actually use the right search engine to find the material

You can easily find open source or public domain websites, by just making a simple search on Google for public domain Quotes free for commercial use

And you will get different Public domains or opensource that contain Quotes in different niches and topic that you can use however you want including commercially

lets just go with the Golden Quotes website here

So in this Golden Quotes Public Domain website, you will get quotations of world famous authors, and artist that can be used without permission for any of your work again including commercial use.

As you can see here it basically says here is that, The quotes on this platform automatically fall on the public domain category and that is because the copyright of the quotes has expired

In basically in situation when the author has died for more than 70 years. This is the safest way to use quotes for commercial use.

In some countries this period is less than 70 years.

Now there are some few cases where the trade mark is till being used, in a case where someone bought it and is using it currently

In such a situation, you are not allowed to freely use it without proper permission from the respected body.

I will show you later in this video how to check if the quote is trade marked or not

For now you can use the golden Quotes website here to find Quotations of celebrities, politicians and artist that you can use to create YouTube videos or for commercial purpose

You will find famous quotes on different categories like inspirational quotes, Motivational Quotes, funny Quotes Love Quotes and so on

below here you will see other sub category of Quotes in this public domain in addition that all that you have the Quotes of the day option here

If you click through to any of the quotes you can easily copy it together with the name of the person who first said that quote

Brainyquote.com is another option you can use to find public domain quotes

Brainy Quote provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. their quotations database is the largest on the web, and getting bigger every day.

Whether it’s a great quote for a birthday card, love letter, research paper or just for fun, Brainy Quote makes it easy to find great quotes.

They have a treasure trove of historic, political, culturally relevant quotations available on their site,

Now if you want to be very sure that the Quote you are using in your video is free of any trademark or copyright

Here is what you want to do go to the united states patent and trademark office website

and click on this Trademark Electronic Search System, or TESS and you will be taken to this tool that will help show you if a quote or phrase has been trademarked

So in this case for example I leave the default settings and type in something like “make America strong again” and hit the submit query here and you can easily see that this phrase has a trade mark on it

So it can not be used commercially however you can get information about the person who trademarked the quote or phrase so you can easily contact them and ask permission to use their Work

Now that you know how to find Quotes to use for your videos, lets now look at how you can edit and upload Quotes on YouTube and start making money with the videos

Four Factors of YouTube Fair use Explained 2022 [Copyright on YouTube]

If your using copyrighted content in your channel videos, Copyright Law will be definitely be your biggest nightmare.

That’s when you start looking for answers to questions like

Can you use video clips or sound made by someone else in your videos?

When is it actually fair use to include copyrighted material in your videos and when is it not?

These types of questions are all normal to ask especially if you have just been introduced into what copyright is

The lines between the answers to such questions are often blurred when it comes to fair use and copyright laws, …Sometimes the answers can be confusing.

Hopefully this video will help clear up some of that confusion a bit.

Now before we get any further here is a disclaimer, it is important to note that what I am sharing in this video should be taken only as general guidance and not a legal advice.

If you aren’t sure one hundred percent about how fair use law relates to your specific situation then you should consult a lawyer.

Haven said that if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in making videos using copyrighted content make sure to checkout the playlist link that pops up on the top right of this video

and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and lets get started

Now most creators just starting out think that if they include phrases in to credit the original video owner, fair use automatically applies to heir videos.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a magic phrase you can say that will protect your video from a copyright claim.

The easiest way to avoid any copyright issues altogether is to create 100% original content.

However, if you do choose to incorporate copyrighted content into your video, your best defense against a copyright claim is to gain a full understanding of fair use.

Fair use is a legal doctrine that says you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner.

Now when you are trying to determine whether or not your use of copyrighted material is covered under the fair use doctrine there are four basic questions that you’ll want to ask:

You will first want to ask yourself How much of the original content you want to use?

You should be careful when editing any video that is copyrighted, The amount of content you extract to use in your video matters

you want to use just a short piece of video clip from a video containing copyrighted material

Actually most top YouTube creators are recommending the 80 by 20 proportion

That means for every copyrighted content you are using to create your video, you need to use just 20% of the copyrighted content and 80% your own original added value

Take for example say you wan to use this video to create a compilation video,

This video as we all know is copyrighted because its a standard YouTube video not a creative common videos

Now assuming this video is about 5minutes long, …that means you can use just about a minute long video clip from this video, the 1 minute being the 20% proportion

Here is another example of one of the videos on this channel where I used a short clipof a standard video here on youtube which means the video was copyrighted

I needed Just this image to use at the begining of this video and I found it watching this guyss videos and I used it. its ust a little piecse from a single video

It is always recommented to use many related videos, taking of just 20% of each of the peice to create your compilation

So You want to Just use enough of the copyrighted content as you need to in order to get your point across.

The Next Question you want to ask your self is, What are you planning to do with the original copyrighted content that you are using to create your video?

what is the purpose or character of the use.

If you are doing something highly transformative with the content then the video you are creating will be considered a peice of video clip that falls under the YouTube fair use guidelines

Taking the original copyrighted video out of context is a good example of transforming a copyright content to your own uniue video

That’s what the Top 10 list video channels are doing, using short clips of copyrighted video clips and images to create their top 10 lists videos which as you can see generate tons of views and are monetized

I am currently working on some tools you can use to transform your videos to make them fall under the YouTube fair use, so if you are interested make sure to comeback and check the playlist that will be popping on just about now on the top right for hat set of videos

So all in all You are more likely to be covered under the YouTube fair use guideline if you are saying something quite different from what the original creator of the copyrighted video was trying to say.

The next question you want to ask yourself which is he third factor we are dealing with now is

What is the nature of the copyrighted content you are using?….What type of copyrighted work are you using?

Are you Using a creative or a fictional content (for example i this case, a documentary or film would be considered creative as oppose to cartoons which will be considered fiction)

Now if you are working with a creative or factual copyrighted content to create your videos, Your video will easily fall under the YouTube fair use

And that’s simply because the YouTube weighs toward fair use if the original work you are using is based on facts like scientific data, or quotes from a historical record

On the other hand YouTube is against fair use if the original work is based on highly creative work like a song, movie, or TV show

Lets Now just quickly go through the first 3 factors again before moving on to the next question

The first was to always use short video clips and remember we talked about the 80/20 rule

Next it was about the purpose or character of the use, What are you planning to do with the original copyrighted content that you are using to create your video?

We just looked at What the different natures of copyrighted content is and which of them will work best for you when it comes to getting your videos to fall under the YouTube guidelines

The fourth and final factor, in this case a question you should be asking your self if your video serve as a substitute for the original video in terms of potential market

The most important factor courts take into consideration when determining fair use is the effect of your use upon the potential market for the copyrighted work.

If your video will take away views or sales from the original video content then your video will hardly be covered under the YouTube fair use,

Additionally, you shouldn’t create work that takes over the markets that the copyrighted owners are entitled to exploit.

So Before using any copyrighted work, ask yourself these four questions. If you have good answers for all of them and can justify your use of the content then go ahead. If you aren’t sure, consult a lawyer.

Now before I round up this video, I also want to recommend you to checkout this video you will find the link below,

This is a project Anthony Falzone and Julie Ahrens did a couple of years back,

In this video they answered common questions about fair use and copyright.(https://youtu.be/S521VcjhvMA)

If you still have questions or are unsure if the type of videos you create falls under fair use, then you should speak with a lawyer.

On the other hand If you’ve had any interesting experiences with YouTube copyright and fair use, please share them with us in the comments area below.

With all that I will wrap up this video, I hope it was helpful if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social media site don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

How To Make Compilation Videos On YouTube Without Copyright

Have you ever wanted to use someone else´s video clip or audio clip in your own YouTube video but you´re worried that it could backfire?

In this video I´m going to show you how to make compilation video on YouTube without EVER worrying about copyright.

Now There are a few things you have to keep in mind when making your compilation videos on YouTube a success

haven said , its important to note that what I am going to show you is not a bulletproof method that you can set and forget.

The whole purpose is to always make every piece of your compilation video and audio content that you use in your compilation videos rightfully yours by simply transforming it into something new.

To be able to transform your compilation videos into something new you need to follow these 5 step process


Prelinger Archive: https://archive.org/details/prelinger

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/

WellSaidlabs https://wellsaidlabs.com/


#compilation2022 #withoutcopyright #Soloprenuerwarrior

Video Script

So the first thing you have to keep in mind when making a compilation video on YouTube is to understand what copyright is on YouTube

Understanding copyright on YouTube is key for succeeding as a compilator on the platform.

Now although there are many YouTubers that have done a good job at explaining what fair use is, I still had to do my own research just to make sure.

you see Fair use law is a creation of lawyers and the courts, YouTube uses it just as a guideline for determining whether or not they take down a video or not.

Remember, YouTube is a company, not a court, its main objective is to not get sued, so it´s in your own best interest and theirs to comply with fair use.

So here´s what I learned when it comes to transforming or making your video compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guidelines

First you have to do your best to use short clips from the original copyrighted content

for this there are no hard-and-fast rules for how long the clip should be, haven said that the shorter the video clips the better,

the clips you take from the original work can be one second, two seconds, ten seconds, or even thirty seconds long, all that can still work, you just have to make sure you include the other tips I am going to show you

Secondly you have to transform the original work, so when trying to transform the original work, you want to add some comments on the original work by use your own audio clip, or using different tiny video clips from various sources.

The third thing I learned when tying to make your compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guideline is to go Out of context

so as long as you change a video clip original meaning and use it to your own advantage, whatever that maybe, you´ll be transforming it and therefore you shouldn´t be allowed to get any YouTube copyright claims

The fourth and last thing to do to make your compilation fall under the YouTube fair use guidelines is to give Attribution to the original content owner

now If you use these tips as your main guidelines and follow some of the techniques that I´m going to share with you in a second, then you´ll be protected from any copyright claims

So the fun of transforming a content starts from the point of finding the best copyrighted content to use as your base

when it comes to finding the best copyrighted content to use s your base content that you want to transform, its best to look for content that is not so popular or on platforms that not many people are using

You see when a video clip content has been used multiply times in other videos on YouTube even if its not copyrighted it becomes reuse content which will easily lead to a copyright claim

That’s because reuse content too on YouTube is not allowed, so its recommended to use videos clips that hasn’t been used by other creators

You can find such content on Archive websites like Prelinger Archive or on the YouTube alternative site vimeo

You can also find video clips to use on specific sites by typing the word site, followed by a colon then the website url and then hit space and type the keyword of the type of content you are looking for

Take for example you can type in site colon and tiktok dot com give a space and the the keyword dancing to get tiktok videos on dancing or ust go to the tiktok app and make a search for dancing videos

When you get the videos you want to look for videos with less than 10k views or reactions that way you will be confident not many people have used the video to make an impact on YouTube

Don’t forget to hit he like button below if you will like to learn other ways to find The Best Content to use for your compilation

Now, I didn´t even mention YouTube Creative Common videos because I assumed that most of you are already pretty familiarized with that option, but just in case, for those that didn´t know.

YouTube is another very large source of free video clips that you can easily use.

Just by filtering out videos close to the search bar you can find videos in any sort of topic you like, and they´ll be 100% cost-free.

Here´s how, first you want to type in the keyword you are looking video for and then filter the results by clicking on creative common and tada YouTube will display videos that have copyright free content that you can use

The next tip on transforming the original content you want to use is by adding your “Own” Audio Clips

One of the most important step you should take when transforming an original copyrighted content is to edit the audio.

Usually You can get a copyright claim both for your audio as well as your video clip, so you want to make sure you edit both if you don´t want to have problems when you want to monetize your compilation videos

Now, to make your “own” audio clip from another person´s audio or simply use audio that you know is copyright free here´s what you can do.

First, take that audio clip of the original content and speed it up a bit, it doesn´t need to be that much, the point is to make it a little different from the original

Then, you can start adding your own recorded audio clips, maybe even using a song that is copyright free to use to create a mash-up.

The point is to create something new, different, unique in order to avoid any sort of claims later on.

If you don´t want to have any issue with your audio then I would suggest you use creative commons licensed material, there are great audio clips that are 100% free to use on youtube

Just head over to your channel creator studio page and on the right side here click on the audio library here and you will find music sounds and sound effects without any copyright claims that you can use

You can also search or filter the sounds by clicking here and selecting any of these sound types

Another easy way to transform the audio of any original clip, if you don’t want to record your own voice is by writing out what you want to say in the video and the use a human text to speech software like wellsaidlabs(https://wellsaidlabs.com/)

I recommend this service because the voice overs really do sound like human voices as oppose to the other software just listen to how one of the voice overs sound

Voice over here ( you will find the link to this software in the description box below this video)

Actually You can find that with audio there are much more options you can take advantage of to take your compilation videos to the next level.

Now that you have the content you want to use for your next video and you´ve selected the audio you know it can work with your type of content it´s time to start working on your video clips by doing some simply yet effective video editing

Effective video editing will include adding things like sound effects, Zooming into portions that require zooming into, and remember to always use short video clips from the original content

these are some effective editing things you can do to help make your videos unique hence transforming the video as required by the youtube fair use guidelines

Now to make sure your compilation video doesn’t have any copyright claims before publishing it, you have he option to schedule it when uploading it and leave it on schedule for an hour

during this time YouTube will let you know which portions of your uploaded video has a copyright claim.

if you receive a copyright claim on your video, the first thing you should do is to checkout what time stamp was the video copyrighted at, meaning the exact portion of your clip that is being claimed.

Next is to go back to your editing tool and correct that portion by following the tips I already shared with you in this video before reuploading it again on YouTube

Now the final thing I will like you to keep in mind when making your compilation videos for YouTube is How To Make Money With the Videos

Thats right, you´ve probably seen those compilation videos about sport fails, funny tiktok type of videos, and so on, and with the number of views those videos get

you could easily picture a clear image of how much money they are making.

But, for the sake of argument, here´s a good example of a compilation channel AdSense revenue

Obviously AdSense is one of the main sources of revenue on YouTube, but as a second monetization option you can always add affiliate marketing to make some additional passive income with your videos

you can easily grow a sizeable amount of money if done correctly just by adding Amazon associate program into the mix

Now to conclude once you´ve mastered the art of making these compilations videos, it will no longer take you much time.

you will easily start creating one video a day and with that exponentially grow over time.

How to Write a Script for youtube videos like a pro using an AI software

Writing video scripts for everyone of your videos can be a heck of of a job especially if you post more than one video a week on your channel. Video scripts is vital in the process of creating any video.

It is the blueprint – with a video script, you can know what to say in your video, how to say it in the best way possible, and how to direct your video viewers.

Actually video scripting is not something that you should take lightly if you want to be a serious YouTube creator.

When you are working on creating a new video, you want to make sure that you have a script before anything else!

A good YouTube video will normally consists of three parts: the narrative, visuals, and sound bites.

So you needs a video script to understand what you are going to say in your video before you start shooting the video footage or recording yourself speaking aloud.

The script can also help you clarify your thoughts about what you want the end result of your video to be like Just to ensure that everything fits well

In this video I am going to walk you step by step on how to write a script for your YouTube videos in any niche like a pro using an Ai software

I will show you how to write your video script or even blog post in any Select language and tone you want

Now if you keep watching till the end of this video I will also be showing you some cool tips of promoting the videos you create for even more views



Video Transcript

Now actually all what you have read from the beginning of this post, was a script generated using the Rytr Ai software

After testing dozens of the new Ai copywriting tools, I feel like Rytr has a really great balance between offering a simple, clean interface and also generating useful, accurate copy.

You might also be surprise that I generated this script for free on Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

You see Rytr allows you to first test out how powerful the software is before asking you to upgrade

You can Generate up to 5,000 characters per month with the free Rytr plan and upgrade to the premium plan for unlimited usage when you think its a tool worth using

The premium plan starts at $29/m, and Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market, giving you a complete value for money!

Just check out how much you will pay to write a 500 word video script on fiverr which is considered one of the easiest and cheapest outsourcing platform

If you want to get anything that resembles quality written script on fiverr, you should start budgeting for about $10 dollars a video script which can quickly mount up to thousands if you keeping creating videos

But with the Rytr Ai software, you only need less than $30 dollars a month, just imagine how may video scripts you can written within a month period

With the premium plan you can Generate UNLIMITED* characters, have access to over 30+ different languages, and have Access to over 20+ tones

So if you are always creating written content online, you have to Stop wasting your time & money trying to do that else where.

You will find the link to the Rytr official site below in the description box below this video

Now how do you go about creating script for your YouTube videos using the Rytr Ai software

Once you are logged in, you’ll see a simple interface, click on the “start Ryting” button and you will be taken to the editor,

the left-hand panel here of the Rytr editor is used for generating content and the right-hand side is the editor to play around with the generated output.

Next is clicking on the new document option here and this pop up will appear

Here is where you want to put in the main keyword of the type of video script you want the rytr software to write for you

So lets say for example I want to create a video on say how to tie a tie, now since tie is the main keyword here, I will enter tie here and click on create

As you can see the rytr software has registered tie as the targeted keyword, it can be on traveling, cooking you name it any topic you are interested in making a video on

Next is is selecting the language you want your script to be written with on the left hand side here

You have over 30 plus languages to choose from including, Arabic, chines, German and so on, in this case I will go with the US English

Now if you want to add some personality to your script, you will need to set a tone

You have over 20 tones you can select from which includes convincing tones, awestruck tones, inspirational tones and so on

Having a unique tone will give the video you want to create an opportunity to really stand out on YouTube

Now I will admit sometimes it can be hard to find the right tone to use, but there are a few things you can do to help if and whenever you come across such a situation.

In order to find the right tone for your content, you’ll need to really know your audience and what they want. You’ll also need to understand the purpose of what your video is going to be all about.

Here are Some questions to ask yourself if you can’t figure out the tone, So you want to ask yourself What the main goal of the content you want to create is?

Who is your audience? What’s your audience’s age range? What do you want them to feel or think when they’re watching the video?

If your video is for kids, you’ll want to use a different tone than if its for adults.

If its about something that’s serious, you’ll want to be more formal in tone than if its about something that’s not serious

So since in this case I want rytr to create a video script on how to tie a tie which is tutorial video, I will go with informative

Now you can look at the case option here as templates, these are the different templates you can use https://rytr.me/use-cases

You can choose if you want your video to be generated as a blog idea and outline or in the form of a facebook, twitter or linked in ad

Do you want it in the form of an interview question or a product description and so on

These are the same templates you have to choose here, in this case I will go with the first template option here on Blog Idea and Outline

Next, you are expected to type some text to give some context to the AI software.

A short and informative phrases / key points to the AI tool will act as a hint and it will help the tool understand your needs efficiently.

In this case the phrase here will be how to tie a tie for beginners.

You have up to 50 characters to use here and when you are don choose how many variations of the script you want created

If you just want one script written you can go with one if you want up to 3 written, you want to choose 3 and then hit the Ryte for me orange button and the Rytr Ai software will go to work creating your video script

Once you click “Ryte for me” the AI will take your inputs and do its magic.

Within a few seconds, you’ll see the output results in the right-hand side editing panel with each outline variant being demarcated with this line “—” or symbol.

In this case the app has generated 3 outline on how to tie a tie for beginners

So how do you use this outline on rytr to create a unique video script,

make sure to hit that like button below this video and keep watching because I am going to show you how to beaf up this outline to create a video script that will keep your viewers watching till the end

Now If you are not happy with your results generated here on the right, maybe there are blank outputs, repetitive phrases, or just sub-optimal results –

you can always click the orange button that now says “Ryte more” to generate more results.

Once you have generated the outline, you can use the rytr powerful editing operations to refine it further.

So if you highlight any phrase that is more than 30 characters, you will have this operation editing features apear at the top

as you can see the number of highlighting text characters have been counted on the left of the pop under

next to that is the command feature that allows you to add any custom words you will like to add in this section of your script

You have the option to rephrase the the selected text to make it sound different

They also provide a feature like grimily to help you correct the Grammar and improve the readability of the text

You can use the paragraph feature here to write a complete paragraph from just the heighted words

The paragraph feature is what you want to use to beef up the outline already generated with more words and context

so if I click on the paragraph option after highlighting this outline you will see that the app has written more details on this main outline

Please note that while doing the editing operations the AI will still be using the selected language and tone shown in the left-hand side panel.

That’s what you want to keep doing until you have a complete script that you can use to record your video voice over or use a text to speech software to create your voice over

Monetize Text to Speech Videos on YouTube

When you are all done click on the 3 dots here and download your created video script

You can now use the script to record a voice over using your own voice or using a text to speech software to create your voce over

You can check out the video on how to convert text to speech from the video that pops up on the top right and with all that I will wrap up this video

Hope it was helpful if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss another helpful video


How to Get 4K Quality Football Highlight CLIPS Without any copyright claims 2022

Where do YouTube football (soccer) channels get their clips from

Is there any website that has 4k quality football highlights for the different European leagues?

So after posting this video on
how to upload football highlight videos on YouTube without getting any copyright claims :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEI4WWaFXNM

One of the main Questions asked by many, was where to get quality Football highlight clips

If you have been wondering how some YouTubers keep uploading football highlights without getting any copyright claims and where to get quality football highlight clips to create your highlights

In this video I will Quickly go over some of the tips shared in the first video but still I will recommend you watch that video because I really went in grate details on how to upload football highlight on YouTube

After that we will look at some of the new ways of creating football highlight videos on YouTube without any copyright claim and finally Where to get quality football highlight video clips to download and use for your own highlight videos

#footballhighlights #soccer #solopreneurwarrior




Video Transcript


So the biggest problem most creators face is how to edit their highlight videos so that it falls under the fair use guidelines

Make sure to watch the first part of this video to understand why you have to make your videos fall under Fiar Use, I when in great details on that in that video

You have to fully understand the gridline and know how to apply them, if you want to start uploading football videos that can be monetized on YouTube

Its only by following those guidelines that you will be able to transform the videos you use to create your own unique video

So, how do you transform a football match video clip into a football highlight video without any copyright issues

to do that you can decide to do one of the following types of football highlight videos

You can go with Football highlight commentaries

Here is an example of a commentary football highlight channel on YouTube where you and may be some of your friends who are interested in football sit together and give your own opinions

You can also add short clips or images of the match you are talking about

The second way of transforming your highlight videos is by doing a football highlight reaction video where you are filming only those watching the match to see their reaction

This can also be just a group of friends in a room or in a bar watching the football match together

The next way to make football highlight videos is by making a compilation of different matches

This types of videos are usually created along the YouTube fair use guidelines, which means there is no guaranty that the videos will not get a copyright claim but they are much more save from copyright than the videos trying to upload a whole match

Take this channel videos for example, this is a football highlight channel where the creator uploads videos on individual players

These types of videos easily beat the copyright claims because they are considered fair use and why is that

This is a compilation of Cristiano Ronaldo …Scoring in EVERY Minute of the Game(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE_JXPjRlDs)

the compilations are of course different matches in which Ronald scored in the first minute and by the very fact that they are a combination of small portions of video clips that tells a story, the video will be considered fair use

You can even make a compilation comparing two individual players, I mean you can easily niche this think down in many different angles

I will personally recommend you creating this type of football highlight videos than the fool match highlight videos

The only problem most creators face when creating this types of football compilation videos is where to get the full match video clips to use for their compilation

Don’t worry I will be showing you where to get that later in this video but for now lets look at the last type of video which is what most creators get copyright claims with

I am talking about these types of football highlight videos of recent matches that shows the goals scored highlight move that made the crowds go hoooo

These are the types of football highlight videos that get the most views, but are almost impossible to upload on YouTube without receiving a copyright claim

Now although there are some tips that can help you get pass the copyright claim when creating these types of videos there is no guarantee that later on the video will still be slapped with a copyright claim

Which is why I don’t recommend these types of highlight video, if you are just starting out, instead I will recommend the first 3 option we Just talked about

However, if you insist on creating this kind of full highlight matches then here are some tips you might want to keep in mind when creating your videos

You want to make sure the video clips you are cutting out of the original football match video is short

You want to make your highlight videos Just on the Goals scored, or bad tackles during the match or just on free kicks for example

That will limit the portion of video clip you are taking out from the original full match video

You can mix it up with still images about the match or even the different reaction of people watching a specific move

One cool trick is to take the same football match video clip say from a Russian broadcaster or an Arabic broadcaster, remove the audio commentary of the portion you want to use and then strip the audio commentary from English broadcaster, and replacing it with the Russian or Arabic audio,

and that often is enough to get the video by. Not always though, but more often than not.

Now when ever you want to upload your highlight videos on YouTube and you are not sure if it will get a copyright claim, you want to first schedule the post just to give YouTube sometime to finish doing its copyright checks

And if your video has any copyright claims YouTube will immediately let you know and they will even show you the area or areas in your video that has been detected to have copyright

That’s an opportunity for you to go back to your video editor and correct or completely change that area so your video will be free of any copyright claims

And then reupload the video again on YouTube, and that can take a while depending from where you got your original football match video

If you are using videos downloaded from copyrighted content like from the official football club websites, it will be much difficult to get pass the copyright claims than from some Arabic, or Russian sites that are not copyrighted

Which is why I have scanned the web these passed few months looking for sites that you can use to download 4k quality football highlight clips as well as sites that have features that will make you make your videos unique…Hence being able get pass the copyright claims

Some off these sites are paid sites and some of them are free

The first link here is the GaLaTaMaN HD Football website which I also mentioned in the previous video


galatamanhdfb is just a blog that curates football matches that can be downloaded from filefox and Mixload

These are all file hosting provider which offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools.

Which simply means you have to be a premium member on any of these file hosting platform to be able to download the videos

There is also Soccercatch.com that also curates football matches video files from the streamlare file hosting platform (https://streamlare.com/)

Now you will easily find free full football matches to download on Soccercatch.com

To do that scroll a little down to the Latest football shows section and click on More shows here on the left

And then start going through this list of categories and chose any you are interested in or want to use to create your highlight video

After clicking through to any of the categories you will be taken to the video link page

On the video links page depending on the matche you might be given up to 3 different types of video links that you can use to download the video(https://www.soccercatch.com/shows/275498674/uefa-champions-league-review)

Hoofoot.com is another free site but with this site you will need a third party tool like a screen recorder to record the matches before re-editing it

The videos are easy to get to but no additional feature to download the videos which is why you have to screen record it using tools like the one I am using in this video called screen-cast-omatic

So there are many platforms like this and as you can see from this check list I have put together a few of them including additional information that will help you easy create your football highlight videos with ease

You will find the link to download your own copy of this page in the description box below this video so you can easily click to the different links with ease

Now if you still have questions on this topic feel free to drop them down in the comments area and I will do my best to help ou with it and with all that I will wrap up this video

How to Write Script for YouTube video 2022 [Free Ai script writing software]

Writing video scripts for everyone of your videos can be a heck of of a job especially if you post more than one video a week on your channel

It takes me sometimes about two hours, just to write one video script and that’s nothing compared to other creators who post 3 to 4 videos a week to grow their channels fast

So, what are those other creators doing to be able to post 3 or more videos consistently a week, How are they doing it?

In this video I am going to show you a free Ai software some smart video creators are using to generate content, video script or what they have to say in their channel videos







  • Can you Monetize Meditation Music on YouTube 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgFrdkFokN4

#ai software free #scriptwritingtips #solopreneurwarrior

Video Transcript

Now it all depends on the type of video you are creating, and if you are new to YouTube

Not all videos will require a detail video scrip however they will at least need a video script outline

why do you need a video script, well for a start we all create videos because we want other people to watch the videos

One way of getting people to watch your videos is by Ranking the video on search engines like Bing Google and YouTube but usually is not a simple task.

You have to take care of SEO, keywords, thumbnail, and also script.

Now if the video you create is boring or out of content, most often your viewers will click off from the video immediately without any second thought.

You may be focused more on the SEO part of things to rank the video, but what you might fail to think about is what happens after viewers gets on the video, What happens when viewers start watching the video?

That’s when the importance of video scripting comes into play and that’s why YouTube script is more important than what you might be thinking of

In this video I am going to show you how to use an ai software, to extract video scripts from audios and videos

I will be showing you how to rewrite the extracted video scrip, article, blog or plr content

Now after generating your video script you will need to make it all come to life by reading through it and recording your voice or paying someone to do it for you on sites like fiverr

But what if you don’t want to record your voice or pay someone to do it for you, there is still a third option which I will be sharing with you if you keep watch till the end

Finally I will also show you an Ai software that will help put your recorded audio together with related video clips that will end up with a unique video that you can post on your channel and start making money

But before we get into all that, if this is your first time to this channel and you are interested in YouTube automation ai software and tools that will help you grow your channel make sure to check out my automation playlist that pops up on the top right of this video

And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and lets get started

So this is basically what we will be doing in this video, I show you how to extract the scripts of other videos on YouTube, then we will rewrite the script before putting it all together to create a video using a video editor

Now here is an a plr article I can easily use a video script but its always better to rewrite PLr articles because you don’t know how many people have already used it

PLR are copyrighted free content that anyone can use however they want, there are many sites online offering free plr content

You have sites like Resell-right- weekly, PLRexperts and many more

You can also use articles from article websites like articlebiz.com.,goarticles.info. or even Quora

Haven said all that, if you want to extract what is spoken in a video on YouTube and use as your video script you will first need a software like Rev

Basically Rev is a site where Humans are Working Side By Side With The Best Speech-to-Text AI software to convert Audio & Video To Text

As you can see here it is trusted by over 170,000+ customers and supported by all these companies

Now if you will like to extract the audio of any YouTube video and convert it to text all you have to do is first create an account on rev which free then go to the video you want to extract the audio from and copy the video link

then head over back to rev and click on the service option here at the top and you will get this list of services that the rev website is providing

Now although these are paid services you can see that the prices are reasonable

For example you can transcript any video for less than 2 dollars

you can either go for a transcription with 99% accuracy which is done by humans or the Raugh draft with 80% accuracy machine generated transcript which just cost 25 cents

You can also use rev to get your video captions, foreign subtitles and even live captions for zoom.

I am just going to place an order for this second option for now just to show you how it works

So lets get started with the Automated Speech to Text Transcription

Here is where you have the option to upload the video file you want transcript or just past in the link of the video if its posted anywhere online

So since I am using a YouTube video, I will just paste in the video link of the video I want transcript

as you can see it says here that as my first automation transcript order is free for up to 45 minutes

You can also add more than just one YouTube link but for now I will go with just one

And that’s it all you have to do net is click on the checkout button and pay for the service but again might might not have to pay anything if your order is less than 45 minute as the case is here

Now within minutes Rev will deliver the transcript and all you have to do next is click to open it,

You can see the transcript has been well written out with the video on the side…

what you want to do next is copy the first portion of the transcript and head over to the rewriting ai software

Make sure to hit that like button below this video, if you will like to learn how to rewrite the extracted video transcript to make it free from any copyright claims

So QuillBot is the Ai software we will be using, by the way you will find all the links to the tools mentioned in this video in the description below this video

Now its important to pay attention to the character limit here below because if you copy and paste any text that is longer than this number of characters QuillBot will mark the rest of the content in gray

So after creating a free account with the QuillBot Ai software you will get a maximum of 700 characters, if you want to use the tool without first creating an account you will get only 400 characters

After pasting in your text all you have to do next is clicking on the green Paraphrase button here below and the QuillBot will help you rewrite the content making it unique

The colored words here are the words that the QuillBot ai has changed, so you want to read through it and correct any mistakes made by the software, as you remember it it had an 80% accuracy

You can easy copy the rewritten script by click on this feature here below and still use the tool to rewrite the already rewritten text

So you can delete all these and past the rewritten text you copied from this side

Click again on the paraphrase button to rewrite the text again making it even more unique and original

You want to keep doing that until you completely rewrite the whole video transcript…I know that might take a while but its still better than writing a complete video script from scratch if you don’t know what to say

Now after you have the video script, you will need to record it and put it together to make a unique and original video that can easily be monetized on YouTube

For that you will need a third tool, A video editor that can turn text to videos

The invideo app can easily turn any text to a completely engaging peice of video that you can use on your channel

You will not belive the number of features this app is offering video creators all for free

Now depending on how you want to create your video you can choose from any of these options

In this case Since I want to turn the video script I got from the QuillBot into a video, I am going to go with the Text to video option and then select the video size here below

Then you want to select any of these story templates below and then click on the use this template button

Here is where you want to copy and paste the video script, starting with the Title, then check the Auto-Suggest Images/Videos option here and click on next

As you can see the invideo app has divided the video script into scenes with additional images and video clips

You can go ahead to start editing each scene as you see fit by adding related images or video clips that the invideo app is offering within the editor

When it comes to recording the script, you will need to move to the advance editor which is also free to use

You will have all the audio feature available only in the advance editor, so you want to click here where it say advance editor

After the advance editor open up you will see the voice over feature here below

If you hover your cursor over it you will see the different things you can use it for,

You can use text to speech option here to turn your video scrip to an automated voice over

All you have to do is paste in your text here, select the language and then choose any of these voice overs

You can use the second option to import a recoded audio from your computer or use this to import your own voice over

You also have the option to record a voice over directly using the invideo app

There are many other powerful features that the invideo app offers, you can checkout the video link that pops up on the top right of this video if you want to learn more on how to use the invideo app to create engaging videos for your YouTube channels

When you are all done click on the download and share button on the top right and download your video, then upload it on YouTube and monetize it its that simple

With all that i will wrap up this video, hope it was helpful, if  so hit the like button bellow share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts using Pre Made Templates 2022

Making shorts videos using pre made video templates is one of the easiest ways to start a YouTube shorts channel and I’ll go through everything step by step so you can get started making YouTube shorts videos straight after watching.

YouTube Shorts if you still do not know are videos that are just a minute or less long and its designed to be uploaded from a phone

Now If you’d like a little help to get started with YouTube Short videos, you might want to get started with professionally made video template to make things really easy for you

Of course by using the shorts templates, you will not have to show your face or record your voice in the videos if you choose

The videos you will be making, will be you own unique videos, that means you will not by using another persons video or copying and pasting as its now known on YouTube Nothing of that sort, these will be your videos

You will also have the option at the back of all that to monetize the videos, however you want

So in this video I am going to show you where to get over 5000 premade video templates like this that you can use to create shorts videos easily

I am also going to be showing you how to use the short videos you create to make money on YouTube



Check Out The Invideo App  https://tubemechanicsnotes.com/go/Invideo/

#shorts+weight loss #shorts + clickbank #shorts + templates


Video Transcript

So to get started you will need the invideo app which is free to use but the free version comes with a watermark

However, you can easily remove the watermark by upgrading to the paid version, You will find the link to the invideo app in the description box of this video

Now when you get to the invideo home page, you will see by default the premade template option is already selected because they are assuming many people get started with templates

Below here you will see the different video dimensions you can choose from

You have the landscape YouTube video size, the Instagram video size and the TikTok or youtube shorts video size

Since we want to make shorts videos using pre made templates, you want to select the 19 by 6 vertical option

The click here to see all the available templates, next is making a search using the main keyword of the niche you want to target

by the way, you can do this in any niche, in this example I will be going with the weight loss niche

here are some examples of weight loss niches on YouTube doing the same thing

So you want to type in the targeted keyword of the type of video you want to create. In this case like i said is weight loss

You want to make sure again that the youtube shorts vertical video dimension is selected here at the top

Below here are all premade shorts template on the weight loss niche ready for you to use for free and customize and upload on YouTube as shorts videos without worrying about any copyright claims

Then you can use the videos to drive traffic to affiliate offers which is what is going to make you real money with your YouTube shorts video fast

Now you want to hover your cursor over the templates to preview the video, In the case of this example I will go with this template

Click on it and on the next page click on the use this template

Now invideo will import the template you choose to their video editor

So, as you can see this is the template I selected to use as my template to create a shorts weight loss video

As you can see here below invideo has given you some option to use while editing your video

You can open scene timelines and edit them individually, you can add a voice over if you choose and finally here you have the option to add more scenes

Now just watch a short clip of this template and after that I will show you how to edit the template to make your videos engaging for your viewers

So take a look at the premade template, and as it plays you can see there is some pre writen text, Images and videos all of which can be easily changed

Now since you want to make money with the short video you are creating, here is what you want to do.

Go to clickbank, Clickbank is basically an affiliate program that brings together product creators and affiliates like you and I together

Here you can find products in different niches get your affiliate link and start promoting the link online, if any person click on that link and buy the product you will make some commission

We will get to that a little later in this video, Now most of the products uploaded on clickbank usually have a JV page

JV pages, are pages created packed with content about the product for anyone who likes to promote the product to use for free without any copyright claims

So if I select the health and fitness category then search for weight loss in the marketplace here and filter the result by gravity, clickbank will now display all the top selling weight loss products on their platform

As you can see these are the commissions you can make by just selling any one of these products

But what you should first look for is if the product has a jv page, You will easily see if a product has a v page by an additional link below the product so this product for example this product has a JV or affiliate page link below and so is this and this

Lets just check out this smoothie diet for example, Now when you get to the affiliate page, what you should be looking for is if there are prewritten Articles about the product

So in this example they product owner is showing us the different platforms where people easily buy this product and here below you can see youtube

He shows you the demography that is more interested in the product and here below as you can see he also added PRESELL ARTICLES that we can use

These are the links to the article, so if we get to this link you will see that its a perfectly written post on the TOP 5 Reasons More Women Are Using Green Smoothies To Lose Weight, Boost Energy, And Look Years Younger 

Not all products create a post like this some product will just compile the articles in word file, either way you are getting content to use for creating your shorts video for free

So what you want to do next is copy some portions of this post and use as text in your shorts video

You want to start off with the topic of the post, copy it and go back to the invideo app select the first scene

Then double click on the text, highlight it and paste in or type in your new text which in this case is the title of the smoothie post

Now you want to also start copying and pasting the different reason More Women Are Using Green Smoothies To Lose Weight, You can use each reason to as a scene in the video

If you want to change an image or video clip in a scene, simply click on any of the options here that you want

Then search for the image or video content here using the keyword of the type of content you are looking for

So in this case its weight loss and as you can see there are many videos you can use to add into your video scenes

As you can see most of these videos here are for upgraded accounts but if you uncheck these two options invideo will display video clips that are free to use

If you don’t find an image or video clip to use, you also have the option of uploading your own content using the upload option here

The music option will help you with a free background sound to use in your video

Now if you come to the end of the template and you want to add more scenes simply click the template here on the left side and hover your cursor on any and here below you will see where to click and add the scene

You can also just click on the duplicate scene option here to add a scene

After you finish editing all your scenes you want to make sure the last scene is a call to action

a call to action is a form of advertisement that tells your target audience what they should do next after watching your video

So it can be that your viewers should subscribe to your channel or click a specific link in you video description

In this case since we want to make money with the video, you want to make your last video with a call to action like Lose weight in just 6 weeks! for example

Then when you are all done click on the download and share button to download your newly created video

Next is uploading the video on YouTube and giving the video an attention crabbing title here with the hashtag shorts, that will help youtube know your video is a shorts video

In the description area here you want to again add your call to action and the link to the product you are promoting

Now is the time we go back to clickbank and to the product we started out with and click on the promote button net to the product to get the affiliate link of the product

When you click on the promote button this pop up will appear, this is what you will use to generate your affiliate link

To do that click on the generate link button here and your link will be generated

Next is shortening the affiliate link you just generated because sometime youtube looks at this long links as sparm on their platform

You can use the bitly link shortened or any other one to shorten your link before adding it on youtube

Then you want to give your video some tags and you are ready to post the video

Now its just a mater of giving your video some time to start generating views and clicks that will lead to sales and some affiliate commissions in your bank account

And that’s all it takes to start making money on YouTube shorts using pre-made templates…with all that I will wrap up this video,

Hope t was helpful, if so Hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video

Make Money with Whiteboard Animated Videos for YouTube [Free Animation Software]

Did you know that there are actual free software out there that you can use to make money on YouTube

You can actually start earning $200, $300, $400 a day or more by doing whiteboard animation videos

Anyone can create a whiteboard-style animated videos without any design or technical know-how. All you need is a message, an idea, or something to communicate to your viewers

So if you don’t have filming tools to shoot a video, May be you don’t know how to make a killing video or you are simply too shy to be in front of the camera? then this video is for you

In this video I show you how you can get started Making money with whiteboard animated videos for YouTube using a free whiteboard software

Free Whiteboard Animated Software https://explee.com/

#whiteboardanimationsoftware #whiteboard #solopreneurwarrio


Video Script

If you still do not know, Whiteboard animation is nothing more than an animated video that looks like this, basically tells a story in a video form.

The viewers can see the whole drawing process which is actually engaging because they see the story unfold IN front of their very eyes

whiteboard videos are actually easier to make than actual videos because you don’t have to shoot the video clips yourself…its all done with a software

The only problem is that, most of these types of software are paid services

  • But in this video I am going to show you how to get whiteboard animation software for free
  • I’ll show you example of channels creating and making money with whiteboard videos
  • Then we will quickly look how to use the free tool to create engaging videos that will start making you money on youtbe
  • Now if you keep watching this video till the end I will also show you 3 different ways of making money with the whiteboard videos you create

Explee as an animated video creation platform allows video creators to create powerful and efficient videos.

You can join Explee by simply creating an account or signing in with any of these account

After joining you will be asked to choose any of these options it doesn’t matter you can always change it, or ust go with others here

You will be taken to this dashboard, and here where it says start a new video, you want to click on start Blank here

Now if its your first time of logging into your Explee account, you will be prompted to start by getting Familia with the tools

So Explee will walk you through some basic steps on how to use these features and its really easy

Basically the platform provides a ‘whiteboard animation’ or ‘video scribing’ feature that lets users explain their ideas and information in an interesting way.

There are 6,000 animations available that reduce users’ extra work to illustrate their ideas and helps them gain audience attention.

With Explee just like most of these types of whiteboard features creators can bring any picture, drawing and even schemas into life.

You can, fade, pin, pop and transition effects in your whiteboard videos on Explee.

You can also add sound effects in the videos to make them more engaging.

Explee also includes a text-to-speech system with 5 languages that allow creators to add voice in the video.

I will drop the link to this page where you can get detail step by step tutorials on how to use each of the feature on explee effectively(https://explee.com/learn)

Now here are some examples of channels on YouTube that are creating videos using similar whiteboard softwires

You can go through channels like, After Skool which has generating over 2million subscribers


you want to watch through some of the videos like this just to get an idea of how you can start making whiteboard videos on your channel


minute Earth is another whiteboard channel you might want to check out as you can see this channel videos are also generating a lot of views with a very short time

Now when it comes to making money with whiteboard videos on YouTube,

lets start with the most popular way of monetizing videos, which is with the YouTube AdSense program

For that your channel needs to first reach at least a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours these are recommendations set by YouTube for creators on their platform

So for example if you look at the After Skool channel on socialblade which is the site used for estimating how much a channel is making on YouTube,

you will see that the channel is making between €700 to €11000 euros a month and between €8000K to over €140,000yearly

So after reaching the set YouTube recommendations, you can be sure your videos will be monetize if you want to make money on YouTube that way

The second way of making money with these types of videos, is with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically, promoting other peoples products for a certain percentage as commission

You can join sites like clickbank, JVZoo or Amazon where you will fine different products from different niches

Select any of the products that relates to your channel niche from any of the platforms you join, get the affiliate link of the product and add it in your video description

When a viewer clicks on the link and make a purchase you get a commission

The third way of making money with whiteboard videos, is by selling your video skills on freelance websites

That simply means you can create custom videos on behalf of your clients.

But where do you get these clients you might ask, well, you can easily get clients that will pay you hundreds even thousands for creating just one whiteboard video from sites like fiverr, upwork, people per hour freelancer.com and even from your own website if you have one



The fourth way of making money with whiteboard videos, now this is a bonus tip I am sharing with you,

So fourth way you can make money with these type of video is by Share your knowledge in an online course

In the case of online course you are not just creating and selling custom videos, you are also selling your knowledge.

if you are an expert in any field, turning your expertise into an online course is not only easier than you might think but it can also be a great way to earn extra income.

Plus, whiteboard animations have been proven to improve knowledge retention by up to 15% and hold attention for a whole lot longer which means they’re often much more effective learning tools than talking heads videos.

Now don’t forget the added benefit that you don’t need to be on camera if you don’t want to, and there’s no costly film equipment to buy – basically making whiteboard animated videos is a win win situation

How to Make Money On YouTube with AI Software Quickly 2022

Did you know you can actually create a video from the point of writing the video script, recording the voice over and putting all together without you doing anything your self or breaking any sweet doing so

Yeah that’s right there are Ai software’s that will help you create video script in any topic and niche, turn the text to human sounding voices and then create a text to video that you can upload on YouTube and start making money from the videos

Here are examples of channels that are using some sort of ai software to create their videos and are now making money from them

Now if you ask YouTube creators what the hardest past of being a youtuber is, I guarantee you most will say writing their video scripts, recording them and putting all together to create an engaging video

Which is why there are some smart coders coming up every day with some smart Ai software to serve those needs

Here is a rundown of what we will be covering in this video

  • I will be showing 4 different ai software that will take you step by step to creating an engaging YouTube videos that will easily generate you AdSense cash and even affiliate commissions
  • I will also be showing you demo videos on how to use each of the ai software to achieve your Goal
  • And if you keep watching till the end of this video, I will show you a bonus software that you can use to double down on the amount of money you can make with each video you upload

Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your YouTube Channel, blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews https://tubemechanicsnotes.com/go/Jarvis/

Text to Speech Ai Software https://tubemechanicsnotes.com/go/speechelo/




Video Script

You will also find the link in the description box below this video and don’t also forget to hit that subscribe button and lets get down to business

When it comes to making videos, video script is obviously the first step to think about before you start shooting your video:

You must turn your thoughts into a well-written script that will allow you to perfectly execute and communicate your ideas to the viewers.

But the problem is that most often we all turn to spend time looking at a blank page not knowing what to type in

That’s where the new Future of Writing video scripts come into play

with This Ai tool you can now scale content 5x more

Ai Software for Writing Video Script (Jarvis)

This tool makes it fast & easy to create content for your video script, social media, website, and more!

Just check out this short demo video clip on how Jarvis work

Watch video above

You will find the link to the Jarvis software in the description box below this video And by the way you don’t want to miss Breaking through the language barriers using the software

The second Ai software you can use to make your video is of Couse the text to speech software

Now if you don’t think text to speech videos don’t get monetized on YouTube, let me start by clearing out that doubt

I recently made and posted a whole video tutorial on how to make Reddit story videos in which I should you examples of reddit channels like this making money using just text to speech software

Listen to one of the videos on this channel for example

Audio video

Now with a tool like Speechelo you can create sounds that are better than what you just head

Here is an example of some of the human sounding voices on Speechelo


Now I will assume you have your video script using the Jarvis app and you have turned the script into a voice over using a text to speech software like speechelo, all that is left is putting all t create your video

Make sure to hit that like button if you will like me to show you how to find and use already created video clips and images that relates to your recorded text to speech voice over, without ever worrying about any copyright claims

The third Ai software that will help you put every thing together will be the invideo app.

I decided to use the invideo app because it also really make things easy when it comes to adding related images and video clips to match the voice over plus you can get started with the app today for free,

With this app all you have to do is select the Text to video option here,

Then your videos size which in this case is the landscape video size and invideo will display matching templates here below

next is selecting any of he templates here and the click on the use this template button

Here is where you want to copy and paste in the video script that was generated with the jarvis Ai software

For this I have already posted a video on this channel on how to make text to shorts videos using the invideo app so I will not go IN details again in this video

Again you will find the link to that video in the description box below this video

So check the Auto-Suggest Images or Videos option here and click on the nex button below

Invideo will now split the text you just add into video scenes that contains an image, or a video clip together with the video script text

Now all you have to do is re-edit any of the scenes as you see fit, so you can add video clips that relates to each scenes by just searching for the main keyword or phrase in the scene

So for example if I highlight this word and search for it, invideo will display all related media on that which can use to create my video

adding any choosen media is by simply dragging and dropping it is the media holder here

You can also edit the text by clicking on the edit button here and on the pop up that appears you will find all the necessary Text editing features like fonts, text color and so on

Now after you finish editing your Text to video, next is adding your voice over, Do you Still remember the text to speech Ai software, yeah this is where you will need to add the voice over you created with the text to speech software

And to do that here on invideo, you will need the advance editor, so click on the advance editing option here to be taken to the editor

Here is where you can upload your video voice over, after uploading it you will see it appear here below just click on it to be added to the video timeline

Here you can adjust the voice over audio to match the text and scenes you created with the standard invideo editor

Click on the download and share button here on the top right to download your video

Now that you have your videos created all that is left is uploading it on youtube, optimizing it and finally posting it

When it comes to the bonus I promised of doubling down on the amount of money you can make using Ai software


Its a web application compatible with both Mac, PC, and Mobile that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not see results.

That’s because Storm does all the heavy lifting for you, every step of the way…

So whether you’re as green as grass newbie or an experienced marketer who isn’t seeing the results they want online, this will work out for you.

Just check out how to use the strom web app to easily create a WordPress website without paying for domain name or hosting

A side you can use to promote even more product to make even more money with your videos

just check this out…..

Again you will fine all the links to the Ai software mentioned in this video the description box below this video and with all that I will wrap up this video

I hope you did learn something about making money on YouTube using Ai software, if you did make sure to hit the like button share the video to your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another helpful video