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Best Web Hosting Service for Personal Website and Beginners 2019

There are obviously many different reasons people build personal websites.

With the increase of influencers now on social media the market for personal Web Hosting accounts have definitely increased.

According to a post on Rocket Theme(a web design service for schools)

“56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.”

Whether it’s that little guy I saw on Steves show starting a hot dog food business in the neighborhood, personal websites are ideal platforms to show the world who you are and what you’re up to.

To get a personal website you will need to put certain things together and web hosting account is one of them.

I remember when I started out to build my first website, I thought a web Hosting service is just one of those things needed to put a website together.

Very True…

But web Hosting is much more than that. Many web Hosting services now offer Domain services as well, they have different Hosting plans (Personal & business plans) and much more.

Which is why it’s important to know a little about Web hosting before making your choice.

In this post I am going to share with you what I learned in the process of choosing my hosting account and the plan for building this website/blog.

The different types of Web Hosting, the different types of plans and what’s best for you if you want to host a personal website.

What Does a Web Hosting Provider Do?

Basically web hosting providers makes it possible for people browsing online to easily access your website.

Look at web host like your computer server, the web pages like saved files in your computer.

If you have a link to a specific file in your computer you can easily search for that file using your computer saver.

In other words when people search for your site online, the web hosting service that you chose to stores your website (Pages/files) will respond to the person searching.

All the person needs to search for your site is a link to your website. So web hosting services are kind of a middleman that helps stores and delivers web content.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting

Now although the price and features of a hosting service is important, knowing what type of technology they offer.

It’s best if you start by figuring out which of the different types of web hosting is best for you or whatever you want to share to the world.

After understanding what they off and what the offers mean you can go ahead and look at the different features below.

Shared Hosting – Best for Personal websites/Beginners

With shared hosting a single server is divided up between other users with each user having a shared amount of bandwidth.

A group of personal websites organised by a hosting service, sharing the same server so as to spread the operating cost among many parties.

Shared Hosting is the most popular type of hosting mainly because it’s the cheapest and enough for building a personal websites.

You can get a hosting service for as little as $2-5 a month.

An ideal plan for those starting out, small to medium sized websites and personal websites.

The main problem with shared hosting occurs when your site or that of a member in your shared server starts receiving way too many traffic.

When that happens the site receiving the high traffic will take up more space leading to the other websites in the server suffer from down time or upload speed.

Thats where VPs comes into play

VPS Hosting – Shared Hosting upgrade.

Remember the main problem of having a shared server?

That’s right the problem of a sudden increase in traffic from any of the websites in a shared hosting service will affect the upload speed of the other sites.

With VPS hosting services are much more reliable when compared to shared hosting.

First of all, VPS hosting is usually limited to 10-20 websites per server, reducing the demand on the server.

The resources provided by the server is evenly shared among the websites hosted in the server.

The main problem that scare people away from VPS hosting is the average price.

VPS will cost you anywhere from $20 to $200 but they are ideal for business sites that are expected to grow fast makes money in return.

Cloud Hosting – The Future

Cloud systems are the Future of Web Hosting simply because it is gradually replacing the other types of hosting as technology keeps growing.

If you host your site on a cloud Hosting service your site will become part of a whole network of computers which will help give your site the ability and space to withstand high traffic.

On Cloud based hosting system, you are only billed for the resources you actually use.

Although that may sound reasonable, If your website happens to receive a sudden traffic spikes you’ll simply be switched to another cloud server and that can increase your cloud hosting cost considerably.

Rather than just relying on one server, cloud hosting draws on several servers to give you more peace of mind.

The difference between the other type of servers and a cloud server is that one is on a physical set up(Shared/VPS Hosting) and the other (cloud) runs in a virtual server.

Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

Amounts of traffic Security Protection ReliabilityPrice
Cloud HostingHighHighHigh
Web HostingLimitedLowLow

So  if you need a site with a high speed and performance rate, and some secured protection you might want to consider going with a cloud hosting.

If on the other hand you’re just getting started and don’t have much to spend for web hosting, a shared hosting plan may be the best option for you. You can always upgrade when you have the money.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services for Beginners 2019

Good page load time, reliable uptime and knowledgeable live chat customer support are the most important factors when choosing an affordable host.

You’ll need a cheap web hosting that is both reliable and fast.

Web Host ServiceDisk SpaceDomain NamePriceGuaranteeaction
IPAGEUnlimitedFREE$2.99/month30 daysSign Up
BLUEHOSTUnlimitedFREE (1 year)$2.75/month30 daysSign Up
A2 HOSTINGUnlimitedTransfer€3.45/month30 daysSign Up
JVZOO HOSTING30 GB StorageIncluded Domains 3$ 8.00 / Month30 daysSign Up
HOSTGATORUnlimitedN/A$2.99/month45-DaySign Up


iPage continues to offer the best cheapest web hosting price with the most basic features available. If you have been looking for a web host with a budget priced package that can successfully host a website, then iPage is for you

iPage Pros and Cons 2019


  • iPage provides almost everything you will need to start a website online, a free domain, website builder, etc.


  • The hosting is Not Really “Unlimited”…According to the Ipage
    User Agreement, you’ll find that it isn’t truly unlimited. Here is a screenshot of what it says.
  • Loading Time Could be Better
  • Occasional Upselling When Logging In.


BlueHost Pros and Cons 2019


  • Of Course Bluehost comes with an Affordable cloud hosting and reliability service
  • And they know what they are doing when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce optimization
  • Below is a snapshot of other benefits of BlueHost.


  • Yeah, I am might be asking for more when I say BlueHost allows only 1 website with their shared package
  • The Weebly site builder is pointless
  • And they Charges $149 for migrating your existing website over to them when Hostgator does it for free

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting  is an award-winning web hosting company that offers high-performance simply put. Start-up companies, non-profits, professional bloggers, web developers, eCommerce sites, and independent web publishers all use A2 hosting. If that doesn’t show reliability then I don’t know what.

A2 Hosting Pros and Cons 2019


  • A2 understand the difficulty of setting up or adding wordpress to a hosting account.That’s why they are making the whole process a click of a button.
  • A friendly and fast-acting support team, who know their stuff when it comes to again WordPress.
  • Free migration services.


  • When compared to Ipage and bluehost in terms of cheaper entry level A2 is a bit higher.
  • Secondly, A2 does not incorporate a website builder into its hosting products.


HostGator is a well-known industry name.Its one of the original most popular hosting site with Hosting awards under their belt.

Whether you are looking for a personal website hosting plan or a business website hosting plan, HostGator is the perfect solution for you.

HostGator Pros and Cons 2019


  • BlueHost Charges $149 for Site Transfer but Hostgator does it for Free
  • With Hostgator you are guaranty to get started quickly & easily.
  • Here is Hostgator’s Guarantee to you


  • HostGator doesn’t offer shared hosting users a whole lot of extras.
  • As you most have seen from the comparison chart above Hostgator domain name prices are a bit high.

JVZOO hosting

Jvzoohost, based in Florida, is also a dependable web hosting company that will make your website easily get noticed on the web and keep your business running effectively.

Its not really one of the cheapest web hosting site for beginners but was built specifically to cater to the needs of Affiliate marketers

JVZOO Hosting Pros and Cons 2019

Other Things to consider before paying for a Hosting service

Image is showing factors to consider before choosing a web hosting company.

There are many factors that could influence your choice of paying for a web hosting service.

Just what should you be looking for in a good website hosting company. Most often the salepages of these services all have very similar offers.

You usually see unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and
so on. But that’s not all you should be looking in a web hosting service.

Let’s now look at some of the most basic ones that all affiliate beginners need to be aware of.


If hosting services act like your website home then Domain names will be the address. Your Domains is your website internet address, That’s what leads people to your website. Domain names are commonly known online as a website URL.

Most web hosting services provide domain registry, You can register your domain name using .com, .net or any of the popular Domains

If you choose a web hosting service that doesn’t provide a Free domain registration, you’ll need to get one from any other domain registrar and connect it to your hosting account.

To make things easy for you, I will recommend you go with a web host provider that has a Free domain registrar.

In my case I happen to buy my domain name from a Domain registrar called Namecheap. So I had to Link it to my hosting account. I regret that now since I have to deal with two different accounts

Customer Support

Some web hosting industries do offer less or limited customer service. However, some web hosts have been working hard to change that.

It’s important to pay attention to the customer support service. As a beginner you can easily run into a technical problem, which make customer support an important factor.

When it comes to customer support you want to look for a service that will response to your problem fast as opposed to keeping you waiting for days. The customer support service has to be available 24/7. There should be different ways to contact a support desk to answer your questions. 

Servers and Speeds

The server is definitely the most important part of any web hosting service or provider. The server is much more relevant today when looking for the best web hosting service because of the high demand and need of speed.

First, you need to make sure that the web hosting provider you are considering is fast, so your website doesn’t load too slowly.

Uptime is also important but the term has been thrown around the internet by web host services as a marketing ploy. Just about every web host uses uptime to get sales but hardly provide the service of staying online for as long as the say.

Lower tier hosting plans will advertise unlimited bandwidth, which is just a ploy, considering the server hardware of such services isn’t as good. So make sure to do your research

User Interface 

Just like the files you create in your computer drive, a website is also like a file that you have to add into your desired web host.

To add your website to you hosting account, setting up and maintaining it, you will first need an easy to follow web hosting interface.

Now not everyone is technically savvy enough to add a website to a hosting account.

If you are just starting out in all this, the last thing you will want is to continuously contacting the support desk for help.

With an easy to follow user interface You should be able to easily install and set up your WordPress site.

Some web hosting have taken the installation process of wordpress to a different level with a one-click installation.

web hosting services like A2 Hosting and BlueHost do allow you to install WordPress with a single click. After the installation, you can later edit your site directly from your WordPress admin panel.

The one-Click installation can be especially useful for those who don’t know much about coding or the simple installation process.

The different Plans & Price

If you have a tight budget, try Looking for the best possible web hosting plan that covers all your needs.

Web Hosting plans and pricing differ dramatically, depending on the provider you choose and the type of plan you take. A shared hosting plan will be far cheaper than other types of hosting plan

My simple advice for anyone starting would be to Look for a month-to-month plan and pay for it. After that, what your site needs will become more obvious and you can upgrade your plan as you need more.

If you’re just starting out, as a social media influencer, an affiliate or maybe you just want to create a personal website.

it’s totally fine to go with shared hosting.

There is always the possibility to transfer to a more powerful server later.

If you already know what your site needs from a hosting service that a shared hosting can not offer, you can look for other options.

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