5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

It really doesn’t matter which marketing tool you’re using, tracking your metrics and analyzing your results is the key to success.

Analyzing you data will helps you understand your audience. It will tell you how they do things, what they prefer, and who they are.

In the case of instagram it will show you how to target a different audience, post at a certain time of day, or experiment with a new content format

Instagram marketers actually have dozens of powerful metrics tools at their disposal – and some of the best ones don’t cost a cent.

Here’s a few of my favourite Instagram analytics free tools

The First one is ofcourse the Instagram Insights

To use Instagram Insights, you must first have a business profile.

If you’re still using a personal account, you can switch to a business profile by following these steps

First Make sure your Instagram profile is public. Private profiles cannot be used as business ones.When “Switching to a Business Profile.” you might be prompted to link to a Facebook Page.

In order to have a Business Account, you must also have a Facebook Page for your brand. Thats because Facebook owns Instagram and they are trying to merge the platforms together.

Instagram will give you the option to create a new one during this process if you don’t already have one.

View Insights on Instagram 

To view insights into your overall Instagram account, start by visiting your profile.

Then, at the top right, tap on the 3 lines and on the “insight feature” from the options that appear.

That will take you to your overall account analytic insights.

The Insights tool will show you a measure of the actions people take when they engage with your account.

It will show you the measure of how many people see your content and where they found it on instagram

View Insights on Instagram

The number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts and the total number of times all your posts have been seen

free analytic tool

You also have the content tab that shows you the post you have posted on your account with the number of times the post have been seen

The final tab is the audience tab which will give you details about your followers.

You will need to get up to a hundred followers before this tab will be activated

The next free analytic tool will be Squarelovin

Squarelovin’s free Instagram Insights tool provides most of the information you’d need to conduct an analysis on your progress over the year —

for instance, you can obtain a monthly analysis on your posts, or a history of your posts broken down by month, day, or even hour.

Additionally, the tool offers insights into your followers’ interests, and how to drive further engagement to your posts.

You can even figure out the best time to post, depending on when your followers are most likely on the app.

Ultimate Guide To SquareLovin

My Next Favourite Analytic Tool will be Union Metrics

The Union Metrics tool does offer a free monthly Instagram checkup.

The checkup tells you which hashtags will increase your engagement, which posts resonate best with your audience, and what time your followers use the app.

While the tool can’t give you analytics beyond 30 days, it’s a useful option for taking a look at short-term themes and patterns, and learning how you can quickly improve your metrics.

Pixlie offers an impressive free tool. It allows you to create shareable reports that you can distribute to your entire marketing team, and analyze metrics to figure out how to drive more engagement and attract new followers. Additionally, the tool helps you find influencers or brand advocates promoting your products, so you can create more effective influencer campaigns.

“We have integrated Pixlee on our Homepage and product page, and I would definitely recommend everyone to do so. We are sure that seeing the jewelry on an influencer has a significant impact on sales. We’re using Pixlee to power this capability.”


Keyhole for Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Instagram has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years, including the addition of new features, tools, and channels. But one thing has remained constant throughout: the importance of Instagram hashtags.

And thanks to Keyhole, you can find in-depth data about how Instagram users are responding to your hashtags, whether it’s a branded hashtag, campaign hashtag, event hashtag, and more! 

Keyhole also has a free hashtag tracking tool that displays basic hashtag performance data.

So those are my favourite and in my opinion the best instagram analytics tools.

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