Actionable YouTube Channel Checklist - Tube Mechanics Notes

Actionable YouTube Channel Growth CheckList

  • create/Name Channel

  • Channel Branding 

  • Structural Setting up

  • Tools to Use

Creating an Account On YouTube

For a start you need a Google account to be able to create a new YouTube Channel. So, head over to to create your Google account. Once you’ve created your Google account, head over to and login to get started.


What Should you Name your YouTube Channel?

When looking for a name for your channel you want to always keep in mind that Your channel name should reflect the type of videos you are going to be creating on your channel. So for example if you name your channel joe the cooking guy, then you want your videos to be about cooking

However, if you plan to grow your brand and business and you think you will be talking about a variety of subjects, I always suggest using your own name as your channel name. If you use your name, then you have flexibility to change the content of the channel as you wish.

Verify Your Channel

In order to access certain features of YouTube, you need to ensure that your account is verified. So, before you go a step further, click here to see how to verify your account.
Insert Video

Create A Subscription Link

You can get more YouTube subscribers to your channel only by creating a friendly YouTube subscription link that makes it easier for people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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