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Best Cheap Domain Name Registrar

Most often the best domain registrars are affordable, easy to use, and secure

What usually seems to be the problem for many affiliates just starting out with website building is that there are thousands of domain name registrars out there online to choose from

You have to check out the privacy and security, configuration and DNS management of each of the domain name registrar…not to talk of the different prices of each of the services before deciding on which to use.

Trust me, I know how that can be understandably confusing and unsure.

Which is why I decided to make this video to show you my best cheap domain name registrar that I have been using for the past 3 years. It is affordable, easy to use, and secure

Now although the price of a domain name registrar may be a small factor for you when it comes to growing your online business, if however you’re looking for the most affordable domain registrar for a single domain, Namecheap is where you should be looking.

Namecheap is a reputable domain registrar currently managing more than 10 million domain names worldwide

Just $0.99! Get a popular domain today!

The Platform interface is straightforward and easy to use, which makes buying and managing a domain name on the platform a breeze.

Let’s start by looking at three reasons why you should choose Namecheap as your domain name registrar or service.

Discounted Domain Names

Namecheap is widely known for its discounted domain names, They have a great search tool that will help you find the cost of popular domains for up to 10 years

When you register with namecheap, you will be able to enjoy the free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

WhoisGuard by Namecheap is a service that offers privacy protection for your domain, which helps to

Keeping your Sensitive Data Safe!

You see when ever you register a new domain name, the (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)ICANN requires domain registrars to provide your contact information (such as your name, email, address, and phone number).

Your contact information is then added to the Whois database and that’s where there is a problem because the whois database lists the owners of every domain name online, which can be searched by anyone on the Internet.

And that’s where Namecheap steps in with this free whoisguard privacy protection to guard your information.You will also be getting a two month free fast, secure, and reliable email hosting system designed for all your personal and business needs.

You will have access to the Private Email’s intuitive features and office tools to manage your email, contacts, and calendar

The third reason why you should choose namecheap is

it’s Simplicity….

I mean After purchase a domain name on namecheap, you can head straight to your account panel and start using your domain.

The account panel is uncluttered when compared to other registrars and its very easy to use, all designed to help you quickly concentrate on the things that matter.

Of Course there is a 24/7 customer support, that helps provide everything you need to develop your personal or business website,

Now how do you go about buying a domain name from Namecheap?

Well simply make a search for the name you will like to use as your website domain name and choose which extension you will like to use as your domain name. Now extension is basically anything that comes after the last dot.

So for example it can be a dot com, dot net, dot org and so on…

Beside some of the domain names you will see this blue text background showing you the best market prizes for some of the domains.

Wherever Namecheap see you need more information about a particular domain name you will see an information icon(i) and when you hover your mouse over it the the information will be displayed.

Now all you have to do is select the domain name you would like to use and head to the check out box.

Quick Tip; The dot com, dot net and dot org are the best types of extensions to use for your business because these are the types of extensions well recognised world wide.

You don’t want people to look at your website link like a spam link because they don’t know the other types of extensions like the dot xyz

So although the dot com(.com) extension is a little bit higher in price when compared with an extension like dot xyz, I will still recommend you building your website with a dot com link extension

Search engine Optimization wise, the dot com extension is also the best.

Now after clicking on the add to cards button on the right namecheap will now try to upsell with options like their hosting service and other option

Personally I will not recommend the namecheap hosting service simply because it came a little late and I don’t think they have mastered that service of hosting many websites well.

You can go ahead if you want and give any of the option a try and let me know what you think in the comments area below .

When it comes to the other options aside from the hosting, I will say as a beginner you really don’t need any of them so,¬† At the top click on view card and confirm your order

You might be asked to register for an account if you haven’t yet or login to your account if you also haven’t yet.

Now when you login or after making your purchase you will be redirected to your account dashboard where you will find your purchase domain name name waiting for you

On the right side of your domain name, listing  you will see a manage button

If you click on it will take you to this page and if you scroll down a little you will see this section here where it says name saver

This is what you will be using to connect your domain name to your hosting account. Nameservers basically helps with this feature to connect links with an IP address on the web

Now in the next post in this series I will walk you through my best and cheapest hosting service and how to link it up with your namecheap domain name. Click here to check it out