Best Free Screen Recorders 2020

If you are creating tutorial videos, or, thinking of starting an educational or informational video channel then screen recorder is a must have software for you.

The problem now is which one is best for the type of videos you want to capture on your screen.

Are you looking for a screen capture for capturing your gaming videos, tutorials or for reviewing your affiliate products

No matter what you’re hoping to do with the videos captured from your computer, you need the right tool for the job.

In the video below I am going to walk you through some of the best screen recorders and the best type of videos they create

Screen recording software solves the problem of recording whatever is happening on your screen, including the movement of your cursor.

We all know Videos are excellent tools for visual learning. They can be used to demonstrate a processes step-by-step as a tutorial, they can be used to demonstrate how softwares work to other people or record tips and tricks, games you name it

So it’s important to choose the right type of screen recorder depending on what you intend to do.

Different recorders offer a range of differing features, some can save the captions in many different formats, some even give you the opportunity to upload your videos within the program.

So which tool should you use for making an effective video tutorial, or favorite game?

Here are the best free screen recorders you need to know about to make an informed decision on what to use and start creating.

OBS Studio is an open source software, which is why it’s completely free to use without any restrictions.

OBS Studio supports both streaming and recording in high definition, with no restrictions on the number or length of your content

Because OBS Studio can record directly from your computer graphics card, it’s able to capture games running in full-screen mode with customizable hotkeys to control the recording.

Although it might take a little while to set it up the software, the software is still by far the best and most powerful screen recorder for gamers.

There is a similar software called srtreamlab OBS which has much more better features and easy to use even for beginners the only problem with streamlad OBS is it takes a lot of computer power for it to run effectively.

If you have a good computer especialy those doing gaming you might want to check that out too

If you want to record a presentation, software demonstration or tutorial, give screencast-o-matics or Appowersoft Free Online Screen Recorders a try.

These are browser-based tool, which means it’s not suitable for games, but for any other tasks it’s ideal.

Since personaly I use screencast-o-matic I will go a little in detail on it.

So the first time you use screencast-o-matics Screen Recorder, you’ll be prompted to download a small launcher application.

You can now capture footage from your desktop or a webcam, and record audio from your PC, microphone, both or neither.

You can record the whole screen, select an area manually, You can choose whether or not to include the cursor in the recording You can even zoom in and out during the recording.

Once you’re done, you can save the recording as a video file or upload it directly to YouTube

You can also edit the clip after recording on screencast-o-matic. Here you can add overlays, heihlights and blurs

You can write out your video text before recording the screen which helps to take away the long empty out quiet spaces in your video when you are thinking about what to say next.

Although the software is available in both the free and paid version, I would suggest that you use the paid version.

There are some obvious limitations that you will have to face if you choose to go with the free version, but that is understandable and only fair. However, once you finally pay for the full version, the experience just becomes a lot better.

You get some nice features with the full version, allowing you to fully utilize the software’s potential.

Ezvid on the other hand claims to be the world’s easiest screen recorder, and they may be not too far away from the truth. Ezvid is clearly enhanced by the product’s speed specifically designed to save users’ time,

it will help you to produce and upload videos directly to YouTube in a matter of minutes.

Ezvid is the only free fully featured video editor that includes a screen capture functionality

Simply click the screen capture button and the count down will begin, you can record your brawser or your gaming skills then hit the stop button and your caption will be render into a video and placed into the deting timeline for futher editing

So there you go those are my best picks for free screen recorders Hope it helps you make an informed decision on which type of screen capture to use.

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