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How to Make Money Selling Puzzle Books on Amazon

As you probably already know Millions of people do puzzles every day. Many People are still buying word puzzles and actually word puzzles have low competition in the market share because they’re hard to make,

The truth is, Who wants to take 500 words and scramble them up and make it into one of those word puzzles where you have to find the word in a square box of letters.

Word puzzles are really, really fun, but they’re time consuming to make if you’re not a computer.

In the video below I am going to show you can easily create puzzle books and how to make money selling them on Amazon

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Puzzle books are evergreen, in high demand, and buyers usually make multiple purchases

Just make a search on Amazon for puzzle books and you will see books with hundreds if not thousands of reviews left on some of these top selling puzzle books

During this hard time when everyone is trying to keep busy at home, there is one thing that will keep people active puzzle books

  • Puzzle will helps keep people’s mind active, it keeps them less bored, and the books are cheap to purchase off of Amazon.
  • The people who do these puzzles are passionate and can’t get enough of it
  • Selling them on Amazon is easy to set up, and there is not much competition!
  • Puzzle books sell all year long, and really crush it in the 4th quarter

This is so simple anyone can do it. YOU DON’T NEED Any social media following, A website, or A list

You don’t even need to know a thing about puzzles!

But There is one major problem, creating puzzle books – it’s hard to make them!


Either you need to spend days if not weeks assembling puzzles. Or you need to hire an expensive freelancer. And that is just to create one book!

However With the Puzzle Book Mastery software the heavy lifting is done for you.

With this software its AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3

All you need to do is create a Puzzle book using the software, Add a cover and Upload it to Amazon, on kindle direct publishing or etsy any of those book publishing platforms

Here is What You’ll be Getting With the Puzzle Book Mastery

  • A Complete Training,
  • An Over The Shoulder Case Study,
  • A Quick Start Cheatsheet,
  • Access To The Members Area
  • And an Access To The Facebook Group

Watch now how you can use the puzzle mastery software to create a puzzle book in just seconds

here are some Creative Things You Can Do With Puzzles:

  • Use them for giveaways,
  • Market them on eBay, Etsy, and other specialized markets

If you think you are interested in creating and selling puzzle books online, I will recommend you to check out the Puzzle Book Mastery software and the complete puzzle book online marketing


How to Add Clickable Affiliate Links to YouTube Videos

Did you know there are more effective ways of adding clickable affiliate links within videos?

The first way youtube allows you to link within your videos is by using the cards feature on youtube

The second way to add clickable affiliate links to your video is in your video description which is the common way most youtuber use, you just need to make sure you add the http:// if you want to make it clickable in the description area

The third way of adding links to your video is through pinned comments. Youtube also allow you to add clickable links in the comment area of videos so you can also take advantage of that

The fourth ways is to add up to 4 different direct affiliate product links…watch the video to find out

Affiliate Robot Bonuses

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How To Create a Website with Free Domain & Hosting To Grow Your Online Business

To get your own website online you will definitely need to have a domain name, a Hosting Account.

What if you want to build a landing page on your website? Well for that you will need a landing page builder.

But all these tools and services need money and in some cases monthly recurring payment.

I know Not everyone has the money to get started online. So instead of using shared websites which will course you to send traffic to another platform, it will be wise to get your own website to send traffic to.

When you start making money from the website if its a free domain and hosting you can later upgrade keeping the traffic flowing continuously to your website.

In this Free 4 part video course I will show you the following

How to get a domain name,

How to get a Hosted account for your wordpress website

And how to create a landing page  to capture leads & make sales all for Zero  dollars.

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